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Selenium ChromeDriver Latest V111.0.5563.1900 Free Download

Selenium ChromeDriver
App Name Selenium ChromeDriver
Latest Version v114.0.57
Last Updated 15 October 2023
Publisher Selenium
Requires Android Windows
Size 7.5 MB
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If you are looking for a chrome driver downloads for selenium, go through the article. It is one of the fantastic and helpful drivers that can direct to the web pages like javascript, user input, and many more. The stand-alone server runs separately used by selenium ChromeDriver to control the chrome. We cannot run the selenium chrome driver separately on google chrome without using the chrome WebDriver.

Selenium cannot do all its work alone without using the browser. It always needs some help from the browser to perform the tasks. So here, this driver will help the selenium to complete its mission. It is a stand-alone web driver. It is available for chrome for Windows PC and Android phones.


It is a fantastic application to talk about. After downloading it, you will never get disappointed. This is very helpful for running your browser. ChromeDriver download is the extension of web browsers that help program any other web application. There are many additional drivers, but It works compatibly with all browsers. This driver enables you to perform javascript code with the browser’s interaction. For test automation, this application is handy indeed.

Selenium ChromeDriver Features

  • It is a stand-alone server
  • that supports HTML5 and CSS3 web pages.
  • It is compatible with different types of browsers.
  • A different version of this driver is available for different windows.
  • It will navigate to the web pages like javascript, user input, C++, Python, Node.js, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and many more.

Chrome Driver Download For Selenium

For downloading the latest version of ChromeDriver download for selenium, follows the following instructions:
The straightforward steps for downloading the driver are available on this page. You can see the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of this page; click on the link related to your browser’s version.

Then click on the corresponding version of chrome that has been shown on the page. After clicking on the link on the page, you are directed to the download page. Finally, you can access the latest release information of beta and stable drivers from this page.

How to install ChromeDriver for Selenium?

Selenium uses a chrome driver to control the chrome browser. Follow the following instruction for the installation of the setup.

The first step is that you have to ensure that google chrome is already installed in the location for the platform. After downloading the setup, unzip it and move it to that location of your platform where selenium and Python can find it. The best place to drag your file is C:\Windows. Now add its location on the PATH environment variable.

The whole installation process after downloading is error-free. However, if you face any problem while downloading or installing the setup, you are most welcome to write down the issue you are facing in the comment box to solve it.

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How to launch a webpage using a chrome driver?

First, you have to download the latest version of chrome driver from the link mentioned at the bottom of the page and then the Driver.exe’s location. What you have to do is just set the properties of the chrome driver

How to add a chrome driver in Eclipse?

following steps you have to follow for opening your driver in Eclipse:
first, open the window, go to the preferences, go to general, and go to the Web browser (make sure that you are using an external browser). After these, you have to Chrome to make it default. When all the changes are done, click on the Apply button at the bottom and click on Apply and Close to save the changes.

How to set the chrome driver path in Selenium?

First, you have to make sure that you have already downloaded the driver in the location of your platform. After downloading the driver setup, unzip it and move it to the location of your platform where selenium and Python can find it. The best place to drag your file is C:\Windows. Now add its location on the PATH environment variable.

How to check the chrome driver version?

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I find the chrome driver version. First, you have to go to the Menu icon in the upper corner of the page. Now press help and then press about google chrome. Now you can see the version of your driver.

How to move chrome drivers to your path? 

For moving the driver to your path, follow the steps

For window CLI

Before doing anything, get aware of the window environment variable.

First, you have to create the directory in C:\bin. Then, after creating a guide, the downloaded driver is saved to the C:\bin. Finally, you have to open the command prompt, and you may set the path for your account.

Then you have to Restart the command prompt and then finally verify the setup of the Selenium ChromeDriver.

For window GUI

First, you have to create the directory in C:\bint. Then, after creating a guide, the downloaded driver is saved to the C:\bin. 

According to your window, do the steps if your PC has 8 or 10 windows. First, click on the window key and search for the panel control.

But if you are using Windows 7, you have to right-click on your computer and go to properties.

Now press the advanced system setting and then click environment variables.

You can see the PATH variable click new and add C:\bin to the end of the written variable; now press ok and restart it and verify your setup with the selenium chrome driver.

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