TeamViewer Download V15.46.7 For PC Windows, Mac & Android

App Name TeamViewer
Latest Version v15.46.7
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher TeamViewer GmbH
Requires Android Windows
Size 52.8 MB
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If you are the one who is looking for a TeamViewer for PC Windows, Mac & Android? You are on the right page; this article gives information on downloading and installing Team Viewer software. It is remote control computer software. This software allows the maintenance of your PC and other devices.

In addition, It allows secure and safe remote access to any device from anywhere and anytime. This software connects your computer, robots, smartphones, servers, and many more with a high-performance connection. This is registered software, but it does not require any registration fee or charges; it is free to download for noncommercial use.

TeamViewer Review

TeamViewer is a fantastic software to talk about as it allows you to deliver immediate remote support to your clients and employees. Sometimes tech setbacks occur. PC misfires, system crashes, and gadget failures could bring business to a stop.

Rather than on-site service calls that require some investment and increment costs, IT professionals pick them to provide immediate remote help for their customers. For example, you are away on a business trip.

With Team Viewer remote access instruments, you can remain productive regardless of where you are. Your desktop documents and applications are only a couple of clicks away. Indeed, even cell phones and servers can be safe access to all without a VPN. The best feature of this software is that it supports all of your smartphones and commercial-grade devices anywhere, at any time.

TeamViewer download for PC Windows

Features Of Team Viewer

  • It gives Long-lasting access to unattended gadgets
  • It allows you to Videoconferencing and coordinates efforts with TeamViewer Meeting
  • Enables a dark screen for private remote access.
  • It will enable you to Secure, adaptable document sharing.
  • Remote Printing for Windows and macOS.
  • It will enable you to share your screen on iPhones and iPads.
  • It helps to move files safely and oversee transfer in the Files application on iOS.
  • Enable you to connect from mobile to mobile.
  • Allow you to view system diagnostics in the Team Viewer desktop application
  • It will enable you to talk through text, captures screenshots, or control processes on the upheld gadget.
  • It can quickly fix all the issues immediately on your computer from anywhere.

TeamViewer Download For PC Windows, Mac & Android

To download the latest version of TeamViewer for PC Windows, Mac & Android, follow the following instructions: The straightforward steps for downloading the application are available. At the bottom of this page, you can see the DOWNLOAD button. Click on the button and download it.

Next, you can get the downloaded zip file. You have to unzip this archive file using win zip for the window. Now you have to install the setup to run it on your PC, Mac & Android. While downloading, if you face any difficulty or any issues, kindly let us know, and we will guide you.

How To Install Team Viewer Software On PC Windows

After downloading TeamViewer software on your computer, you should start the setup wizard.

  • Now, you have to run the setup file that you have downloaded.
  • Now, a screen appears where you can see the question “How do you want to process”? You have to choose the option of “Default Installation.” After selecting this, click on the accept –next to move forward.
  • Another screen appears where you have to check the boxes of EULA and DPA.
  • now click the continue button to finish the process of installation.
  • After installation finishes, reboot your computer and open it.

Configure unattended access to the device

  • after downloading; setting the unintended access to your machine is optional.
  • First, run the setup file; a screen appears where you can see the question “How do you want to process”? Next, you have to choose the option of “Install and set up unattended access to this device.” After selecting this, click on the accept –next to move forward.
  • Another screen appears where you have to check the boxes of EULA and DPA.
  • Now the full version of team viewer is open, and a popup appears on the screen of GRANT EASY ACCESS where you have to enter your email address and password for the account where you want to set up unintended access.
  • Click on the assign button at the end of the page to finish the installation process.

The whole installation process after downloading is error-free. However, if you face any problem while downloading or installing the setup, you are most welcome to write down the issue you are facing in the comment box to solve it. Keep visiting Windows drivers for more updates.


Is TeamViewer free for PC Windows?

TeamViewer is free for individual use, and that implies any undertakings inside your own life for which you are not being paid. Associations between personal gadgets at home or aiding loved ones remotely qualify for private use.

How can I use Team Viewer for free?

On your PC, enter the Team Viewer ID of your companion or relative under the heading Control Remote Computer. Next, click the Connect to Accomplice button. Finally, enter the password of your companion or relative. You can work on the computer though you were sitting straightforwardly before it.

Can I use TeamViewer without downloading it?

With electronic remote access, clients can now set up a program-based Team Viewer controller association from the Management Console without installing the Team Viewer customer – rapidly and without any problem.

Can someone use TeamViewer to access my computer?

As a general rule, it is simply conceivable to get to your PC on the off chance that you share your Team Viewer ID and the related password with someone else. Without knowing the ID and password, it isn’t workable for others to get to your PC.

How secure is TeamViewer free?

All the versions of Team Viewer software utilize full encryption. Encryption depends on 4096bit RSA private/public essential trade and 256 Bit AES session encoding. This uses a similar security level as HTTPS/SSL and is viewed as totally protected by the current standards.


In short, TeamViewer is a remote access, remote control, and remote support software that is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, it lets you remote access PC and mobile devices located anywhere in the world.

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