Termux APK Download (Latest Version) V0.119.1 Free For Android

Termux APK
App Name Termux APK
Latest Version v0.119.1
Last Updated 7 October 2023
Publisher Fredrik Fornwall
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Tools
Size 101.7MB
5/5 Rating (2)

You can now get the best Android Terminal emulator with a Linux environment app on your devices. The developers have worked hard and made Termux that helps you keep your system secure. It may be a free and open code app that mimics the command shell used in Linux. By doing so, you’ll be able to present all the typical commands and work comfortably from your Android device. Now Download Termux APK free from here. It works straightforwardly with no rooting or setup required.

A negligible base framework is introduced naturally and extra bundles are accessible by utilizing the Well-suited bundle manager. The app has a few updates from the classic Android Terminal Emulator such as having access to a massive library of Linux bundles to install right from the device. You can also get a few keyboard alternate routes transformed into combinations with the volume and on/off buttons. The app has everything to let you use your Linux system from an Android device with ease and comfort.

This app is special and fabulous, particularly for those who need to memorize and practice the framework of Linux. This app was created by Fredrik Cornwall. Moreover, it’s compatible with external keyboards of all kinds. Whether you’re working with con NodeJS, Ruby, or Python, or you ought to interface with servers by means of SSH, it can assist you. Because of its potential to oversee bundles as if you were sitting before your desktop – but with the clean flexibility of utilizing Linux on an Android gadget, whose hardware is effective enough to complete any work.

Termux Review:

Termux is the latest coding application that is a great app, particularly once you need terminal emulation with the broad Linux. Yes, by utilizing this app, you’re able to urge the bundle collection, which may assist you in doing what you would like to do. It has become one of the well-known devices in the Play Store. Yes, it is reasonable because, for the rating score, it gets 4.7 stars of rating score.

Of course, it might be the high score for the tool and many Android users utilize it on their devices. These things can be the reasons for how awesome it is. By utilizing this app, you’ll be able to alter the detail files utilizing the Nano and Vim. This menu is exceptionally nice, particularly for those who want to do innovations within the part of the files. On another hand, this app also could assist you in appreciating the bash and the ZSH shells.

In doing your venture, it will convey the hands to help you. You are able to check out the project of the subversion and GIT. By utilizing this matter, of course, checking the project will be less demanding, and you may oversee the project well. On another hand, the app also conveys access to the server over SSH.

It is interesting when the app offers a chat room to the clients. This chat room is exceptionally great since you can have discussions with individuals. These discussions will be exceptionally valuable, especially for those who require offer assistance in doing their work. Now Download Termux APK and get a chance to talk with people who are great in the world of technology and get help from those people by talking to them through it.

Termux Features:

This coding app has many features that are the reason for its popularity. By using it you will be able to get the following features.

Open Coding app:

It is an open code application that helps in hanging the Linux system coding and anyone can change it. You can change the code according to your requirements and liking and command the app to work on your coding system.

Require Coding Knowledge:

Anyone who wants to use the app must need to have knowledge of the coding. You can only use this amazing app if you have prior information about coding systems and Linux’s extensive environment.

Feature packed:

It has a list to pick from and work on it. You can choose from Bash, Fish, Zsh, and Vim.


Termux APK is fully secure and never harms your Android device in any way so you can download it without any doubt. It gives you safe access to an open coding environment.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can code the files by utilizing multiple shortcuts on the keyboard. It is easy to do and takes less time. You can change them with combinations of volume buttons.


Now you can customize your package from the APT management system. You can start with anything you want and don’t need to follow a set pattern.

Compatible with external Keyboards:

It allows you to do work with external keyboards that are not connected directly to the Linux system. It is amazing to use the app with your daily useable keyboard.

What’s New In The Termux APK V0.119.1?

The Latest version has many new upgrades as follows

  • You can now easily connect a keyboard through Bluetooth services without any difficulty.
  • Termux APK now supports different languages and you may use Python or Ruby language. You can easily connect to the server and use the app.
  • It utilizes powerful hardware that allows you to make use of the application easily and get done with difficult and complex tasks.
  • It has an amazing and User-Friendly interface. You can easily understand the complex codings and make changes to them.
  • You can now edit your files using Nano and Vim systems.
How can I use an external keyboard with Termux on an Android device?

It allows you to connect any external keyboard with Android through Bluetooth and use the keyboard effectively. Doing coding on the external keyboard is much easier than on the digital keyboard.

Does TermuxApp has upgraded to the latest version?

Yes, it has now been updated to its latest version which has many new things to work on. It is compatible with many new devices.

What is a pocket calculator in TermuxAPK?

The amazing pocket calculator is workable in the app through the Python console. You can use it as a calculator easily.

Is there any chat room in the TermuxApp?

Yes, it has a chat room where you can grow your connectivity with people in the same field and get the maximum positive outcomes for your problems.


A great coding application has been provided to you. You can easily download Termux APK on your Android devices for free. This application is the best to change the coding system for an extensive Linux environment. It allows users to use the app in privacy and keep their data safe and confidential. It has a chat room where you can get a chance to connect with people around the world and take suggestions from them to produce better work.

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