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Easycap Driver Download Latest V6.10.70.001 Free For Windows

Easycap Driver Download
App Name Easycap Driver Download
Latest Version v6.10.70
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Easycap
Requires Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 44.1 MB
3/5 Rating (1)

In this modern era, technology is evolving fast. If we take a simple example, in the early days, a 1MB disk has a size that needed 4 people to handle. Nowadays, a 1TB disk can fit on your fingertip. Technology has allowed man to do things that were thought to be beyond the limits of human beings. A small code contains a large sum of information, making the code extremely powerful. Likewise, in this article, we will talk about a powerful tool that is the Easycap Driver or Software.

The EasyCap is a device that converts RCA or S-Video source to USB video. The Easy Cap is the software that runs the Easy Cap device. Here we will talk about the basic information regarding the highlighted Driver.

EasyCap Driver Review

EasyCap is a device that can receive audio and video directly from your DVD or TV and store it on your computer in various formats. It is possible all because of the EasyCap software; without it, the Device would not be able to do its function; rather, it is useless.

Like the Device is a body, and the Driver is the soul. The USB 2.0 input by your TV or DVD would not be recognized by Windows 10, but it will work for all previous versions.

EasyCap Software Features

Converts RCA or S-VIDEO output source to USB video

EasyCap Driver converts the RCA or S-Video source into streaming that your present-day computers will easily acknowledge.

Empower the Device to do its work

Before using the Easy Cap, users should install the Driver. It will provide all the important files needed for the Device to connect, transmit and manage the Device correctly.

Work for all operating systems

The newest versions function for all operating systems. It works on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10, etc. It also works on Mac OS. So you do not worry about what system you are using. All you need to do is install it on your PCs.

 Convert old video sources to digital streaming

It converts the signals from old video sources like VCRs and TVs to digital streaming that your present-day computers can read. The content in the old devices now can display on your modern PCs. This gives you the upper hand and allows you to do something new that your old devices could not do.

You can select the video format

With this, you can choose the video format that benefits you more. For example, you can convert the input to NTSC  format or PAL. Choose whatever suits you best.

You can edit video

You can edit the video on your computer. For example, you can change the quality of the video, brightness, and many more.

You can edit audio

You can change the basic audio of the video. If the sound of the video is mono, originally, you can make it stereo.

How to download EasyCap Driver

The downloading procedure for Easy Cap Driver is simple. First, go to any browser and search EasyCap Driver; then, you will see numerous sites; select one of them of your choice. Once the site opens, you will have an option for download.

Just left-click on it, and the download will start. Once the download is complete, you will be able to install the Driver. You will find the setup file in the Downloads folder on your PC. You can also get it using CD.

How to install EasyCap

Find the EasyCap software setup in the downloads and open it. When you open it, it will ask for permission, allowing it to continue the process; otherwise, you would not be able to install it.

After that, select a disk where you want to install the Driver. Then click on the install button, and the installation will start. Once you are doing it, finish the task. Now the Device will connect properly and work properly.

How to update

The update is a necessity for any software to its work efficiently. The updated version will be more powerful than the previous one and will be more user-friendly. The procedure for updating software is the same as any other driver on your computer. Follow the following steps to complete the update:

  • Launch the device manager on your personal computer.
  • In the device manager, there will be a bunch of drivers. Search for your required Driver.
  • When you find the Driver, Right-Click on it and select update.
  • Again, it will ask for your permission; the download will begin when the permission is granted. The download will take some time depending on the speed of your PC.
  • When the update is finished, make sure to restart your computer if you want to use Easy Cap because sometimes, if you do not do that, it shows an abnormality or the update will not work
What is EasyCap Driver used for?

It is software that takes signals from RCA or S-Video sources and transforms the audio-video signals into a digital stream that can be displayed on your Personal Computer for further usage.

What are possible sources for Easy Cap?

There are variant sources for Easy Cap. Such as the source can be an old VCR. It can take signals from a TV. Radio gaming consoles are also a source. There are many more old devices in line.

Does Easy Cap work for Windows 10?

The newest versions of the Driver work for all operating systems. However, the USB 2.0 input will not be recognized by Windows 10 and those loaded by DVD. These will work for all previous versions of Windows XP, 7, and 8 but will not work for Windows 10.

Can we customize our video with EasyCap software?

Yes, we can customize our video with it. For example, we can change the video formats, and we can also edit visuals like brightness and contrast. So we change the quality of the video.

Can we change the audio with Easy Cap software?

It is of great use when it comes to audio. For example, you can change Mono audio and make it Stereo.


This article is focused on telling primary information about the EasyCap software. First, it tells what EasyCap Driver is basically. Secondly, it outlines the features of the Driver, like it converts RCA or S-Video to a digital stream signal that your present-day PC can detect, and it can also be used to customize a video. Thirdly, it says how you can download the Driver and install it on your PC. Furthermore, it tells the need for updating the Driver and how you can update it.

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