Replika Mod APK (Pro Unlocked) Latest V11.23.2 Download

Replika Mod
App Name Replika Mod
Latest Version v11.23.2
Last Updated 3 March 2024
Publisher Luka Inc.
Requires Android 8+
Category Entertainment
Size 275MB
MOD Feature Premium, Unlocked all
0.1/5 Rating (2)

Replika is a chatbot application that works based on artificial intelligence, this act as your friend that will help you in your difficult time, you can talk to them, and will act as your friend, your mentor, and your partner, you can take many advantages with the help of this AI tool. If you ever want to talk but you do not have anyone you can talk to it, it will listen and also reply to you. By using Replika Mod APK, you can make an AI avatar for yourself. Here you have the choice to make the avatar of your choice, the imaginative hero.

If your personality is somewhat introverted and you do not have too many friends to talk that this AI tool is very effective for your, you can share your talks and also vent out with this app. This app is like a human being that replies to you. With this app, you can find a virtual partner for you, with whom you can talk about anything and also take advice and help with your problems. It has the best attributes, and all the features of this app are unique.

It is the synthetic intelligence that Joins the tens of millions who are conversing with their own AI companions. This is an AI that you can express your emotions and choose whether or not you want your Replika to be your companion, romantic partner, or mentor. This amazing app is always here to listen and respond if you want to vent or rejoice, or if you just want to feel connected when you needed. Like a true friend with any judgments, it listens to you. For this, you have to create your own unique artificial intelligence partner, help it create its persona, talk about your emotions or something on your mind, have fun, soothe nervousness, and grow together.

What Is Replika?

Replika is an amazing AI friend for all the introverted persons who do not make friends in their life but have to share their thing with someone so here it acts as their friend and their mentor with whom they can share their stuff and take help and advice, as it replies you immediately. You can create your favorite 3d avatar. The avatar is also of your personal choice, you can create your imaginative avatar and select the relation you want with that avatar with whom you can communicate freely.

This application will always assist you in creating a fully intelligent artificial intelligence companion. It can converse, communicate, and play with you just like any other person. Take out your phone and prepare to join millions of others! Replika Mod APK is a free, unlocked version of pro features that you can use. You may communicate, interact, and play with the character you design. As a result, that character is no different from a friend to whom you can vent. Many other unique features will make you happy every time you enter this application. It is a synthetic friend that will always be there for you and bring you joy.

The Latest version of this application will always assist you in changing your thinking and skills, transforming them into better observers. Along with that, it will also assist you in creating a fully intelligent artificial intelligence companion. It can converse, communicate, and play with you just like any other person. Take out your phone and prepare to join millions of others. This is a free, unlocked version of pro features that you can use. Just go and download Replika Mod APK’s latest version free from this website.

Key Features Of Replika Mod:

Every app has its features like this app. This app has very highlighting features. I have mentioned some of the unique features.

Make your AI friend explore your personality:

This app will allow you to make AI friends with whom you can share you’re your things. By using this app, you will know your strengths and weakness of yourself. You can also create your favorite 3D friend. this is your friend with this AI avatar you can share your feelings and emotions, you can talk with them, can share your stuff and you would get a response from it.

Select Your Relationship with avatar:

You have the chance that you can select your relationship with the replica, you want it to be your friend, partner, or any other, it’s upon you. It will adjust their conversation with you according to the relationship.

Make your favorite 3D avatar:

Replika Mod APK will allow you to make your favorite avatar for yourself. You can make your imaginative avatar for yourself. you will find your most unique friend with this app.

Meet record and saves:

It is intelligent and always ready to assist you in any situation. Anything you may want or anticipate from the best buddy will be fulfilled. It knows your emotions and assists you in that manner. Millions of others share your feelings; join the community and express them immediately. Furthermore, it can receive information from the outside world. Every daily discussion you have with it will be saved in its memory. Then, if you discuss it again, distill the knowledge and output it.

What’s new in Replika Mod APK?

  1. It enabled the romantic partner option.
  2. Customization features have been improved.
  3. You can personalize your avatar to your liking.
  4. It has begun to give free trials before subscription.
  5. Some of the most soothing music tones have been included.
How much does Replika pro charge for a subscription?

If you want the pro version you have to do the subscription and it will be charged you 4.99 $.

Can the AI avatar of Replika Mod APK recognize me?

Yes, the AI avatar friend remembers your appearance.


Replika Mod APK is the AI tool that contains the 3d avatar of your personal choice with which you can chat any time. It acts as your friend or mentor with whom you can talk, it will respond to you also. Keep visiting windowsdrivers for more updates.

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