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Skin Mobile Legend APK Download (Latest V17.2) For Android

Skin Mobile Legend
App Name Skin Mobile Legend
Latest Version v17.2
Last Updated 2 March 2024
Publisher Echa
Requires Android 4+
Category ML Injectors
Size 13.1MB
MOD Feature Unlock
5/5 Rating (456533)

Skin Mobile Legend released its 25th season which contains different and amazing events and skins on 2nd July 2022. As per the developers, all the skins added in the new season can easily be purchased for 100 diamonds. Moreover, after purchasing any skin, the mobile legend players will get the avatar border completely free.

All the MLBB players who are playing above the Master Rank will receive Grock’s Ancient Totem Skin for free. Isn’t that amazing? Recently, the rates of Grock has been decreased a lot but if you are an active user, then you can get a few skins for free.

Skin Mobile Legend Review:

Each month, fans look forward to finding out which up-and-coming heroes will be included in their starlight pass. This is because they would purchase the starlight pass if their favorite hero’s cosmetics were accessible. In the Mobile Legend game, you’ll want to acquire every skin your hero possesses, especially if you’re a collector or simply want varied skill effects.

In August, players who acquire the Starlight pass will be able to unlock the Natan “Captain Chrono” skin. Natan is a decent hero who was simply made available to gamers a few seasons ago. He is quite good at crowd management and has a lot of damage.

Natan also possesses a lot of mobility owing to his ultimate talent. He’s been named one of the top choices in recent METAs. His pick rate has recently decreased somewhat. However, it is logical to expect Natan’s pick rate to increase with the release of the starlight skin.

What Are The Key Features?

Following are the recently added changes in the latest version

  • To help the users farm efficiently, the number of the minions has been increased to four in the mid lane and will last for the first five minutes
  • The second update is to bring in the jungle case now it will help the user at the time of the invasion. It is worth mentioning that, the jungle feature will be available to only those users who are at the 2nd level
  • The adjustments added are Gord, Buffed, and Terizla
  • The minor changes are Lunox and Xavier
  • Blood wings and a glowing wand are also added to items buffed
  • The minor changes are blade armor
  • Radiant armor, Aegis, and Genius Wand are added under the category of Nerfed

Mobile Legends Skins list:

Check the guidelines listed below for a ranking of the top amazing skins in Mobile Legends right now.

Blazing Axe

When you attach the Blazing Axe to this Northern Vale warrior, he will appear much more ferocious. The blazing touches and embellishments on your Franco character’s look will undoubtedly characterize him. What makes this skin legendary/awesome? Because Franco’s bold appearance makes you appear stronger. As a result of the new display animations and skill effect improvements.

Phantom Pirate

If you want to harm a dealing hero, choose Roger’s Phantom Pirate. This epic skin makes the wolf-human appear extremely powerful and royal. Roger fans like the Phantom Pirate skin. You are wondering what helps make this skin legendary/awesome. Since the regal notion elevates your character to the status of the monarch. Also because the coat has gold attachments and the skin portrays an Underworld Master Roger

SABER Regulator

For those who enjoy science fiction, this huge Saber skin is unquestionably appealing. Sabre in a more contemporary world, with superior technology and equipment, is highlighted by the S.A.B.E.R. Regulator. The most impactful thing is that it is one of the unique S.A.B.E.R. Squad skin series in Mobile Legend. Moreover, the Saber’s futuristic look increases your gameplay experience. Due to the voiceover adjustments because of the unique recall animation that you can obtain

Soul Revelation

Be aware! If you like this deadly killer, you should try the Soul Revelation skin. The mix of both dark and light colors on the skin creates a much more attractive Gusion. The new voiceover adds a fresh dimension to his previous spectacular skins. It has a twilight orb motif and it gives Gusion more magical power.

Draconic Flame

Valir’s fire manipulation powers will be enhanced by his Draconic Flame skin. The skin reveals a scarier and more terrifying Valir, complete with fire eyes and garments. It comes with new narration and it is part of the unique Dragon Tamer skin series. It features an all-new display animation.

FAQs About Free Skin Mobile Legends:

How to get free skins in Mobile Legends?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from active users. We understand that acquiring diamonds is very difficult and it is very difficult to handle such a huge balance. The skins look great on your heroes and add some boosting effect to the game stats. Fortunately, you can get a few skins for free with some patience and dedication.

How to Send Skin in MLBB to Friends?

If you only have his or her IGID (in-game ID). Enter it into the search or add a friend box, and then click ID search. If you find his name, go to details and then click the copy button to copy his IGN or nickname.
The first technique to give presents is to go shopping. On the right side of your screen, click Skins. Select and deliver the skin you wish to provide. Then paste the IGN you copied a while ago. Verify that the name is right and then click Send; you may enter a message for him. Send, then OK, and you’re done!
You must verify that the name is valid and then click submit; you may enter a message for him. Send, then OK, and you’re done! And here’s another method to send gifts: click the giving button at the top and select any of the skins you wish to offer. After that, locate or search for your friend’s IGN.

What is the best ML Skin?

For your convenience, we have added the top 8 ML epic skins list
Pharsa: Peony Bloom
Gusion: Soul Revelation.
Miya: Suzuhime.
Kagura: Water Lily.
Selena: S.T.U.N.
Lunox: Eyes of Eternity.
Hayabusa: Shura.
Granger: Starfall Knight.

What are the prices of skins against diamonds?

The basic needs are almost 399 diamonds, the elite demands 599 diamonds, the special demands 750 diamonds, and for the epic character skins you will need almost 1099 diamonds to make any purchase.


Heroes in Mobile Legend Free are given distinctive costumes to showcase their distinguishing traits. Recognizing individuals now is as simple as glancing at what they are carrying. You may also style your favorite Mobile Legends characters in costumes that suit your preferences. Simply choose an incredible skin and you may already customize it to your liking! To download the Skin mobile legend for free, you have to click on the provided link and wait for a few seconds. The website will automatically start the download process.

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