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Zebra ZP450 Driver Download (Latest Version) Free For Windows

Zebra ZP450 Printer Driver 
App Name Zebra ZP450 Printer Driver 
Latest Version v2023
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Zebra ZP450
Requirements Android Windows
Category Printer Drivers
Size 11.3MB
5/5 Rating (2)

Zebra Zp450 thermal printers have made work accessible in schools, businesses, offices, and almost everywhere! These are the type of Modern printers that are embedded with intelligent technologies. They can print papers in different sizes, are small and convenient, and have many helpful features. In this article, you will know what is Zebra ZP450 Driver how it works, why we need it, and how to download and install it on Windows.

Zebra Zp450 Driver

Zebra Zp450 Driver is a solid barcode delivery printer smaller than others. This is a thermal stamp printer. Zebra Zp450 is mainly used to print stamps 2-D Matrix Data. If you run a booming business and have to print multiple stamps in an hour or the maximum number in a single day, here we go!!! 

In this article, we’ve shared some fantastic features of the printer and the method to download and install it most efficiently. Stay tuned!

Features of Zebra Zp450 Printer

The Efficient Thermal Printer

While you may find many online thermal printers, this is a game-changer! Efficient in working and super easy to use. It does not use ink; the label’s ink does not smear at all. It is super quick at printing labels. It saves time in inserting label sheets and is worth every penny. 

Prints Faster 

Leave the rest to it once connected with the software and the optimal power supply. While adjusting the correct size may take a little, the printer is efficient and gives quicker results. 

Excellent Quality Small Machine 

The device is small and portable but is advised to make a place for it; once it gets the proper power supply, try not to touch it, it may lose connection. However, this small machine is powerful. It can single-handedly deal with all the printing businesses. 

It Is Economic

This is already a cost-saver and enables users to save ink and labels. However, the device is more affordable than many other devices with the same functions. 

Downloading and Installation of Zebra zp450 Printer Driver

It can be installed on Windows 7, 10, and 11. Zebra z450 is designed for UPS and is highly supported by UPS internet shipping. 

Thermal printer Zebra zp450 driver can be downloaded easily from the websites; select the version of window you want to download it for, locate the file name “Zebra,” and click on download. 

Further steps are described for installation:

  • The file may take some minutes to download. Don’t lose an internet connection while being downloaded. Once it is downloaded, go to your download folder on the PC and double-click on the exe. file to initiate installation. 
  • You will be asked to set the file location, make it “Desktop,” and Unzip the file.
  • Locate the UPS folder on the Desktop. Double-click on the USP folder and then double-click on Setup.exe. And let the setup run. 
  • Setup can take a long, make sure it must have a continuous power supply, and that the driver is connected to the computer via USB. It is indicated with the green light on the printer.
  • Once the setup is completed, click on the button “Install Zebra Printer.” You will be given options to select your Zebra model Printer “Zebra ZP 450-200 dpi” and click on “Next.” 
  • You will be given a list of the ports, select any available ports if you have one, and then click on “Next.” 
  • Now, the final step. Mark check on the “Launch installation of Zebra Font Downloader setup Wizard” and “Launch Installation of Zebra Status Monitor Setup Wizard.” Click on “Finish.” 
  • Installation is completed here; check the driver under the “Control Panel” setting. Click on Devices and Printers/ Printers and Scanners, and if you see your printer name, you have installed it successfully. 
  • If you see an Unspecified Driver error, then re-install the drivers. 

How can the Zebra ZP 450 driver be updated?

Zebra ZP 450 drivers are updated via two methods:

  • Automatic Update
  • Manual Update 

How To Update Zebra ZP450 Drivers Automatically?

If you are unskillful to update Zebra ZP450 Drivers, let it occur automatically. Although we also recommend the automatic update of drivers, it is a safer and more accessible approach. You are mostly not sure about the system is running on your computer. You can update it the wrong way manually, so do not risk the system and let recognize the computer settings and get updated. 

Download and Install the drivers (as described above)

Run drivers, touch the Scan Now button, and click Update All. 

How to Update Zebra 450 Drivers Manually?

If you have computer skills, you can update the drivers manually. Still, if you are unsure how to update it, it may be risky because downloading drivers the wrong way can risk the computer’s stability and damage the windows. 

  • To update the drivers manually, you have to uninstall the drivers downloaded already. 
  • Re-download the drivers again. 
  • The downloading option shows – Download drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. 
  • Choose your option. 
  • If you want an updated version, click on that and download it.
  • Install via the same method mentioned above. 
What are the advantages of Zebra Printer Zp450?

Zp450 makes it super easier and faster than ever before. It also allows users to do more business with the printer. The most significant advantage of the Zebra Zp450 thermal stamp printer is that it keeps the quality and size of the images and font, the other benefit – it is with no ink!

Does It require maintenance?

Zebra Zp450 is a reliable and long-lasting device and can print hundreds of labels a week. However, every machine needs to be cared for, and so does Zp450. Over constant use, the dust can get stuck on it that has to be wiped off at least twice a week.


Finally, we have discussed everything about Zebra ZP450 Driver. Every business needs Zebra Zp450. It comes with unique features. Zp450 does not use ink; it exploits advanced technology that does not damage the high resolution of the stamps and other printed material. At the same time, experts have made it economical to a great extent by eliminating the task of refilling toner and ink. So yes, It is a great deal! If you need other printer drivers, then visit my WindowsDrivers home Page.

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