Tekken 3 Mod APK Download Latest Version V1.2 Free For Android

Tekken 3
App Name Tekken 3
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Requirements Android 4+
Category Arcade
Size 49.5MB
5/5 Rating (2)

if you are a boxing or fighting game lover then you should read this article because today we talk about Tekken 3 which is the most popular fighting and boxing game nowadays. In this type of fighting game, you can play the game with your favorite character as you can create your character according to your choice in the game. There are many Modes available in the store of Tekken3 game from where you can select the character of your choice. If you unlock all available characters you should download Tekken 3 Mod APK for your Android and tablet device.

Along with this, the place can play the game in many modes, you can switch the modes according to your requirement. There are many tools available over there like free skin and many others. If you want to play boxing or fighting solo with your friend you can also you can play the game in groups also, it’s all your personal choice. There are many tools available like special moves punches and many others that you can utilize to win the fight.

Tekken 3 is one of the amazing boxing online games, that you can play on your smartphone. As the graphics are the main essence of all online games so the graphic used in this game are very high quality so that all the players can enjoy and feel the punches and their game also. This game is updated from time to time and brings new features for you. So start playing the game with new modes and win the battle and get many rewards.

Tekken 3 Review

Since the beginning of time, Tekken 3 has been a name that has always been associated with online fighting gaming. When the android gaming started, The third edition of the game offers the player three times the adventure and three times the action along with the most realistic gameplay and top-notch 3D graphics all completely free of charge. So what are you guys waiting for go and download the Takken3 game free for android.

This game comes up with many unique features and very smooth gameplay. The sound quality is also very great and the display is 3D quality. This game is very simple, comfortable, and easy online gaming with a very simple and easy interface. All the player wants a very simple interface for the game so this game has already it. This game is played on a mobile screen. the developers of this game took great care to provide a variety of demanding game modes and difficulty settings that would test the player’s skills and abilities in hard gameplay settings.

This game has many appealing and unique features. I have discussed some of the new and highlighted features of this game in this article. It does not support third-party ads. And this app is very safe and secure to download on your device. Your data is safe as it does not steal any information. So download Tekken 3 Mod APK for free. As it is worth installing on your device. You will never regret downloading this online gaming app.

Tekken 3 Mod Features

This online gaming has many distinguishing features. In every update, new features are available in the Tekken3 game. Some of them I have discussed here

Various modes are available

You can enjoy many different modes of this game. Arcade Fight, VS Mode, Team Battle, Time Attack, Survival Fight, Practice Mode, End Game

Easily Controllable

The control system of the game is very simple and easy and you can easily control this game. in this game, you will be able to change any position according to the size and your preference.

Multiple Levels are available in this game

There is various level of fighting in this game. for going to the next level of the game you have to finish and win the previous level of the game. in this online game, you have a 50-plus level. Pas the previous level and go ahead in the game.

You can Customize the Players character

In this game, you can make your character customized. Yes, the player that will play your game is according to your choice. You can customize the appearance, skin, and other gadgets of your choice. Also that you can select the character of your choice from the store.

Offline Mode

As we know that this is an online game, and you can play this game online. But you can Download Tekken 3 Mod APK and play the game offline. You can play the game offline without consuming the internet.

Players Selection of your own choice

Select the player of your choice. you can check the gallery of this game. where you can see many different players from where you choose your favorite ones. And with all these players you can start the game.

Different techniques with different characters

Every character of the game comes up with special fighting techniques and special abilities so you should better choose the best one for your gameplay.

What’s new in the Tekken 3 APK?

  • The performance of Tekken 3 APK is very much enhanced.
  • It removes all the bugs and errors.
  • Some new characters were introduced in the game.

FAQs About Tekken3 Game

Is Tekken 3 Mod APK safe to download on a mobile device?

Yes, this is a very much safe and secure game that you will be able to play on your mobile phone. It can be downloaded on all android versions of the smartphone. You can download this app without any worries.

Is tekken3 a light weight app?

It is a very lightweight app, as it consumes very small space on the mobile. You can download it on any android device. This is a very trustable and very lightweight application.

What made Tekken 3 online game so good to play?

It is a fighting game their display, superfast actions, moonwalk, command responses, and real fighting make this game so realistic and good and worth playing.

Who is the main hero in Tekken3?

Jin Kazama is the main hero of this game as he is one of the most chosen characters of the game.

Who is the strongest of Tekken 3 characters?

There are a few characters that are considered the strongest ones like Paul Phoenix, Feng Wei, and Bryan Fury.

Final Words

Tekken 3 Mod APK is an online fighting and boxing game that you can download or play online with your friend. Check out the most popular fighting such as Wr3d 2K23, NBA 2K22, and Wr3d 2K20. Tekken3 is an Android game with a very small size that can easily be downloadable.

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