Zarchiver Pro APK Download (Latest Version) V1.0.9 For Android

App Name Zarchiver
Latest Version v1.0.9
Last Updated 24 February 2024
Publisher Ant-ON
Requires Android 4+
Category Tools
Size 4MB
0.1/5 Rating (2)

If you are effectively managing your space including your media and files, then you need an application like Zarchiver. It will allow you to create a space for your files more easily and comfortably. But most importantly, you have to download the Zarchiver Pro APK first and check it by yourself. Plus, we have also provided the most interesting features and reviews of the application so that you can easily make your decisions.

Zarchiver Review:

It is best suitable for those users who are desperately finding the perfect compressor and file achiever for their smart devices. Now, you can easily your installed applications more useful. At the very same time, you can also decompress any file you want. The Zarchiver Pro APK can easily work on multiple devices with different formats and versions because the application is designed at an extremely versatile level.

Zarchiver Pro Features:

Multiple exciting features are enlisted below:

It can create all the archive files without any discomfort or difficulty:

You will be amazed to know that it is famous for its one and never-ending feature, creating the archives files. There are different formats you will get after downloading it such as zip, Iz4, Rar, 7zip, tar, and much more. All the formats work perfectly fine with the application.

Decompressing files at the fastest speed:

It’s not just that, It is famous for compressing and archiving files but for those who are interested in decompressing their files, this app is also for you. The same format can be used for decompressing files and media folders.

View the archive folders and files:

To make the app more exciting, the developers have added multiple features including viewing and editing your zipped files and folders. This function can be worked for both formats including the mentioned format and uncommon folder formats. This will make your life much easier.

Edit and open files:

While checking the files, you can now easily edit and open the files without even performing any decompressing functions. This function will make your operations more comfortable and easy.

The unlocked premium version of Zarchiver mod APK:

We have come up with the latest version of ZarchiverMod APK, only for you. The application is now free of cost and it unlocked all the premium features, which will add fun to your boring compressing operations.

Act as a file manager:

To manage your media and files, Z Archiver Pro APK is the best choice, the developer has given to you. You can open your store, select any targeted applications, and perform any type of operation you want to perform at that time.

Creating a password for securing media:

You can now secure your files, media, images, and other media in a very secure space. If you are interested in hiding your media, then you can try this feature as well. You can set a password and secure the folder which means no one else can open your files.

Interesting themes:

Other applications are quite boring but this thing will not bother you here. The user interface of the app is very much interactive, and easy and offers different themes such as light theme mode and dark theme mode. This feature is amazing for those users who have eyesight issues.

Zarchiver APK Download Latest Version For Android:

Before installing the application, you must look into the pre-installment requisition. The premium version of this application is not provided on Google Play so try to download the software from authentic websites just like.

You can now download the Zarchiver Pro APK from the given link. However, if you want the Z Archiver Pro old version, then you can contact us in the comment section. We can provide you with that as well.

FAQs About Z Archiver:

Why is Zarchiver Pro APK Android 11 asking for a password?

If the application is asking for any password, then your content has been encrypted with any sort of password. You have to ask the person who has sent you the file for the password. It is very important to remember, do not ever put your phone password here.

Why Zarchiver pro-APK Mediafire is not working?

If the program is not working, then there might be a few reasons. Check your files, there might be a possibility that your encrypted files are corrupt. If the installed app has some virus therefore we always recommend the users download the application from Here.

How to compress files in Z Archiver Pro APK?

First of all, select all the files you want to compress from your storage. Then right-click, and a drop-down menu will be seen. There, you have to select the option “compress”. And finally, press OK.

How to extract files By using Z archiverPro?

For the extraction, select the folder then right-click on it. After that, you will notice a few options. Select the option “extract here”. Click ok. Remember, if you want to extract the file in any other folder, in this case, you have to select the extract option and then specify the location and click ok.

Is ZarchiveApk 1.0.9 free?

Yes, the application is free.

Which application is similar to Z Archives Pro?

Some different options and alternatives can be used against this application including the Android tablet, android devices, F-Droid, Windows, and Linux. However, the best alternative is WinRAR and Amaze, File Manager.


For further assistance from your file manager, you can now enjoy the Zarchiver Pro APK 2024 application. This will make your work file easier and more comfortable.

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