iPhone 12 PRO USB Driver Download For Windows 10/8/7

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Hello, goodie! We are back with the latest and updated article in which we will discuss the most demanding USB driver for iPhone 12 pro so that you can easily install and connect your devices and share whatever you want in a very simple and specified method. In this article, you will find a download link depending on your iPhone model number so that you can download the iPhone 12 pro USB driver that best suits you.

This article will lead you towards all the latest versions available for iPhone 12. Some of the features are also written so that you can find out why we say this driver is a must need if you have iPhone 12 and an Android laptop or PC. 

iPhone 12 PRO USB Driver

iPhone series does not provide any inbuilt feature to connect your device to your computer or laptop directly. But you need not worry, as we always have a solution to your existing problems. You can download Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max USB Driver and install it by following the installation guide provided in the article and enjoy your easy connection among your devices.

Features Of Apple iPhone 12 Pro USB Driver

Apple iPhone 12 Pro USB Driver for Windows provides you various features, which are highlighted below:

  • The safer and secure connection between your computer, laptop, and iPhone device.
  • Fast transfer time.
  • Provides you various driver types so that you can download what best suits your device.
  • It will fix all the issues regarding recognition and updating of windows 
  • It will help you to locate your iPhone easily on your computer.

iPhone 12 Pro USB Driver Download

You can download iPhone 12 USB driver according to your supported OS. If your system support 32bit operations, then iPhone 12 USB Driver download 32 bits is suitable for you; otherwise, iPhone 12 USB Driver 64 bits will work perfectly for your system.

This driver is suitable for all versions of windows that are currently working in the technical market. Various Windows versions consist of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 8 or 8.1, and Windows 10 also. 

How To Install Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max USB Driver

iPhone 12 Pro USB Driver Download and then follow this guide for an easy and understandable installation process:

  • After the file has been download, extract the downloaded file in the default location for your convenience.
  • Then, click on the control panel’s device manager, click on the action, and find the option “Add legacy hardware.”
  • Click the next option.
  • After clicking the next option, the installation window will appear on the screen.
  • Click on “install hardware manually.”
  • It will show you all your devices and click next for the next 2 or 3 dialogue boxes that will appear on your screen.
  • By following these steps, you will easily install your driver on your device.


What type of drivers will be useful for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max?

There are four different types of driver that are highly recommended for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. the list of drivers with there specifications are given below:
1Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max USB driver, the type of this driver is ADB driver which comes in 8.3MB size downloadable file.
2_ Apple iPhone 12 Pro MX CDC Driver is a CD driver that will help you scan all your out-dated files and drivers and suggest you some updated driver that is a must need for your device.
3_ Apple iPhone 12 Pro MX Qualcomm Driver supports all the flash firmware devices.
4Apple iPhone 12 Pro MX VCOM Driver, the driver’s developer, is MediaTek and falls under the VCOM driver-category with a 401.63 KB downloadable file size.

My computer does not recognize my iPhone; what should I do?

If your computer or laptop is not connecting your iPhone through a USB cable, you can go through some steps you make sure you are doing things right:
> If your computer or laptop shows the “unknown error” or “0xE error“, then these steps are surely for you.
> First, keep in mind to check your device that it must be unlocked.
> Then, check your windows have the latest version or if your system has iTunes, check the iTunes are running to the latest version available.
> Connect your iPhone with your laptop or PC; it will show you the option “trust this computer alert” click on the trust option.
> Restart your PC and your iPhone device.
Note: during the entire process, check all your USB ports to ensure you have no technical issues. And if you face the same problem, then connect your iPhone with another computer. It might sometimes happen that your computer is a technical fault.

I am unable to install the iPhone 12 PRO USB Driver?

If you face any installation issues, you will find this answer will provide you a good pathway. All you need is some patience and a guide that we will provide you. Therefore, go to your windows and open the command prompt.
Type the command “devmgmt.msc“. This command will help you in finding the device manager’s location. Open the USB controller option, and there you will find an apple mobile USB driver. Now, you can install it.

How can I transfer my data from iPhone 12 to Windows 10?

When it comes to the deal with windows 10, most people find it challenging to deal with their desired operations on windows 10. However, it does not involve any complex steps, but it seems to. You can follow the guide:
< Download the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max USB Driver from the download section.
< Install by following the instructions given in the installation section.
< Connect your devices from whom you want to transfer your files
< The iPhone 12 USB Driver will immediately detect your videos, picture, or documents from your iPhone.
< There you will find many options. If you want to backup your data, you can by clicking on the backup data option. Otherwise, you can transfer your images from the photo transfer option. You can also transfer your mp3 or mp4 files from the given music manager option.

About Developer, Versions & Download Links

Developer Apple
Category USB Driver
Supported OS Windows With Both 32 & 64 Bits
License Free
Uploaded By WindowsDrivers
Published DataJanuary 18, 2021
Size191 MB
Latest Version12.8

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