WorldBox Mod APK Download (Latest Version) V0.22.17 For Android

App Name WorldBox
Latest Version v0.22.17
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Requirements Android 4+
Category Simulation
Size 132 MB
Google Playstore
4.5/5 Rating (2)

All the game lovers who have been tired of playing killing games need to see the WorldBox Mod APK, a new video game in which you don’t need to kill anyone. It is an amazing Stimulating game made and designed by Maxim Karpenko. World Box game can make you feel good on a personal level as it can connect you to the world and you can make this world idea according to what you want. You can use all the features of the game for free.

It is a free god and reenactment Sandbox game. In this free Sandbox god game, you’ll be able to create life and observe it. The group is small and remote-based. It could be a reenactment game that will make you feel like a god to the fullest. World Box pixel simulator with components of sandbox around the creation and devastation of universes.

This game allows you to have a different playing experience that can connect you to reality and you can feel it internally. APK is a super fun world-creation game that is profoundly acknowledged by clients for the idea of building diversions. It may be a fun, free, and easy-to-use world simulator that lets you make one-of-a-kind islands and lands.

WorldBox Review:

It is the result of a combination of two classes Sandbox and Indie. You can download the WorldBox Mod APK on your device and can utilize it to assist your business in constructing its visitors without investing much time in it. World Box Mod may be a modified adaptation of the Diversion which is the finest sandbox game nowadays that includes a variety of interesting highlights one of a kind.

It Offers arbitrarily generated universes of different sizes and shapes. As a canvas for players to populate and shape to their enjoyment, World Box – God Simulator offers players a comprehensive list of instruments for chaos and control alike. This is another energizing sandbox diversion where players make life and observe it prosper. World Box brings you a chance to investigate and construct your planet.

This game may be a free god test system sandbox amusement that puts you in the extreme driver’s seat. it is free to play on Android gadgets! You’ll be able to play most of the diversion without investing anything into it and open powers by observing promotions.

WorldBox Mod Features:

This game is unique and different and users who play it once are always up for playing the game again and again. It has some unique features that can make you download WorldBox Mod APK 2023 instantly on your Android device. These features are as follows

Create a new world

In the World Box game, you will need to create a whole world and set things in it. It is up to you how you will make your world look pretty.

Build a city

You have to create roads, buildings, houses, and shops and create different cities where you can have people.

Underground worms

It allows you to send, winds, rains, acid rains, atomic bombs, and other natural destruction to your subject and creates underground worms from it.

Play with different creatures

You can create different creatures and make them work and play as you want.

Play games on levels

You can play this game in levels and win at different levels by creating a beautiful world of your choice.

Free of cost

WorldBox Mod Apk is free to download and it also provides you with all the premium features without any cost.


It has different modes of the game and you can select which mode you want to play. This has many choices for you. It includes prospering the existing world.

Pixel world

You can easily develop a pixel art world by using different brushes and pencils, tools, and magic.

Become the creator of your world

you can be the God or Creator of what you have built. and always make changes to it and make it according to your choice.

FAQs About World Box:

Do I need to create the whole world of my choice in the World Box Mod APK?

Yes, this game is about creating a world and building roads and developing cities and changing the winds, and making a world idea for you. Whatever you want in real life you can create it in the game and experience it in 2D graphics.

Is it safe to download World Box Mod Apk 2023 on my device?

Yes, the game is secure and safe as the latest version is free from all the bugs and errors you can download the file without any worries.

Is the World Box APK available on mobile?

Yes, the APK version of the game is for mobile devices specifically Android devices but you can also download it on iOS according to the format available.

How do I get World Box premium for free?

By downloading the Modified version of the app, you can get every premium feature for free and play games by utilizing all the features.

Can I download the WorldBox Mod APK on my Android device?

Yes, the APK format is available to download from our website. You can download the game on your Android device in easy steps within 5 to 10 minutes.

Is the WorldBoxMod APK free to download?

Yes, from our website you can download the APK without investing anything. It also provides you with all the premium features in the game for free.


Be the god that reproduces the world through the amusement World Box. This Mod APK publisher focuses on transmitting diversion content through illustrations, making a difference World Box Mod gets awesome belief from customers. You can change the winds of the world and fight with them to make them follow your commands. Download WorldBox Mod Apk for Android now from our website and give us your feedback. Enjoy the world of your preference. Hope you like The Sims 5.

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