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Zoom App
App Name Zoom App
Latest Version v5.16.1
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher zoom.us
Requires Android Windows
Category Communication
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Zoom app for PC is a video conferencing and online meeting program. It is the 21st century, an era of technological advancement. Technology has taken over almost all aspects of people’s lives. With the internet revolution, all people are dependent on the internet for all purposes, whether educational, entertainment, or any other aspect.

Furthermore, current satiation is also changing the world and how people behave and work. Nowadays people are changing their way of working. They rely more on virtual meetings and avoid crowds. This need leads to different apps that are very affordable, reliable, and amazing.

Moreover, Zoom, like Skype, is an instantaneous online conferencing program. Zoom is simple to download and install, and it works on Windows, PC, iOS, and Android devices.

What Is Zoom App?

Zoom is a famous video conferencing and online meeting program. The program has an easy interface and is available for various platforms, allowing you to easily set up virtual meetings, seminars, and conferences.

As a result of its flexible price schemes, the service has grown in popularity among both companies and individual customers. Zoom download is a fantastic alternative for your Windows PC if you want to communicate with friends, coworkers, or clients.

How to use Zoom App On PC or laptop Windows

It supports all primary desktop and mobile operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

When using a laptop to join a Zoom conference, you have two options.

Option 1 (the best) solution: Install the Zoom client program (Zoom Meeting App)

Option 2: Use a web browser to access Zoom

Which operating systems support Zoom?

Zoom, like Skype, is a real-time online conferencing program. Zoom is simple to download and install, and it works on Windows, PC, iOS, and Android devices. You can download the Zoom app for the following operating systems by following the instructions.

  1. Mac & Windows (download the Zoom Client for Meetings)

Install the downloaded application on your computer by running it.

  • iOS (iPhone): Go to the Store and search for “ZOOM Cloud Meetings.”
  • Android: Go to Google Play and search for “Zoom Meetings.”

Install the Zoom client program

To do so, open your internet browser and type zoom.us into the address bar, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Go to RESOURCES and then to “Download Zoom Client.”
  • Next, click on “Download Zoom App.”
  • A setup “Zoominstaller.exe” will display at the bottom left of the screen. Also, to install the Zoom client, double-click on it. If you see a prompt asking if you wish to install or make modifications, select OK / Yes.
  • Zoom will finish installing in a few seconds, and you will see a “Start Zoom” icon on your desktop.
  • To use Zoom, double-click on it.
  • Join a meeting by clicking “Join a Meeting” and entering the meeting ID (and password).
  • You won’t have to redo the installation procedure if you utilize the desktop “Start Zoom” shortcut to access future Zoom meetings.

Joining a meeting

The meeting ID and password will have been provided to you by the meeting host.

  • Open the app and select “join a meeting” – you do not need to sign up to participate.
  • You also can sign in or register on your mobile device at this time.
  • Fill in the meeting ID, which will be given to you by the person who organized it.
  • Make a screen name for yourself.
  •  Enter the password for the meeting (if there is one)
  • If you wish to go in speaker mode, say yes to audio.
  •  If you want to go in with a video, say yes to it.
  •  If possible, use earbuds to improve sound quality.
  •  If you’re having trouble connecting, try moving closer to your router.
  • Turn off any other WiFi connections and connect via LAN cable. Also, if the model permits it to plug into the laptop directly
  • The Zoom toolbar should be visible at the bottom of your screen. You may need to employ the primary functionalities: Mute /unmute, start video/stop the video, share screen, exit, and end meeting.

Tips that will make your experience superb with Zoom Meeting App:

When using the Zoom Meeting app, sometimes it will cause trouble and disturbance. To avoid the distortions, some tips will improve the experience of using this app.

  • If you’re connecting an external camera or microphone, make sure they’re connected before using Zoom. If at all feasible, we recommend using a headset.
  • Per physical location, only one microphone and speaker system should be operational. Otherwise, a loud screaming sound may be produced by the two systems.
  • When you’re not speaking, make sure you’re speaking quietly. Ask questions without interrupting the speaker by using the Chat function.
  • You cannot record unless you are the meeting host or have permission from the meeting host to do so.
  • Zoom sessions that do not include a Zoom Pro user will be restricted to 45 minutes.
How will I update my Zoom App?

Web-only, obligatory, and optional updates are the three types of updates.
For new fixes that are being tested, web-only updates are provided.
Once you click update, mandatory updates will begin. Moreover, you won’t be able to go forward until you update.
When you click update, optional updates will begin. You can go ahead and update manually if you want to postpone the update.

How can I attend a Zoom conference using a different method?

Others will be able to send you a meeting request via instant messaging if you are online and using the Zoom desktop client or mobile application. Also, you’ll get an incoming message notice with a ringtone that shows who’s calling. To join the meeting with the person who is phoning you, choose Accept.

Is the Zoom App For PC free to use?

It is free to use and has a premium plan as well. Even though many organizations prefer premium membership options, the free account has several helpful features. For example, you can hold virtual meetings with up to 100 people using the free app. In a grid-style display, it will show 49 individuals on the screen. However, the duration of the free calls is restricted to 40 minutes.


Zoom apps and devices are clear assets for staying connected at work, school, and in your personal life. Zoom remains dedicated to providing the best possible client experience in the wake of the recent outbreak. I hope the article helps you in some way to understand the app and its functions.

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