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MTP USB Driver
App Name MTP USB Driver
Latest Version v12
Last Updated 6 October 2023
Publisher MTP
Requires Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 6.8MB
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MTP is a key part of Windows Media DRM 10-PD, a digital rights management service (DRM) for the Windows Media framework. This device became a typical method to exchange data and digital files between Android and PC. MTP is the abbreviation for Media Transfer Protocol. As the name indicates, the MTP device supports the data transfer and data exchange process between an Android device and a computer. MTP USB Driver allows media files to automatically transfer between PC and portable devices.

Specifically, the MTP driver permits the switch of audio documents on virtual audio players, media documents on transportable media players, and private digital assistants’ private facts. MTP USB device drivers are vital to download and set up on Windows OS. Because the MTP motive force lets you switch digital statistics and documents among any transportable tool and Windows gadgets. For instance, you may switch photos from Android gadgets like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi Redmi to a PC of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

MTP USB Driver For Windows:

MTP Driver for Android devices is a driver device that can solve any issues. If Windows OS does not detect android devices accurately, you need to update them. However, MTP drivers may get damaged or become corrupted from time to time, resulting in a loss of ability to connect with Android devices. 

MTP drivers offer a connection line between your computer and Android smartphone devices. These drivers manage to show all the folders on your computer that exists on your smartphone. You can click on the “MTP” options like “transfer files” or “transfer photos” if you want to access all the data on your smartphone on your personal computer. You can also use this driver to set the files and data on your smartphone using your computer.

Realtek MTP USB Driver: 

Realtek manufactured an MTP USB device driver for a secure exchange of data and files between android devices and computers. However, as of 2023, it is widely admitted by the Windows and Linux community that Realtek now offers no official driver support or sources for their chipsets, which further raised a compatibility issue, negatively affecting hundreds of different brands that rely on Realtek chipsets. For Windows, an unofficial warehouse was created by the community at Realtek.

MTP USB Device Driver For Android:

MTP device driver provides the required setup to standardize data transfer between applications and portable devices connected to a Windows PC. The device provides applications with a constant view of devices and their data, including standardized mechanisms to access and transfer files. For instance, an application can sync data between the portable device and the Windows PC. 

When you connect an MTP device driver to a Windows PC, if you get an error message like “MTP USB Device driver failed,”. This implies that you have to download and install an appropriate driver device for your computer. Inaccurately organized MTP device drivers can result in a failure of the media files transfer process.

It can also lead to many other serious PC issues such as the device not being recognized, inaccessible boot device blue screen, mouse or keyboard stopping working, etc. Therefore, you should install and download the MTP USB device drivers according to the Windows OS version. 

Features of MTP USB Driver:

MTP device driver offers the following features for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

  • An Android tool in MTP mode controls the input and output of the file system. Therefore, there’s no danger of information loss when there is unintentional or intentional disconnection from the USB of the computer.
  • As the MTP driver makes use of a recreated record framework, it’s far constantly viable with any host PC, however, if the running device of the host underpins the recording device or not.
  • MTP USB device also supports large file transfers (over 4GB) for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • MTP device driver links Windows Media Player and upkeep copyright security through digital rights management (DRM). 
  • It allows instantaneous access by the host Windows PC to the user’s Android device. The user can perform actions like calls, and checking SMS messages, although the phone carries out file transfer from Windows PC.

MTP USB Device Driver Download For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 

In 2008, after the standardization of MTP as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device elegance, manufacturers had progressively begun transferring closer to enforcing assistance for MTP in their devices. It is available for Windows 7, Windows 8Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Every time you connect your Android device to a computer, make certain that you have installed the latest MTP driver’s version on your PC. You can update windows 10 MTP device drivers manually or enable the MTP option after your device connects to a computer by swiping the notification panel.

Many Windows PC users encounter an error message of “MTP USB Device Failed” while transferring data between their Android devices and computers. The most appropriate solution to remove this error is downloading and then updating the driver for Windows OS.

What is an MTP Driver?

MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. MTP driver allows you to transfer of music files on audio players and data between your Windows PC and portable devices like Android phones and memory cards. MTP USB Device drivers are vital to be downloaded and set up on Windows OS because the
MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) permits you to switch media documents between any
portable device with a storage facility and Windows PC.

How do I manually download an MTP driver for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10?

To perform the download and installation process of the MTP USB driver by utilizing the built-in Windows Update service, you can perform the following steps:
Select the Settings app from the Start menu of the Windows PC.
Click on the “Update & Security” section after the Settings window opens up on the computer screen. 
Click on the Windows Update option from the left panel.
Lastly, hit the “Check for Updates” button on the main screen.
Windows will download and install the newest update of the MTP USB driver on your PC.
In the end, finish the installation procedure by restarting your PC or laptop.

How to install MTP USB driver Windows 7, 8, 8.1 10?

The least complex yet the best approach to install an MTP USB driver is by utilizing committed and programmed programming, like Bit Driver Updater. Likewise, it can refresh the system drivers continually throughout an extensive stretch of time to guarantee that the Windows system is liberated from driver-related issues. Here’s how you can install and update the drivers:
Install the “Bit Driver Updater” on your computer by clicking on the downloaded file.
Launch the program and click on the Scan button.
After the scan finishes, it will show you a list of bad, missing, or old driver programs.
Click on the “Update All” button to start the process of downloading and updating the detected faulty drivers.
 Lastly, reboot the whole system.

How to fix the MTP USB device driver problem in windows 7?

To fix the driver, one of the best ways is to uninstall and reinstall it later. But if it does not fix the
driver, then you can install a new one.
To install this, follow the steps given below:
Download the setup of the driver on your PC. It will be available on different internet
After that, run the setup files and follow the installation wizard shown on the screen.
When the installation is finished, click on the finish button.
Then connect your mobile phone to your PC again with the help of a USB cable.

Why is my MTP not working?

You may experience MTP USB driver failure, MTP not working, or other problems related to
this. This is mainly due to the reason that the driver is outdated, lost, or damaged. To resolve
this, you can update or install the latest MTP driver version for your Windows. Refer to the
above article to get the installation and download process.

How do I access my USB device from MTP?

Follow the steps shared below to access the MTP USB device on your Android device:
First, by using a cable, connect your device to your computer through a USB cable.
Then swipe down from the display screen to get the notification panel.
Make sure the USB connection is set to “media device.”
If not, tap on the notification and set the USB Mode to MTP. It is ready for file transfers.

How do I enable MTP in windows 10?

You don’t need to enable the MTP mode on your PC manually. You need to ensure that you
have the latest version of the MTP USB driver for Windows 10 installed?


To conclude, the MTP USB Device Driver connects your Android device through a USB in the form of a storage device in windows. Though whenever you connect your smartphone to a computer using an MTP Driver. Make sure that you have installed the official latest MTP USB driver.

After your device connects to a computer, you can enable the MTP option by swiping the notification panel. In conclusion, the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is a protocol for cutting-edge and future transportable media gadgets like transportable media players and mobile phones.

Moreover, apart from providing smooth and secure access to device data and content, MTP offers consistent device control mechanisms. This further permits applications to control numerous device actions and commands. For instance, PC applications for mobile phones may need to send/receive messages even though they are connected to the PC.

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