RTS TV APK — Download [Latest Version] V17.0 For Android

App Name RTS TV
Latest Version v17.0
Last Updated 5 October 2023
Publisher RTS
Requirements Android 4+
Category Entertainment
Size 10.0 MB
1/5 Rating (1)

You can never get bored of watching entertainment and news. You always crave new content to stream. A perfect streaming application is RTS TV. The application is available in APK format for your Android device. Get a smart TV on your phone now. The app is best to use to spend your free time and watch your favorite sports and shows. Download RTS TV APK easily and watch thousands of content for free.

It gives you an amazing live-streaming experience with the best app. This app is easy to use, and any layman can use it. It is totally up to you what you want to stream on RTS, but it allows you to watch everything in HD quality.

You can watch TV channels from all around the world in one place. No genre is not available in this application. You can check the list of types and then select the genre of the movie. It is known as a popular live-streaming platform for all kinds of streaming content. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the content.

RTS TV Review:

With RTS TV, you can watch all your favorite shows, movies, cartoons, and live sports. It is a Live Sports application where people can watch sports games on their Android devices. This thing helps people watch more than 5,000 live TV channels with different shows like sports, news, music, movies, TV shows, cartoons, and more.

You can watch your favorite videos anytime and anywhere for free. You can use all the features of it from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can watch live sports on YouTube and listen to radio broadcasts. You can watch and listen to things you like in your free time for your enjoyment. There are lots of fun movies and things to do that will always keep you entertained.

This application is easy to use and has many great features. One great thing about it is that you can watch many different sports on it, like soccer, cricket, basketball, and tennis. Also, you can see all the different sports leagues from every country. For fans in Asia, it shows live games of IPL, PSL, BPL, and other leagues. Now Download RTS TV APK free from here and watch your favorite sports on your phone.

You can make your team happy without paying any fees for a membership or subscription. You won’t have to pay for any of its services. Most streaming platforms make you pay, but the live stream channel is special and not like the others. Also, some of them have only a few choices for what they can do. Some people can only watch certain channels, while others can watch both movies and TV shows.

Many of them don’t have global content and only offer local options. A few streaming services charge a lot for international content, while some let you watch for free if you sign up. Streaming apps are usually frustrating because they show lots of ads when you use them. However, this application can be downloaded without any problems and offers countless options for its users.


Features Of RTS TV:

You name any feature and it exists in this RTSTV. It is not a simple and common TV application like others. this application has popularity from all over the world because of its unique and amazing features. It consists of the following features

Unlimited TV Channels:

There is a whole range of channels that you can watch. It gives you everything for everyone. All mankind can use this application for their favorite shows and content. Watch live sports events and movies on these channels.

Different kinds of Content:

The app supports all kinds of content which makes it a TV. Just like TV where you see different channels of different kinds. It has everything in it same as the Rapid Streamz application

All genres available:

It contains all the genres. As you can go from watching horror to comedy and thriller, sci-fi, rom-com, drama, action, etc. you can watch all sports and their live events. The place is for you to enjoy every streaming.

High compatibility:

The app is highly compatible with every software. You don’t need any specific type of software to use this app. It has high compatibility results which makes it more popular. You can easily download the RTS TV APK to any Android device with any software version.

Multi-streaming available:

There is more than one option available for streaming. You can choose regular streaming or offline streaming as well.

Subtitles in Multiple languages:

People who don’t understand the app language can always turn on the subtitles. You can choose the subtitles language that you understand the most.

Downloading available:

You can download the videos and movies that you want to watch later. This option lets you enjoy HD streaming without an internet connection.

What’s new in the RTS TV APK Latest Version V17.0?

The new and latest version Of RTSTV has the following updated features in it.

  • You can get updates about live sports and news.
  • You can now change the speed of the video.
  • It has introduced the bookmark option where you can save your video for later streaming.
  • You will not see any ads or useless popups.
  • Get unlimited fun with the latest collection of entertainment channels.
Can I watch programs on RTS TV after they have aired?

Many streaming apps, including it, offer the option to watch previously aired programs through their on-demand or catch-up features.

Can I cast or stream RTS TV APK content to my TV?

The ability to cast or stream content to a TV may depend on the features supported by the app and the capabilities of your mobile device.


The streaming app is very important to choose from as with the best streaming app, you get the best experience. for your better experience, we have RTSTV. It does not harm your device. You can watch live sports, news channels, and many more TV channels. It provides you with channels from all over the world that are famous in their countries. More or less it has all the top-rated channels in it. You need to Download RTS TV APK free for Android from this site. And then you can enjoy all the features that are mentioned in the article. Watch unlimited free streaming.

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