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Mediatek USB VCOM Driver
App Name Mediatek USB VCOM Driver
Latest Version v3.0.1504.0
Last Updated 11 October 2023
Publisher MediaTek Inc.
Requirements Android Windows
Category Webcam
Size 24.5MB
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ManyCam is the leading streaming live software and digital camera for delivering quality live footage to any streaming platform, video calls app, or online courses application. It has multiple features and different video effects. You will appear even better on camera with these hilarious webcam filters.

Furthermore, using facial recognition technologies, create bizarre masks or facial effects. Moreover, the article will narrate how to install my free cam and what essential features you can opt for its fantastic performance. Find out more about this application, which is accessible for iOS and Android devices.

Also, please make a new webcam background for yourself. My free cam offline installation for PC comes with an extensive library of effects, numbering in the thousands.

What Is ManyCam?

ManyCam is by far the most popular video converter and broadcasting program for Pc and Linux, and you can now broadcast directly through your phone or tablet. You may now post from several mobile devices and smartphones simultaneously, ensuring that your users never lose a moment of the event. The application has multiple Cam effects such as 3D Masks and 3D effects.

Moreover, 3D masks that wrap over your face, objects, digital props, effects, and filters may add some flare to your broadcast’s improved speed and performance. To use in video conversations, drag and drop pictures or animated GIFs and resize them in real-time. 3D masks that wrap over your face, objects, digital props, effects, and filters may add some flare to your broadcast’s improved speed and performance.

Also, you can also get smooth, crisp, and clear images with high-quality video up to 4k resolution. A speedier program with hardware acceleration is also available. Finally, enhance your movies and photographs with stunning webcam effects and graphics.


After installing the application, you will have access to a variety of functions. Some of the highlighted and most demanding features are as follows:

  • You can connect several cell phones and mobile devices to your ManyCam account and use them as cameras to stream from different perspectives.
  • Then, with one-click streaming to your preferred social media site, you can capture all of the action as it happens.
  • Stream to all supported sites and services using bespoke RTMP streaming services.
  • Use IP cameras from all around the world as mobile video sources by connecting them.
  • Enhance your video broadcasts in real-time with effects and filters, and there’s more to come. 

ManyCam Download For Windows, Mac, And Android

ManyCam download for Windows

Download ManyCam for desktop if you want to utilize our app with webcam software. Install it right now to transform your smartphone into a professional video-switching studio. Click on the provided link and get ready for this fantastic application.

How can I use ManyCam on my PC?

ManyCam for PC

After installing this application, users will request to verify a current account login or create new login details. This phase is optional, and users can proceed inside the program by clicking the X icon. Look for the icon bar beneath the login area in the top right corner of a home screen.

The animation gifs, effects, objects, props, and 3D masks will be available in the magic wand’s first symbol. Also, within the panel, folders may be present. Also, click the directory symbol with a yellow circle next to the phrase Effects and select a new folder.

When the community clicks Create, the blank file will be at the bottom of that list. Browse our website in a web browser and look for ‘Resources’ on the home page to add the most pleasing effects select Effects from the dropdown menu.

Find the documents in the download folder on your desktop. Then, drag and drop the components from the download area into the file in the program to instantly access the effects.

How do I fix ManyCam lag?

Make adjustments to the audio delay. Make adjustments to the video delay. For any Windows, configure the integrated webcam’s settings. The Hardware Acceleration parameters can be tweaked.
For the Mac OS, follow these steps: Enable Force Driver output resolution. The default video device should be changed. Change to an Ethernet cable.

Is it a virus?

If you want to look at whether the installed application has a virus or not, please follow the given steps. Now, let’s look at the location of this home file to see if it’s legitimate software or a virus. Also, the origin of this file, as well as its hazardous classification, can be found here.
Launch the Task Manager to see if the exe file is legitimate. Then, in the columns area, choose Verified Signer as one of the columns to be added. Examine the Verified Signer value for both the ManyCam.exe process immediately. If it reads Unable to verify, the file might be infected.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the application is face-to-use. It has a GDPR-compliant service, and we only keep account-critical data use data to help us develop it or assist you if you need assistance. In addition, AES-256 security ensures all user and transaction data.

How much does it cost?

The platform is both free and for sale. Many users are persuaded to buy it because of the features in the free version. However, the free version lacks certain functionality and adds a watermark from ManyCam LLC at the bottom of the video frame. While the free download still has many effects of playing with, the fact that the signature is visible to others at the bottom of the screen might be considered unprofessional.

What is ManyCam used for?

People that make live-streaming publications or publish pre-recorded videos will benefit from this video-streaming software. You may mix and match up to 24 different video sources. Picture-in-picture, screen-sharing computer displays, and Chroma key are among the additional capabilities offered by ManyCam compared to other platforms in the video call and chat industry.

How much should I pay for the ManyCam application?

Its price starts at $39.00 per year, dependent on use. A free version is available. Unfortunately, it does not provide a free trial.

Is there a free alternative for the Manycam?

CamTwist is the most acceptable free alternative. You may use YouCam or Webcamoid instead if you are searching for a free option. If it does not work for you, our members have rated more than ten options to it, one of which is free, so perhaps you will be able to discover something that works. The free alternative for the application is SplitCam, Snap camera, Kamoso, and CamMask.

Does ManyCam work on Mac?

If the application is not working with your Mac, try another browser. For example, due to macOS restrictions, the ManyCam Virtual Webcam is not functional with Safari. Alternatively, please use Firefox or Chrome.

Does ManyCam work on Android?

You may use the mobile app to capture live videos on the move and transmit these immediately to it. Moreover, the Android version of the ManyCam Mobile Source is available on our website, search and download ManyCam.


ManyCam is one of the most famous video converters and a broadcasting app for PC and Linux. You can use this application to convert your videos in a more easy and simple way. Also, you can use this app as a broadcaster and can use to broadcast various online streaming content. This app is safe to use and it provides its services free of cost.

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