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Windows Movie Maker Download V2.0 Free For PC Windows

Windows Movie Maker
App Name Windows Movie Maker
Latest Version v2.0
Last Updated 7 October 2023
Publisher Microsoft
Requires Android Windows
Category Video Editor
Size 15.1MB
5/5 Rating (1)

Are you interested in editing your videos with the most famous video maker? Well! Several video makers are indeed, but the most famous is Windows Movie Maker. So, here we will tell you about downloading, installing, and using it. You can also download the Win Movie Maker App for your Android & IOS Devices.

Almost everyone has to post videos on social platforms. So, they need something professional that makes their videos more appealing. For this reason, they use different video editing software. 

Windows Movie Maker Review:

Microsoft creates the Movie Maker app for customer use, and it helps to edit clips or ideas. Using this software, you can create unique, simple, and even tricky videos through videos and images. The app has many types of titles that range from emails to online information storing services.

The app is the perfect solution for beginners who want to edit videos. It has several video editing options that create unique videos. 

Movie Maker App Features:

Do you want to create eye-catching videos? Windows Live Movie Maker is the best app that is utilized for video editing. The moviemaker has several amazing options such as transitions, effects, animations, and much more.

  • All the features of this app are user-friendly, and you can have fun by using this app.
  • The XML code of the app helps you to adjust the results and evolutions of the video.
  • You can add fade-in and out options in your music track for basic editing.
  • The app can make it easy for you to post videos on social platforms.
  • People who are using MS Windows can freely use this app.
  • The app is the best option for those who are new to video editing.
  • The app helps you to drag and drop anything in your desired place.
  • You can quickly learn and use this app because its interface is simple.
  • The app contains 130 plus effects, animations, and transitions. 

How to Import Videos on Windows Movie Maker?

  • Step 1:

Suppose you want to transfer your image or video from the camera to the PC. Then you need to use a cable and attach it to the camera and the PC.

  • Step 2:

Suppose you have to transfer an image or video from a small DVD or tape. Then you need to insert the tape into the combo box.

  • Step 3:

Then you need to go to the capture clip bar of the window. After that, choose the capture from the clip device. Then you can see a window that shows a file in which you have to put the file’s name and the location to which you want to save it. Then go to the video setting and choose a suitable setting. After that, press the next button to go to the capture section.

  • Step 4:

Then select “capture section of the tape” and press next. After that, a window will appear that has a clip capture option.

  • Step 5:

If you have small DV tape, then control of clip capture works. If you want to control the DVD, then you need to press the buttons in the combo section. You need to press “start capture” if you want to start. Similarly, press “stop capture” if you want to stop. Then press the “Finish” button to complete capturing. 

How to Edit Clips in Windows Movie Maker?

  • Step 1:

You need to choose the video that you want to edit. Then drag it to the end of the timeline.

  • Step 2:

Now, if you want to cut any part of the video, then you need to drag the pointer to the point from which you want to split. After that, choose a split option that is present in the clip menu.

  • Step 3:

Now, you need to crop the clip, so for that, you have to place the pointer at the point from where you want to start a new clip. Then press the “start trimming” button, and after that, drag your pointer to the point you want to stop the clip. Then press the “stop trimming” button and then press the “clear trim points” button.

  • Step 4:

Now, if you want to add sound, then drag your clip to the music section.

  • Step 5:

If you want to zoom your video clip, then use the Zoom tool.

Windows Movie Maker Download:

It is essential for you to download and install the Windows video editor first. It is true that for some reason, this software was closed, but now it comes again with more features.

  • You need to go to the WLE download section to initiate downloading. It will require some time to download the file.
  • Then open the WLE file in your PC’s download section and open the app.
  • After you have done downloading, then you have to install it in any window. 

How Can You Install the New Windows Movie Maker on Your PC? 

  • When you think of using any video editing tool, then the installation is the first thing. So, it is important to do a fast and simple installation. 
  • For this, a software called Windows Movie Maker was created for laptops and PCs. So, you need to download it on your pc then install it.
  • When you download it, then the installation is very easy. The reason is that this software is present in MS’s essential bundle. So, if you install only one app, then it will automatically open all apps.
  • So, it becomes easy for users to check which apps they want and which they don’t need. Then they can leave the unwanted apps and install the wanted apps.
  • After going through all the installation processes, you can now open your app and start editing.
What are the advantages of Windows Movie Maker?

It is the best tool for a new slide show of images and videos. It has been created to make movies and slide shows of images. You can also enjoy funny themes and transitions. Further, it can also help you to add sound and make different types of transitions.

What is the purpose of a movie maker?

It is free software that is used to edit movies, and it also includes MS Windows XP. Further, you can also use moviemakers to make movies of the images present in cameras. Then you can share them on social media or other platforms.

Do people still use Windows Movie Maker?

On January 10, 2017, the moviemaker stopped working, and new software took its place. This software is called a video editor that was created with MS images on Windows 10.

What is the function of the animation effect in Movie Maker?

Suppose you want to give something unique in between photos and videos. Then you can use the animation effect of the movie maker that adds beautiful transitions. Likewise, you can add beautiful effects in videos and also add zooming options. Through these options, you can zoom video or images.

What is the Windows Movie Maker explaining any three features of Movie Maker?

it is software that has several benefits and is used to design videos. The following are its features of it:
You can edit any image or video using this video maker.
The moviemaker also helps you to add some unique transitions
You can also bring various sound clips to your video.


Finally, we have discussed everything about Windows Movie Maker. It is free software that is used to edit videos and images. So, you can easily create different types of videos in a short time. In addition, you can add music, transitions, and other effects with this software. So, we suggest you use this tool to create a beautiful video clip. If you want to download movies and videos from the internet then we will recommend 4k Videos downloader and uTorrent software.

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