OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) V29.1.3 For Download

OBS Studio
App Name OBS Studio
Latest Version v29.1.3
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher OBS
Requires Android Windows
Size 102MB
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Hi viewer, you have always been to the right place when you needed any software to download. Right now, you must be looking for an OBS studio download. You have prior information about OBS (open broadcaster studio) software, but we will give you a brief explanation of what OB (open broadcaster) is. And how can you download it?

OBS stands for (Open Broadcast Studio) Software. It is software that allows you to screen record and do live streaming on your Windows and macOS. Different collaborators have developed this software voluntarily for the public’s goodwill. The developers have provided you with the screencasting software free of cost. Therefore, it is free to download, and you can utilize all its features. 

Today is the world of social media and the internet; you may be required to do a live broadcast on your screens and share your thoughts on the screen with other people. OBS Studio is the demand of every third person worldwide. Live streaming has become part of daily life for many users. You can be one of them, and if you are, you should download OBS open broadcaster software right now and get off with your live streaming difficulties. 

It records live streams in real-time and does recording, encoding, and composition of scenes accurately. This gives you all the answers to your queries related to streaming apps. It uses different coding mechanisms for various streaming, but you don’t have to know about each coding system; have an overview of how things work in an open broadcaster studio and use it freely to its best.  

OBS Studio Overview

OBS studio is the best decision you will take today. It works amazingly for live streaming from Windows and macOS. It has been using a great interface as the programming of the application. Allows your computer to add more features and scripts to help customize your device according to your need and specifications.

If you use the OBS, it has additional features that accurately make your computer’s performance. For example, you can write your scripts into it only in Lua and Python interface because it is the existing source. 

OBS studio’s interface consists of five main categories. These categories are Audio mixer, Transitions, Controls, Scenes, and Sources. Scenes include different videos, lives, texts, and audio. The audio mixer allows you to cut, mix, combine, and adjust the volume of different audio.

The control interface allows you to stop and start the recording of live streaming; it shows you all the options to go further on the next step to exit if you want to. OSB studio also includes previewing live videos, monitoring them, and editing them. You can change the interface themes according to your personal choices, like dark or light. 

Features Of OBS (open broadcaster studio) Software

OBS (open broadcaster studio) is an amazing software and has become the need for most of you. It can give you the best results for live streaming and broadcasting. It has some features that will explain more about its productivity. These features are as follows,

  • It gives highly productive outcomes for your live streaming and broadcast.
  • You can select one of the transition modes from so many available modes and add your stringer videos to it.
  • It allows you to set some shortcut keys for every action you do so that in the future, you can use that short key, and it will perform that action.
  • You will be able to preview all your audio and video files and can edit or make changes to them as well.
  • It allows you to have a multi-view option to increase your productivity. For example, you can see 8 different scenes at a time.
  • It supports all streaming platforms, including your favorite ones like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

OBS Studio Download For Windows & Mac

OB (open broadcaster) is amazing software with many features, but it is not difficult to download on your computer. Our website will provide you with the safest link to download the software and use it. You don’t have to be an expert in technology to use this software, and you should know the basics of screen-capturing, live broadcasting, and recording.

The download button can be seen below, and you have to click on it and start downloading the software file. Before downloading, ensure your type of Windows as it only works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11. On macOS, it works with 10.13 and later versions. After ensuring the type of the windows, you can download any version of OBS Software accordingly.

How To Insta OB (open broadcaster) Software On Windows

After successfully downloading the file, open the file and permit Windows to start the installation by clicking YES. OBS installation screen will pop up click Next. Please select the checkbox for the license agreement and choose the location from your device where you want to install it. Now click install, and after some minutes finish command will pop up click on it, and your OSB studio will be downloaded. Now you may see an icon of OSB studio on your windows. If you have any connective issues, then try Blu Studio.

FAQs About OBS?

Is OBS studio id free to download?

Yes, it is free and open-source software for everyone. It has been developed by different technological people voluntarily in their free time as a good gesture for people.

Does OBS (open broadcaster studio) contain any virus, and is it safe to use?

OBS (open broadcaster studio) dost not contain any viruses; it has been updated and works with versions that are most updated without errors, bugs, and viruses. Another thing is that OBS is free and open software that anyone can see how it works and can edit coding if required.

How can I fix the bad streaming quality?

You can easily fix your problem by doing the settings correctly. For example, if you want to have good streaming quality, use Auto-configuration in OBS software settings. It will automatically set the streaming pixels high and improve the quality.


OB (open broadcast studio) Software allows you to do a live recording of your games, and whatever is presented on screen, can be yourself and broadcast by using internet services. For video streamers and broadcasters, try SparkoCam.

We have tried to give you all the needed information for the OBS studio download for Windows and macOS. Therefore, you can easily download it. If you face any problems while downloading it, you may ask us any questions; we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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