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Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Driver Download For windows

Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Driver
App Name Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A Driver
Latest Version v12.0.0.9
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Qualcomm
Requires Android Windows
Size 5.6MB
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Have you ever experienced that in instances your Wi-Fi network stops? It was the most frustrating time of my life. This may probably be due to the Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a Driver for Windows non-functioning. You may find a bundle of solutions for this online, but it is difficult or impossible to choose the right option to resolve the issue. It’s important that your system must have driver stability and compatibility so, the windows will function accurately.

Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a Review

Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a is a fully compatible driver for Windows 10. If you are running Windows 10 on your system, then any hurdle of the WiFi connection may be due to issues with the QUALCOMM Atheros driver. It is recommended to install the latest version of the driver to work uninterrupted using the Wi-Fi network.

If you are facing the continuous distortion of Wi-Fi signals and trying to find a solution, then you are on the right website. Here you will get the Qualcomm qca61x4a for the Windows system along with an installation guide. So, stay here and read the article to the end.

There are three solutions that have proved fruitful for many users. You can try these to fix all issues with your Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a Driver.

Disable and enable your Qualcomm Atheros Driver

If your PC losses the WiFi connection suddenly and then fails to reconnect with the wireless network, you can disable and enable Qualcomm Atheros Driver to fix the problem.

  • Open the Run box and type devmgmt.msc and press OK.
  • In the device manager box double click the network adapter which will lead you to Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a wireless network adapter.
  • Choose the device to disable the option.
  • Then, go back to the device manager and click the device enable option.
  • This will fix the connectivity issues of your PC.
  • If the issue remains, try the other fix.

Roll back your Qualcomm Atheros adapter driver

If Windows 10 on PC losses the network connection right after an installation of a new driver, you this way to solve the problem.

  • Open device manager selects the Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a wireless network adapter.
  • Click on properties. Finally, go back to the driver to roll back the available driver and reboot the PC to fix it.
  • If your system has no driver to roll back, then you must try the third way.

Update your Qualcomm Atheros adapter driver

Despite trying the two ways, if the issues remain constant then there are the chances that your system has a corrupt/outdated driver or no driver at all. Update your corrupt or outdated driver from Windows Device Manager.

It is possible that your system may fail to update the driver to the latest version. So, it is good to download the latest version of the most compatible driver for your PC. You can choose your system to download the driver automatically or manually. Download DRIVER EASY to let your system automatically install the drivers.

This needs a strong network connection to work. You may also choose to download the drivers manually. You don’t need to panic, as we have brought you the link to the latest version of the Qualcomm Atheros adapter right here in this article. Read the download and installation procedure guide to get a clear idea.

Main Features of Atheros wireless driver

  • Free to use the driver software package
  • Safe and secure as the latest version of Atheros wireless driver have no malicious content
  • Fully compatible with window 10 on your PC or laptop
  • Fix all wi-fi network connections

Download and Installation process

Both the download and installation procedures are very simple and convenient. You just click on the download option of the given link and wait for the download to complete.

Once the download finished, locate the file and open the destination point to run the driver. Follow and complete all the instructions that pop up on the screen to install the driver. You are done! Now you can freely enjoy a non-interrupted wi-fi network with a fully supported Atheros driver.

FAQ’s Of Qualcomm Atheros

How to fix QUALCOMM Atheros qca61x4a?

You can fix Qualcomm Atheros qca61x4a according to the type of issues that you are facing. The most common ways to fix wi-fi connection issues are:
Disable and enable your Qualcomm qca61x4a Driver; firstly, disable the Atheros driver and then enable it within Device Manager.
Rollback your Qualcomm Atheros adapter driver; open Device Manager and select the Properties of the available Qualcomm Driver then Roll Back to fix it
Update your Qualcomm adapter driver; update your corrupt/outdated Driver automatically or manually

How to get QUALCOMM Atheros qca61x4a to connect to 5ghz?

QUALCOMM Atheros qca61x4a support 2.4G channel width to 40Mhz on your router or card.
As this card doesn’t support 5ghz so, it can’t be connected.

How to install QUALCOMM Atheros qca61x4a wireless network adapter Acer?

You will not be connected to any wi-fi network if the QUALCOMM Atheros driver is corrupted or
absent. You can set your system automatically to check for the updates for the driver. Or you can
also download and install the suitable driver manually from trusted websites.

How do I update my Qualcomm Atheros driver?

QUALCOMM Atheros can be updated automatically where your system checks for any
available updates and updates to the most compatible system-supported drivers. The
QUALCOMM Atheros driver can be updated to the latest version manually.

Do I need Qualcomm Atheros on my computer?

Yes, you need a Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4a driver to have your windows 10 system connected
to the wireless network. Without this driver software user won’t be able to have a wireless

How do I fix my Atheros wireless adapter?

Users can fix Atheros wireless adapter by disabling then enable the driver, Roll Back the driver and
updating the corrupt and outdated driver.

Can I delete Qualcomm Atheros?

Users can delete any corrupt or outdated driver via the control panel. Open Programs and Features
under the control panel and find the Qualcomm Atheros driver. Once you found the driver, click it
and press the uninstall option to delete it from your PC or Laptop.

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