Vivamax Mod APK (Latest Version) V4.33.2 Download For Android

App Name Vivamax
Latest Version v4.33.2
Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher VIVAMAX, INC.
Requires Android 4+
Category Entertainment
Size 19.2 MB
MOD Feature Free purchase
4/5 Rating (1)

You can now watch all your favorite movies and shows without any subscription charges for free in the Vivamax App and get unlimited entertainment. The Vivamax Mod APK file is ready to be installed and downloaded on your Android device. The entertainment industry is always giving you something new and exciting to watch. The Philippines is famous for having an industry that produces the best movies and shows. Viva Max is specially made for that region.

It is the origin of the Philippines. The developers have made this application to make the most trending shows of their industry available to stream for free. You can use Vivamax to stream your favorite Philippine movies and shows for free of cost. You can stream into all the national and international content. The most-rated content on this app is all from the Philippines. It never provides you with anything wrong or unsafe.

Although you’ll be able to observe a variety of content, there aren’t numerous Filipino movies and shows there. But with this application, you’ll be able to stream a part of Filipino movies right now! There are tons of available blockbusters here that you just can watch nowadays. With this app, you’ll enjoy plenty of unique Filipino movies and series of different sorts nowadays. There are hundreds of recordings to watch and select from here. Viva Max is the best choice to watch movies and shows at this time.

Vivamax Review

No more finding and waiting for the right time to watch movies. The best Vivamax APK of the current time in its latest version is available to download. When it comes to leisure activities, the normal Filipino spends it watching their favorite movies and shows or playing with companions. Most family units have at least one tv no matter how enormous or little it may be.

Because of this, a bounty of unique movies and shows have been made over the past years that you simply can enjoy nowadays. When it comes to movies and shows, there is a part of them that were made for our enjoyment. It is the application that contains a parcel of these unique shows and movies in an app.

You’ll be able to stream all you need nowadays as Vivamax App are so numerous free movies and shows available right now. There are elite movies like Unified, Pakboys, Paglaki ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar, Kickboxer, Sid & Aya, Death of a Girlfriend, Kaka, Tililing, Kung Pwede Lang, and numerous more. You’ll be able to stream and indeed download so many accessible ones to your gadget to watch offline.

There are so numerous extraordinary films and shows that you simply can watch nowadays, much appreciated to streaming stages. We presently have cable subscriptions and gushing stages that permit us to stream anytime we need. Viva Max has numerous new movies and shows that are frequently appearing that we will appreciate right now.

Features Of Vivamax Mod App

There are several interesting and amazing features that you need to see in detail. These features are as follows

Unlimited Streaming

You can watch and stream movies and shows for unlimited time. There is no limit to watching. There is no limit on the number of content you can watch in a day.

Original Filipino content

Viva Max allows you to watch the Original Filipino series and the best movies. There is a collection of original content that you can only watch here.


You can create your Wishlist and give the name to it. Make any Wishlist according to what you want and give it a title accordingly.

Available offline

Vivamax APK has an amazing feature that lets you free download movies or episodes of shows so that you can watch them later offline.

HD Quality

It has the best quality to let you watch movies. The HD quality is available for all the content to watch.

Stable streaming

You will not get bored r frustrated due to excessive loading or breaks. It provides you safest and smooth streaming of the app.

Amazing interface

You can get the amazing graphical interface of the app. The interface is very beautiful and has categorized everything.

What’s new in the latest Vivamax Mod APK 2023?

As the Viva Max has all the original content and is updated on a regular basis. But as a whole, the app features are been updated and the latest version has come with new updates. These new features or updates are as follows

  • The application has been fixed for all the errors and bugs. Vivamax APK is now more cure for your Android device.
  • You can now turn on the side view mode and watch the movies along with using another application. Your screen will be divided into parts and you can do other work on your Android device simultaneously.
  • It has introduced the themes concepts and classified your favorite movies into different themes. These can be based on colors, pictures, or other artistic work.
  • It has updated the content and included many international movies and shows that are very famous.
  • You can turn on this notification from settings and get notified about specific things in the app.

FAQs About Viva Max

What kinds of movies are available for free on Vivamax?

The app contains all kinds of movies. There is no restriction for any kind of content and you can watch anything that you like.

How can Viva Max ensure the safety of my device?

The app has the best software and security programs behind it. It does not contain any viruses and never harms your device in any way.

Can I watch all the original movies in the Vivamax Mod APK for free?

Yes, it includes the original Filipino movies in it. You can stream and watch the best original Filipino movies and shows for free in the app.

What is the Wishlist in the Viva Max app’s latest version?

It is like a playlist that you can create and add all the movies and shows that you wish to watch. It will be used to list down all your wishes for streaming movies.

What quality is available to stream in the Viva Max 2023?

It allows you to stream everything in HD quality. There is nothing that will interrupt your streaming and puts break into your screen time.


The review has been amazing for the popular Viva Max. It is one f the popular Philippines apps that are created specifically for them. This application includes all the international and national content to watch. It has its original series and movies that are not available to watch in any other streaming application. It is free from all the errors and bugs. Download the Vivamax Mod APK for Android now and make your free time better by watching movies from this app.

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