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Oppo PC Suite 2023 Download Free For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Oppo PC Suite
App Name Oppo PC Suite
Latest Version v2023
Last Updated 25 November 2023
Publisher Oppo
Requires Android Windows
Size 59.4 MB
3.3/5 Rating (3)

Oppo PC Suite is a straightforward desktop program. This program allows Oppo user to connect their phone to a computer. This program allows users to manage all accessible contacts on a smartphone and reset or upgrade the phone’s firmware.

In reality, without a PC Suite, using a smartphone has become strange. Everyone is preoccupied with their tasks, and you may find yourself engrossed in a computer for several hours. It would be difficult to control the smartphone, send messages, or answer phone calls.

Oppo PC Suite Review:

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer company that broke sales records in the market by introducing new smartphones and other products. It is very famous because of its best quality. Now all over the market, Chinese companies are the strong competitor of Apple company.

Chinese companies have introduced the latest smartphones including Oppo n1, Xiaomi, red 1s, Mi 3, Oppo f5, and Oppo f7. Nowadays, everyone knows Oppo smartphones because of their best quality. You can get Oppo Mobile PC Suite for your phone for free.

Similarly, with the help of a PC suite, you can transfer data such as movies, music, pictures, calendar, contact, and many other things from your mobile phone to your Laptop, the same as from your Laptop to your Phone. In addition, the Oppo phone PC suite helps you to update the firmware of your phone.

Oppo Suite For PC:

Here I will share the latest version of the Oppo PC suite or USB driver for our Oppo users. It is not easy to find the latest and updated PC suite and Mobile USB driver software. So here we are providing the direct link to download them. To flow the direct link to download the PC suite & USB driver for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

You can get this driver from here absolutely free for your windows. This tool plays a vital role in transferring mobile to PC and from PC to Oppo Mobile. Oppo Mobile PC Suite software is used to connect your mobile phone to your computer or laptop.

When you install the Oppo USB driver on your system, then your computer will recognize your phone. Without installing the USB driver or PC suite, your computer may not recognize your phone. PC suite software is essential for mobile phones because it helps you connect your Android device to your PC.

If you have an Oppo smartphone and on the other hand, you have a computer or laptop. And you want to connect both to each other to enhance the user experience even more. You have only one way to connect to each other a simple USB data cable.

How To Connect Oppo Phone To PC?

Before introducing the concept of the PC suite, we have only one way to connect our phone to a PC through the use of a USB Data Cable; if the USB data cable is not available, we are unable to connect our Android device to the computer. After introducing the concept of the PC suite software driver. Now we can connect our phone device to our computer very easily and quickly.

On the other hand, you do not need a data cable to connect your phone device to your PC. When you install the PC suite software driver in your system, your computer automatically recognizes your phone. Suppose you want to connect your Oppo phone to your PC. Then you have to download the PC suite and install it in your system.

How can I update my Oppo phone through PC?

Scroll down to Convenient Services on the support webpage, then choose Software Updates. Check if an update is available for your phone, then choose the OPPO Phone model for which you want the software update.

Read the software update information, then click download. The file will appear in the lower-left corner of your browser, along with the time it will take to finish the download. When the download is finished, go to the file location and look for the software update file.

Select Transfer Files after connecting your OPPO phone to your PC. A pop-up will appear on your computer, then select Open device to access files.

Drag the Software update file to the phone storage folder after opening the two files on your PC. Next, go to File Manager, and Phone Manager on your phone, and then seek your device’s Software Package. To download, double-click the file and wait for it to finish.

How to download Oppo PC Suite for Windows?

Here, you can free download the latest and updated version of the Oppo Mobile PC suite for your Windows. Very easy to download, click the download link, which is available at the bottom of this page. When you click the download link, your download process is automatically star. Which takes a few minutes; it depends upon your internet speed.

Moreover, when your download is completed, you should install the driver in your system; otherwise, it cannot work. In case you face any problems with downloading or installing this software. Then you can inform me and I will try to resolve your problem.

You can mentation your problem in the comments section of this post. If you like this post, then please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Your download link is given below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is an Oppo PC Suite important?

Oppo Suite is reasonably practical and essential for those who have Oppo mobiles. You can transfer files between your device and your PC including media and documents. You may obtain this driver for your windows for free from here.

This utility is essential for moving data from a mobile device to a computer and to an Oppo Mobile device. The Oppo Mobile PC Suite software connects your smartphone to your computer or laptop.

How to transfer files from the Oppo phone to my PC?

Using the USB cord, connect your Oppo phone to your computer. On the mobile, select the Grant option to allow access to the device’s data. The desktop will recognize the device automatically. Alternatively, you may use the folder option to locate your device in the Devices and Drives section.

On the screen, you will see options like Phone Storage and SD Card. Please select the location where you saved the photographs by tapping it. Next, open the folder and choose the photos you want to transfer from your mobile to your computer. Create a folder on your computer to save the images immediately—Right-click on the photos you want to copy and pick Copy from the drop-down menu.

By right-clicking within the target folder and selecting Paste or pressing “Ctrl+P,” the transfer will be completed. A single USB cable and a simple copy-paste operation are required to transfer photographs from Oppo to PC.

How to Use Oppo Suite?

Attach the data connection to the socket and the USB port on your computer. On your PC, open a file manager. Navigate to the necessary folder on your computer or phone’s file system. Move or copy the needed file to the appropriate location by selecting it and moving or copying it.

Does OPPO have a PC Suite?

It is a pc utility program that works with all smartphones. If you do have a smartphone, it is a handy utility. It facilitates the transmission of files between smartphones and PCs. In addition, It allows users to manage their contacts, backups, and apps on their phones.

How can I transfer contacts from OPPO to PC?

When a Superuser Request appears when USB debugging is enabled, select “Allow” on your phone to allow the software super user authorization. All of the files on your OPPO phone will now be shown in the panel above. In addition, the Contacts tab may be found on the top menu. From the left sidebar, select All Contacts and All Messages. Then, view all of your OPPO’s SMS messages and contacts and choose which ones you wish to transfer to your PC. Select the text messages and contacts you wish to transfer and save them to your computer by clicking the Export button. A pop-up box will open, requesting that you select an output location for the saved text messages and contacts.


To conclude, Oppo PC Suite acts as a bridge between your Oppo device and your computer. It allows you to transfer data and files including photos, contacts, messages, and other media from your phone to your PC or vice-versa. Moreover, you can update your device’s firmware and also access mobile settings and apps. Additionally, you can control your phone from your PC.

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