Zapya APK Download 2023 Latest Version V6.5.3 Free For Android

App Name Zapya
Latest Version v6.5.3
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Dew Mobile
Requirements Android 5+
Category Tools
Size 23.3 MB
4.7/5 Rating (3)

Zapya is a file-transferring application by using this incredible app you can easily transfer any type of file no matter what the format is, you can share files, videos, pictures, long files, movies, dramas, and much more from one device to another, from iPhone to android and from android to iPhone. Just Download Zapya APK and makes your life easier, especially the lives of iPhone users because now they have a medium where they can transfer their media from one device to another.

It also works without a connection to the internet. You can transfer any file, any data, any image, or anything from one device to another, or from one device to some window without a connection to the internet or WIFI. This app works without any internet, you can easily and portably share any media or document whenever wherever you want. The sharing process is very speedy and you can share anything within seconds.

Bluetooth connection is used for android-to-android sharing but when you have to share media from iPhone to Android you need to prefer the application for sharing files easily. It allows you to share things in different offline methods first you can share by creating a group and in this method, you will have to invite your friend to join for sharing the other one is by generating a QR code.

Zapya Review:

Zapya File Transfer App, Share V6.5.3 for Android makes your life easier by allowing you the convenient easy, speedy offline sharing of the file and media from one device to another device. That supports both iPhone and Android devices. This app will take care of all your files and media. all your media is secure while staying in this app and also helps you back up all your media.

One of the main advantages of file sharing by using this app is that you can share the bulk of files. And share as long files as you can because there is no limitation. WhatsApp does not support long media file sharing but this app will allow you to share long files very speedily wherever you want without an internet connection and the process is very speedy.

You download the Zapya app on both Android and iPhone and also in the window. The interface is very easy and you can easily transfer anything from one phone to another. This app does not have any outsider advertisements. So you can speedily transfer your file without any internet connection. Along with the file, and media, this app will also transfer other applications from one device to another. So it means you can transfer anything.

Features Of the Zapya App:

Like every app, this app also has a very astonishing and highlighting feature that you need to know before downloading this app.


You can share any file, a file of any size, you can share a huge, long file, or the bulk of a file without any effort. along with the file, you will be allowed to share any kind of media from one device to another, you can share long movies, dramas, videos, photos, etc.


By using this app you can share any app from one device to another app. it allows the convenient sharing of files and media.


This app allows you to share huge bulky files, docs, and videos in a very short time.


By using this app you can also create a backup of your old phone.


This app not only supports file sharing users can also chat with their friends without having any internet connection.


This app already has installed a built-in file manager that manages all your data and files.


It supports all kinds of file sizes you can transfer huge bulky files because it does not have any restrictions.


The size of this app is very small. It is very lightweight to


It will support offline sharing, which means you do not need any kind of internet or WIFI to share any kind of file, you can share without the internet, but the thing is that both the devices have the Zapya APK.


This app also supports both Android and iPhone, yes you can download and share files from both, and along with Android, it will be downloaded on iPhone. And also resolves the most important problem of iPhone users of sharing things with Android users.


It will allow you to replicate your old phone to the new one by giving you a backup of your old phone.


This app does not have any third-party advertisements.


This app is very easy to handle you just download it and start transferring files.

FAQs About Zapya APK:

How fast is ZapyaApp for transferring files?

The speed of this application for transferring things from one device to another is 100 MBS per sec.

How does the Zapya APK work?

It works as Bluetooth, it transfers files, docs, movies, videos, media, pictures, and much more from one device to another without using an internet connection with the speed of 100 MBS per sec which is huge, which means you can share the file in seconds.

Does it work offline?

Yes, it transfers things without any internet connection.

Is it safe to use ZapyaApk?

Yes, it is an extremely safe app.

Is ZapyaApp faster than Xender or share its apps?

The speed of this app is a little less than both share and render.


Zapya APK is a convenient, easy, fast mode for sharing files, bulky docs, movies, videos, pictures, and much more without having an internet connection or wifi from one device to another, it also transfers things from Android to iPhone offline and it is a very efficient app that transfers app also in just a sec. Also, check WeChat.

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