Nites TV APK Download (Latest Version) V9.8 Free For Android

Nites TV
App Name Nites TV
Latest Version v9.8
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Nites.TV
Requirements Android 4+
Category Entertainment
Size 0.1 MB
5/5 Rating (2)

Nites TV is a new and top-rated app that lets you watch live streams on your device. It lets you watch your favorite shows, movies, and events live, even if you’re not close to a network or cable TV. This App has extra cool things that other streaming apps don’t have, like a way to record your favorite shows and chat with other people who are watching too.

It is an app for Android phones where you can watch TV shows for free. Come and join us. To watch sports, entertainment, and live TV channels online. On this application, you can find unique videos, movies, TV shows, popular options, and recently released content.

Nites TV Review:

It lets you watch and play videos and shows on the Internet. There are over 300 TV channels available for streaming without any cost. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and have a complete entertainment experience. The app has a simple and organized interface without any advertisements. You can freely browse through the entire collection of items available on this service.

Here you can look at the titles recommended by Nites TV downloaded free for Android, and also search for titles using the different categories or the built-in search engine. You will have many options when you watch a movie or TV show. The first thing to do is to look at the reference data, a technical file with information about the story, actors, how long the movie is, and any comments or notes from other people.

And, of course, the process of creating more of it. You can watch the play using the app’s built-in player if you have the internet at that time (we suggest using wifi). If you are busy and cannot access the internet, you can download the file to view it later without needing a connection.

This way, you can use it even when you are offline and don’t want to rely on internet access if you enjoy watching and playing live TV, sports, and TV shows on the internet. It is an excellent choice for you. You can easily watch movies in addition to TV channels. The app has many videos and movies you can watch on your device wherever you are. It’s a great way to keep watching your favorite shows and movies, even when you’re not at home.

Features Of Nites TV:

The app has a lot of movies and TV shows to choose from, and it is simple to navigate and use. It works with both mobile and web browsers. In this review, we will talk about what makes this app a good choice for people who love movies. Take a look at the features.

Unlimited Streaming:

With more than 30,000 movies and TV episodes, you will always have things to watch. Besides movies, you can also see the newest episodes of famous TV shows. Also, you can watch all the episodes of TV shows that are still airing as well as ones that have already finished.

Huge Collection Of Movies:

With more than 30,000 movies and TV episodes, you will always have things to watch. Besides movies, you can also see the newest episodes of famous TV shows

Request for movies:

It is the most popular streaming app with every movie in it. It still asks you to suggest some great films to play in your application. You can see the library; if you don’t find any movie or show, you can quickly request them to add it.

HD Content:

The videos in the Nites TV APK are available in different qualities. Most people want HD quality to view clearly and have a watching experience.

Easy user interface:

The interface of the application is simple to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use these features and easily understand how to use the application.

Customized home page:

Many options are available for you to edit your home screen and make it look elegant and decent. You can set the background from your gallery and edit it amazingly.

Amazing search engine:

The app utilizes a fantastic search engine that shows you all the related searches. You can write one word and get everything related to it. You will find your results easily using this search engine.

What’s new In The Latest Version V9.8?

The latest version has the following new updates in it

  • All the latest movies and shows have been added to the app.
  • You can turn on the dark mode of the app.
  • It allows you to send notifications for any new thing that happens in the application.
  • It can show you subtitles of the content you want to watch.
  • It has removed all the bugs and errors in the previous version.
Can I watch Transparent Pixels on Nites TV 2023?

Yes, the famous and popular thing about this app is that it shows you the streaming in HD quality. You will no longer see any blurry. 

Do I need to download the subtitles separately using this app?

No, it version has awe-inspiring things in it. One of them is the subtitles in English. You can unlock many subtitles and use them as you want.


The app is simple to use and easy to play on it. You can quickly look through the movies and shows it offers by category or language. You can also use its search tool to find a particular show or movie fast. From Hollywood to Bollywood and all other movie industries. From big film cities in America to big film cities in India and all other places where movies are made. Every day, there are lots of new things happening, and you can also watch new movies. It will make things very easy and understandable. Just get the Nites TV APK file and put it on your phone.

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