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SP Flash Tool Download (Latest V5.1924) For Windows & Linux

SP Flash Tool Download
App Name SP Flash Tool Download
Latest Version v5.1924
Last Updated 11 October 2023
Publisher SP Flash
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Tools
Size 61.8MB
5/5 Rating (1)

We have solutions to your every problem and worry. Smartphone Flash tool which is commonly known as SP Flash Tool is here to help you out. It is the most recommended MediaTek Android software tool. It is used to perform system software particular tasks on mobile ROMs. For example Stock firmware flash or update, custom firmware install, erase, Formatting, Reset and Fixing Bricked ROM, and things.

So the SP Tool is software made to do this as utility software. This is specifically built for MTK (MediaTek) which is a chipset-based Android device. It is a utility software developed by MediaTek Inc. This company provides chipsets for smartphones, tablets, HDTVs, and other digital products. MediaTek Flash Tool can be used to flash a Stock or Custom recovery firmware image to an MTK-based Android device.

It is also used to fix unbricking, formatting, upgrade, and downgrade certain Android handsets. This tool is the best freeware to flash any Android smartphone with stock ROM or custom ROM.  It is completely a desktop program that supports Windows PC and Linux operating systems. So to make use of SP Flash, a Desktop is a must with installing the correct drivers. And remember that there is no support yet for SP Flash APK.

SP Flash Tool Review:

As any smartphone user knows, keeping your device up to date with the latest software is essential. Not only does SP Tool help to ensure that your phone is running smoothly, but it can also provide new features and security updates. However, updating your phone’s software can be time-consuming and frustrating. One way to make the process easier is to use this tool, explicitly designed for flashing stock ROMs.

In addition to being incredibly easy to use, it also offers several other benefits. For example, it can repair bricked devices, downgrade software versions, and even unlock bootloaders. As a result, it is an essential tool for any smartphone user. One of the main conditions required to flash with this tool is root.

In fact, to make a successful MediaTek Android Flash, your device should have been rooted successfully. So first make a successful one-click root on Android to make use of the SP Flash tool before downloading and processing. You can follow one-click root easily on Android which supports completely on mobile.

Features Of SP Flash Tool:

SP Flash Tool has some specifications and features that will help you see why you should download it. These features are as follows.

  • It can flash stock ROM on your Android device without hassle.
  • The tool can easily downgrade the software version of your Android device without any difficulty or long process.
  • This tool will help you to repair bricked devices.
  • Unlocking the bootloader of your Android device can be a tricky process but it will be the easiest thing to do through this tool.
  • The tool allows you to flash stock firmware on MediaTek devices and custom recovery images and root packages.
  • The tool can be used to back up and restore data from your device’s internal storage.
  • A memory test is an amazing feature as it allows you to test your RAM’s read and write speed.
  • The tool has the ability to change parameters on the device. It can adjust things like screen resolution, CPU frequency, and more.
  • It can be very helpful when trying to optimize the performance of a machine.
  • You can use it to hard reset your Android device.
  • The Memory Test is a great way to see if your RAM is performing at its best.
  • It can be used to dump the stock firmware from MediaTek devices.

Conditions To Consider Before SP Flash Tool Download:

  1. Make sure that you have a complete backup before using this tool.
  2. Flashing any custom ROM on your Android Smartphone device may void your phone warranty.
  3. Our website is not responsible for any damage to your phone while installing or flashing through the SP Flash Tool.
  4. You must download and install the correct drivers for it.
  5. USB data cable connecting the computer and device.
  6. Download the Appropriate Firmware related to your device. It should have a flash XML file or Scatter file with the firmware.
  7. Desktop or Laptop Computer (Windows or Linux).
  8. Make sure to take a complete data backup. Because your personal data will be lost

How To Download And Install SP Tool For Windows and Linux?

Windows is the most popular operating system globally, and this tool is available for Windows. The tool for Windows is very easy to use, and it has all the same features as the Linux version. It is also available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Follow these instructions to download the SP Flash Tool for Windows, click the link below. Once the tool has been downloaded, open the file and start installing.

  • For the installation process open the downloaded file.
  • Firstly, open the flash_tool.exe file.  
  • After that, Scatter-loading File and select the Android_scatter.txt.
  • Then, hit the Download button only, and now the Download begins.
  • Once it gets downloaded, connect your MediaTek smartphone using an original cable to your Windows PC.
  • Now, whenever you connect your MediaTek phone to your PC. The phone starts flashing. So, don’t get panic.
  • After that, the downloading begins automatically, and a green tick will appear when it is completed

FAQs About SP Flash:

What is SP Flash?

It is a tool that is used to flash the firmware on MediaTek devices. If your device gets into the boot loop, then you could easily install a stock ROM and bring your device back to life. Likewise, it also has the ability to unbrick your MediaTek devices. So if you are looking to make full use of this tool, get hold of its latest version from the below link and get going.

Is the SP tool free?

Yes, this tool is totally free of cost. You can easily use this tool to make everything easy for your Android devices.

Is it safe to use the SP Tool?

Yes, it is safe to use this tool as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Flashing the wrong firmware can brick your device. Therefore, it is always good to back up your data before using it.

How to use SP Flash Tool?

It is very easy to use. Connect your device to the SP Tool and follow the instructions on the screen. SP Flash will then proceed to flash the firmware on your devices


In short, the Smartphone flash tool (SP Flash Tool) is a simple application compatible with Windows And Linux. It allows you to install any firmware to your Mediatek (MTK) Android devices. If you want to install some other firmware on your Android phone then SP Tools is the best solution.

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