Lifesum Premium (Mod Unlocked) APK Latest V14.0.0 Download

App Name Lifesum
Latest Version v14.0.0
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher Lifesum
Requirements Android 5+
Category Social
Size 75.6MB
5/5 Rating (2)

Health is the most important thing for any individual. keeping yourself healthy is becoming very difficult nowadays. The food we eat is mostly unhealthy and we have no proper guidance on what we should eat. But to erase all your health worries Lifesum Premium ( Mod Unlocked) APK has been launched and developed by Life sum. It provides you with free access to premium diet plans and features. Everything is free and unlocked in the Mod apk.

Moreover, you can download the Lifesum Mod (Premium Unlocked) APK file from our website and get all the important details about healthy food and diet procedures. Health-conscious people can use this app to maintain their selves with the proper guidance of experts. This application has everything related to your health and fitness. it can help you keep healthy.

Furthermore, this information ought to truly come in convenient when arranging the other steps in your diet plans. For those of you who are fascinated by the awesome mobile app of Life sum, you’ll be able to appreciate this free app. Feel free to work with numerous free highlights within the app, as you begin making your diet plans.

Lifesum Review

Here at Lifesum, Android clients will have a valuable diet app for eating and living healthy, much obliged to its intuitive features and astounding content. Feel free to utilize the app to form the idealized meal plans for your day. You can utilize numerous accessible formulas and the built-in nutrition calculator within the app.

Furthermore, this will permit Lifesum Premium (Mod Unlocked) APK to come up with the most excellent meals that both fulfill your tastes and keep you healthy. Appreciate utilizing the app to pick up the curious plans for keto, fasting, paleo, and sugar detox. Have your count calories tips continuously accessible so you’ll be able successfully to learn and progress.

similarly, use the calories counter and nourishment tracker to know precisely what and how much you have eaten all through the day. And the macro calculator keeps track of your whole nutrition status for the past days, weeks, or indeed months. You can also keep track of your health and see what has left to achieve.

Lifesum Premium (Mod Unlocked) Features

The application related to your health must have some amazing features that can improve your life. As the LifesumMod apk 2022 has a list of amazing features that will make you download the app instantly and use the app for better growth. The list of features is as follows

Easy to use

It is easy to use as it has a simple and very attractive interface that can help anyone understand the themes on the page. You don’t need to have prior knowledge about what should be done.

Diet plan of specific goals to achieve

It provides you with a diet plan according to your set goals which can be losing a specific amount of weight in a specific period else. It can make a diet plan according to your set goal.

Health cleansing

And whereas the healthy cleaning travel stories online are beautiful and tempting to take after, you won’t be able to realize the same comes about if done incorrectly and without individual considerations.

Track your daily food intake

You can easily track down your daily intake of food and let the app tells you what have you taken in terms of nutrition and calories. It is easy to do as you just need to write down the names of the item that you have eaten.

Calories counter

The apk can easily count the calories of your food and gives you an estimate of what you should eat more and what you eat less.

Macro calculator

In expansion, much appreciated to the macro calculator, Lifesum Premium (Mod Unlocked) APK allows Android users to keep tabs on their day-by-day records with numerous macro information, counting nutrition & calories, your current plan, meals are eaten, and more. Utilize this vital information to survey your advance and make new plans for the journeys ahead.

What’s new in the Lifesum Premium V14.0.0 APK?

The general features are still there in the latest version but it has something added to it. Many new and advanced ways have been introduced in the app to give you better information. These new features are as follows

  • Food planner for a healthy diet, you can go and make a food plan for your daily intake. It is not a diet plan but a healthy food routine.
  • Track your current health in the app by giving the correct information about your daily food intake.
  • Routine diaries can be noted down as you can note your journey of days and months and keep track of what you have achieved and what you want to do more.
  • Free and unlocked features are also there in the Lifesum Premium (Mod Unlocked) APK. You can utilize them without paying any cost for them.

FAQs LifesumPremium

Is the Lifesum Premium Apk safe to use?

Yes, the app is safe and secure to use. You can download the apk file from our website which is 100% safe from all errors and bugs. It can never harm your device.

Does the Lifesum Premium (Mod unlocked) APK provide a daily diet plan?

Yes, it provides you with a daily diet plan to follow according to your daily progress health. If the diet plan is going well along with the set goal, then the diet plan will remain, or else it will be changed.

Can I track my health daily by using LifesumMod 2022?

Yes, the latest version also allows you to track your health by giving daily information about what you have taken in food and calculating the daily intake of calories

Is the LifesumPremium APK free to download and use?

Yes, the Mod apk is free to download and it also provides you free access to all the features of the app. You don’t need to give money to get any diet plan or use any feature. Everything is free.


“Health is the foremost imperative thing”. Usually, a site that creates us think and change. Lifesum Premium (MOD Unlocked) APK will help you progress your well-being effortlessly after downloading it on your Android device. Moreover, it can be very useful for maintaining your daily health and being safe from all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Download it now and keep your health fit. Hope you like the app YAZIO.

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