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Wacom Intuos Pro Driver (V6.4.3-1) Download For Windows & Mac

Wacom Intuos pro driver
App Name Wacom Intuos pro driver
Latest Version v6.4.3-1
Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher Wacom
Requires Android PC
Size 102MB
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The first thing you need to run Wacom on your system is to get the drivers installed. The process is easy and quick to follow. Therefore, you will be drawing with your Wacom pen in no time. Keep reading this article if you want to know all the information about the Wacom Intuos pro driver, like how it works and how to install and update Wacom Intuos Driver.  

Wacom Review

About 40 years of being in the industry, Wacom has maintained a reputation. It is well known for being the best provider of graphic tablets. The pen display on Wacom Cintiq is one of the best in the market. However, it is also one of the very expensive ones. 

Wacom Intuos pro driver has come up with a way to provide you with relatively better creative control. When combined with the Wacom, it produces a sleek tablet look that looks amazing. Do you prefer your rough sketches to be on paper? Worry no more! The paper edition enables you to convert your sketches into digital files. 

Features of Wacom Intuos Pro Driver

Most pen input tablets or PCs that employ Wacom’s pen technology benefit from this Wacom Components driver. Please download the driver and run the installer to see if this driver is compatible with your tablet or computer. A ‘PC unsupported’ notice will show if the driver does not work for your tablet or computer. When you click the ‘Close’ button, the installation will exit, and your system will remain untouched.

Wacom AES or Microsoft Pen Protocol-enabled pen-enabled devices are compatible with Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Ink Plus. Windows 10 comes with a pen driver that supports Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Ink even if you don’t have a Wacom driver. For all Microsoft-branded tablets and laptops that support the Microsoft Pen Protocol. The Windows Inbox driver is the only option.

Following the installation of the Wacom Intuos pro driver on your Windows device employing Wacom’s pen technology, you may be able to perform the following Wacom optimized pen functionalities on your tablet or PC:

  • More productivity-enhancing choices for pen button and on-screen actions.
  • Pen tip pressure sensitivity adjustment for improved control of drawing and handwriting;
  • Bluetooth button features that may be programmed to enable rapid access to programs and functions (for pens with a Bluetooth button).
  • Pressure sensitivity in Win tab, based visual programs.

The latest version of Wacom Intuos driver V6.4.3-1) supports

Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq 21UX, and Intuos4 Wireless are all supported by the newest Wacom Intuos driver, V6.4.3-1). This driver works with (Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11) (64-bit) and (macOS 10.13 – 12). The CTL-490 and Graphire2 models are also supported. You must ensure that you have the most recent device version after installing the new driver.

Installing the Intuos driver software

Before the pen display operates, you must first install the Wacom driver software on your computer. Depending on your device and operating system, you may also need to install the Wacom Intuos driver software.

  • Download and run the driver program.
  • Go to the driver’s section of the website.
  • Next to the most recent driver for your computer’s operating system, click Download.

Finish the Installation of Intuos Pro Driver

You can begin working with the device if the device display shows after you complete installing the Wacom driver software. However, if the device display remains blank, the Wacom Intuos driver software must be installed.

  • Install the Wacom Intuos driver software on your computer.
  • Wacom Intuos driver downloads may be found here.
  • Choose an operating system.
  • To obtain the newest driver for your computer’s operating system, click the download icon next to it.
  • To complete the installation, follow the instructions.
  • In your system tray or menu bar, you’ll see the Wacom icon. Adjust the resolution, brightness, and other display settings by clicking it.

Troubleshooting Problems with Wacom drivers

If your Wacom driver appears to be malfunctioning, the simplest option is to remove it and download the most recent latest version from the company’s website. Please make a backup of your settings before deleting the driver since it will erase them.

If you’re using a wireless kit, detach your Wacom tablet. Next, remove the USB dongle from your computer. If not that: 

  1. Make sure the tablet and Bluetooth on your computer are turned off if you’re connected that way. 
  2. In the Finder, go to Applications, then Wacom Tablet, then Wacom Tablet Utility. 
  3. Under ‘Tablet Software,’ you’ll see the uninstall option. Uninstall the driver out from Control Panel on a Windows device. 
  4. After uninstalling the driver, restart your computer and reinstall Wacom drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Updating the Wacom Driver Software

Regularly visit the driver’s page and update your driver software to ensure that your device has the most up-to-date features and functions.

Click About under Wacom Tablet Properties. Your driver version may be seen at the top of the About box.

  • Go to the Wacom Supports drivers page and look at the Latest Drivers version number.
  • If your driver’s version number is less than the most recent version, click Download next to the driver for your computer’s operating system.
  • Update the driver software by following the prompts.

Note: Your device will not work if you uninstall the driver. If you uninstall the driver, reinstall the latest driver from the driver’s page so that your device works again, with default settings.

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Are Wacom Intuos Pro drivers free?

Wacom supplies you with free creative software and freebies to help you start. Here you may register for free software that comes with your product and download it. Models have different software packs.

How do I open Wacom properties?

In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, right-click. Select Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties from the drop-down menu. Next, select Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Properties from the drop-down menu.

How long do Wacom tablets last?

Wacom’s have a five- to six-year lifespan, with some surviving far longer and others failing after thirty days.

Is the Wacom Intuos good?

We selected the Wacom Intuos S to be the best drawing tablet for beginners after interviewing five renowned artists, studying 23 drawing tablets and testing 11. Intuos works with most major creative applications on Windows and macOS, and it has the most accuracy and control of any tablet under $100.

Does a Wacom tablet need a computer?

Wacom traditional drawing tablets are passive tablets that create electromagnetic signals to capture hand motions, but they must be linked to a computer to draw. Portable gadgets such as iPods and Android tablets are becoming more popular as technology progresses.

Final Verdict

If you want to draw or paint with your tablet, ensure you have the newest Wacom Intuos pro driver installed. These drivers make it easier for your computer to communicate with the device. To guarantee that your Wacom tablet works correctly, make sure you download the most recent driver. You can also use the Driver Update Utility and DriverFix to obtain and install the appropriate driver for your computer automatically.

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