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Patatas Injector CODM APK Download (Latest V2.6.9) For Android

Patatas Injector
App Name Patatas Injector
Latest Version v2.6.9
Last Updated 24 February 2024
Publisher Patatas
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Tools
Size 4.67MB
5/5 Rating (1)

Patatas Injector Is one of the most popular in the amazing application for the CODM game. This injection makes your game easier and more enhanced than before. Now you can become a pro player of this game. As this injector will allow you to inject your desired skin in the game. Now you can put your desired skin in the avatar in the CODM ML game. This amazing application will allow you to improve your abilities in skills to win the game now this came become easier for you.

Furthermore, it will improvise your gaming abilities and become a pro player of this game. Now you can play the game like an advanced player Win most of the games like a pro and be on the list of top players. This is one of the famous first skin injectors of the CODM game. Now you can easily Jack any of your favorite skin on your hero into the game. And by using this application the time of the game is increased for you. This is the most interesting version of the game, As you have to collect different types of items like different weapons and armor that will help you to fight the game and destroy your opponents to win the game.

Moreover, as we know, all mobile games are the latest Arcade action games where you have to fight With your opponent and win. This is the latest series of bang bang. Like every different game, this game also has different rules, so you have to follow these rules to win the game the control system of this game is very simple and fun to play so you can handle this very easily and win the game easily.

Patatas Injector Review

Patatas injector is an amazing injector for CODM game players because this will make your gameplay easy. This amazing application will turn your mobile phone into a game controller. This application will not compromise on the quality of the game as the graphics of this game is amazing 3D high-quality graphics that you can feel real gaming and the sound quality of this game is super duper high. The developer of this game does not compromise on the quality of graphics and sound.

In addition, the interface of this application is very simple and easy to use and everyone can handle this app very smoothly Li that they do not face any difficulty. This application does not support any third-party ads so you do not face any ads while playing the game. The control system of this game is very simple. This injector will allow you to use multiple skins in the game. As you can choose any of the skins of your own choice out of all the available skins. You can get unlock all the skin for the game.

The features of this game are amazing you can get 105 COD M heroes multiple skins and many premium costumes free of cost. You can get more than 600 ml of skin in this game. There are some other features that I have discussed later if you want to download this application on your Android devices then Download Patatas Injector CODM APK Latest Version on your device and enjoy easy and smart gaming.

Features Of Patatas Injector For CODM

Patatas injector has very unique features that make this application stand alone in the market. This application is very highly rated in the app store due to its amazing and unique features. I am sure that if you use these amazing feature applications you will get better results than before.

Free Call of Duty Mobile skins:

Which application will allow you to use Free Call of Duty skin to personalize your phone now you can get all the skin free of cost.

User-friendly interface:

The interface of this application is very simple and easy to use every user of this game can handle this interface. There is no special skill or any technical skills required for handling this application


This application has already been installed and team and feature so you do not have to worry about running your ID. This app does not when your account just uses this application in the right way and forgets any tension.

Numerous New characters:

You can get many of the new characters of the game by using this application you can choose any of your favorite characters from all of the given characters. So choose your favorite character wisely because they are certain benefits attached to every character.

free premium outfits:

Now this application will allow you to unlock all the premium outfits of your character. So you do not have to buy this output because you can get all of these outfits free of cost. 

Many New Weapons unlocked:

Patatas Injector will also allow you to unlock all the new weapons that are used for the CODM game to win the game like a cannon, rocket launcher, laser gun, and many others. Also, these weapons make your game easier. You can use all of them in fighting with your enemy and finish them easily with the help of these tools.

Esp. Wall:

This feature of the game will allow you to see the location of your enemy in reach that location so that you can kill them easily without their movement.

High Speed:

This application will make your game faster than before. Now your avatar will move faster with more speed and now your game moves more quickly so that you can finish your game more quickly.

Different game mods:

This game has different modes some of the modes are free-to-play, training, and competition. You can play your game if any of these mods by customizing your weapons and Avatar.

What’s new in Patatas Injector APK?

  • It introduces some new modes and skins for the game.
  • The interface is more enhanced.
Does Patatas injector compatible to use in android?

Yes, this app has advanced technologies that are compatible with android devices.

Does Patatas have multiple game modes?

Yes, It is a multiple-mode app that has three different modes like Free Play, Training Mode, and Competition Mode.

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Patatas Injector will allow you to use all the premium items without any premium subscription to CODM Game. So you do not have to pay money to be a pro player. You can use this injector to become a pro player within a limited time. So, if you want to win the game battleground then download this app on your device from the given link.

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