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SplitCam Webcam Software Download V10.7.18 For Windows

SplitCam Webcam Software
App Name SplitCam Webcam Software
Latest Version v10.7.18
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher SplitCam
Requirements Android Windows
Category Webcam
Size 413MB
5/5 Rating (2)

SplitCam webcam software provides unique webcam effects to help you feel better during video conversations with your pals. In addition, the software makes splitting your camera video stream simple. It will also allow you to video chat with your friends simultaneously and broadcast your video to any IMs and video services.

This article will talk about more specific features and related specifications. However, we wish to address these concerns in this post by stating that this software is now completely compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, x32, and x64 operating systems. Follow the article to get more detailed insights.

Splitcam Review:

This application is a feature-rich stream studio broadcaster. With the help of this program, you may simultaneously stream on Twitch. TV, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms with little CPU usage, and you can also add a camera, screen, game, and other fun effects to your video stream.

The simplest method is to share your webcam with many apps simultaneously, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. You can now stream video from your HD camera and other video sources to a few stream channels at once without sacrificing video quality. 

You may use your camera in several programs without getting the webcam busy warning. Believe that your webcam is capable of more. In one audio stream, combine audio sources such as a mic, an audio file, etc. It will change the way you use your camera forever. one of the best alternatives is ManyCam.


There are multiple features that you must know about this application. If you want to see it, we have your back. The following are the best up-to-date features.

  • Add our effects to your webcam video in the video chat, and have a good time with your pals.
  • It’s a natural source of pleasant emotions.
  • You may use your camera in several programs without getting the webcam busy warning.
  • Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Camfrog, Gtalk, YouTube, Justin. TV, Ustream, CamZap and Chatroulette, ooVoo, and more services are available.
  • Connect to any IP camera and use it as a video source in IMs and video streaming services instead of your webcam.
  • Record your video and post it to YouTube with a few clicks right from the window without any extra software.
  • It allows you to zoom in on your video and stream the parts you need.

Splitcam Webcam Software:

Splitcam download

The SplitCam webcam software has unique webcam effects that make your video chats with your pals more enjoyable. The application is also the simplest way to divide your camera video feed. It allows you to video chat with all of your friends while also serving as live video streaming software, allowing you to send your video to any IMs and video services simultaneously.

You can now download Splitcam from video capture software licensed as freeware for the Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems on a laptop or desktop PC.


How does a SplitCam work?

In the Skype menu, select Tools. Select SplitCam Video Capture from the Select Webcam option on the Video settings tab. Click the Save button. Select Audio Device or your microphone from the Microphone list on the Audio Settings page. Click the Save button.

Is SplitCam safe to use?

These tests are for version 10.7.18, which is the most recent version at the time of writing. This application is a clean download and virus-free. According to our test on July 18, 2021, it should be safe to run.

What is SplitCam for?

It may occasionally consume too much CPU or GPU. In addition, malware or a virus may be running in the background. The .exe has a .exe extension, indicating an executable file for Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Does SplitCam Webcam Software work on Windows 7?

It has been thoroughly tested on all of these operating systems and platforms, and any issues relating to the architecture of Windows 7 and Vista have been addressed. Therefore, it is compatible with working on Windows 7.

What is Cam Splitting?

Multiple applications can be linked to a single video capture source using virtual video capture software. However, suppose you have a camera attached to your computer, for example. In that case, you won’t be able to utilize it in numerous programs at the same time because there are no conventional Windows choices to do so.

What is the SplitCam video driver?

Split Camera driver enables you to effortlessly multiply your webcams of any kind, video cameras, and other devices analog or digital, including VHS, DV, TV-IN, or TV-tuner. These may be used with video chat and conferencing software such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, etc.

How can I record on Splitcam?

It is a piece of software that you may install on your computer. First, a video source must be connected to it like a USB WebCam, video file, or image file. Then, connect other programs to the virtual capture device such as video conferencing software, instant messenger, or video applications.

How do I use multiple webcam applications?

You can’t utilize your webcam with more than one program at a time, and Windows does not provide a way to do so. So you’ll need to divide your camera if you want to collaborate with many persons in different IMs.

How can I use Splitcam on Facebook?

In the settings window, choose Allow. Next, select Video Capture from the tab containing the webcam icon. Select Virtual Audio Device from the tab with the microphone icon. After that, click the Close button. Download.

How do I use Google SplitCam?

To set up audio and video devices:
Go to Tools.
Set up audio and video devices.
In the Speaker/Microphone or Speakerphone field, choose Custom.
In the Microphone box, choose a microphone.
Click the Next button.
In the Webcam box, select Capture Video.
Click the Finish button.

Can Splitcam work with Zoom?

It allows you to zoom in on your video and stream the parts you need. Zoom in and out with the keyboard and mouse. The effects are the most intriguing and striking aspect of this software. It’s an excellent technique to keep your video conversation exciting and fresh.

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