USTVNow APK 2023 (Latest Version) V6.35 Download For Android

App Name USTVNow
Latest Version v6.35
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher MDC Gate
Requires Android 4+
Category Entertainment
Size 29.7 MB
5/5 Rating (1)

USTVNow is an online streaming service that provides access to popular TV shows and movies. It is designed primarily for American ex-pats and military personnel stationed overseas who want to keep up with their favorite programs from back home. The platform offers a wide range of channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more, as well as a library of on-demand content.

The service was launched in 2009 by US TV Now Inc, a company based in Wilmington, Delaware. It started as a way for US military personnel stationed overseas to access American TV channels, but it quickly grew in popularity and became available to the public. This app now boasts over 200,000 registered users and has become a go-to source for American TV shows and movies for people all around the world.

One of the standout features of the USTVNow app is its ability to provide live TV channels to its users. This means that viewers can watch their favorite programs as they air, rather than waiting for them to be uploaded to a streaming service later. Additionally, the platform offers a cloud-based DVR feature, which allows users to record shows and watch them later at their convenience.

USTVNow Review:

USTVNow is a popular streaming service that allows users to access a wide range of TV channels and movies from the United States. With its vast library of content and user-friendly interface, it has become a go-to destination for cord-cutters and anyone looking to access quality entertainment. In this article, we’ll explore what the US TV Now app is all about and why it’s worth considering as your go-to streaming service.

One of the key advantages of this app is its affordability. While other streaming services can cost upwards of $50 per month, it will offer a basic package with six channels for free and a premium package with over 20 channels for just $29 per month. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious viewers who still want access to their favorite shows.

This is a reliable and affordable streaming service that provides access to American TV shows and movies. With its live TV channels and cloud-based DVR feature, it offers a convenient and flexible viewing experience for its users. Whether you’re an American ex-pat living abroad or just a fan of American TV, this app is definitely worth checking out so go and download US TV Now stream movies and tv from the link given at the end of this page.

Features Of the USTVNow App:

There are several reasons why US TV Now stands out as a great streaming service. Here are a few key features that make it worth considering:

Wide selection of TV channels:

This app provides users with access to a broad selection of TV channels, including many of the most popular networks in the US.

Very affordable pricing:

This amazing app offers affordable subscription packages, with plans starting at just $29 per month.

User-friendly interface:

This app offers a very easy and simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to find the content you’re looking for. And you do not need any technical expertise to use this app you can use it the same as other applications like USTV 4K, Yacine TV, and A Sports applications.

On-demand movies:

In addition, to live TV channels, the USTVNow app also has a vast library of movies that can be streamed on demand. You can stream live movies whenever and wherever you want to. All the new and old collections of movies are available here.

Compatibility with multiple devices:

This app is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV.

Record your favorite tv show:

You can record and watch your favorite program and also that you can watch them later whenever you want.

What’s new in USTVNow V6.35?

  • Fix all the errors and bugs.
  • Performance is enhanced before.
Is USTVNow Stream TV and Movies free?

US TV Now offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan includes a limited number of channels, while the paid plan includes more channels and features such as DVR recording.

What devices can I use to access US TV Now to stream movies and tv?

It is available on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. It can be accessed through a web browser or via this app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

What channels are available on the USTVNow app?

The channels available on US TV Now depend on the subscription plan. The free plan includes a limited number of channels, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. The paid plans include additional channels, including ESPN, CNN, AMC, and more.

Is US TV Now APK legal?

US TV Now is a legal streaming service. However, it is important to note that this app is only intended for U.S. citizens living abroad or those who have the desire to watch American television and movies. If you are located within the United States, there are likely other streaming services available that are more suitable for your needs.


USTVNow APK is an excellent streaming service that provides users with access to a wide range of TV channels and movies from the United States. With its affordable pricing, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with multiple devices, this is an excellent option for anyone looking to access quality entertainment. So why not give it a try and see what all it is about?

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