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Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver Free Download For Windows

Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver
App Name Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver
Latest Version v15.40.4
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Intel
Requires Android Windows
Size 206MB
5/5 Rating (1)

The graphics driver is a program that controls how your graphic components work. It allows maximum performance built-in graphics of selected Intel core processors. Moreover, Download the Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver latest version V15.40.48.5171 free from here, for your Windows. If you are facing a display issue, no need to worry, just download and install the latest and updated version of a graphics driver that will resolve all the issues you are facing in your core i5 PC.

In two situations we may be facing a Core i5 graphics driver issue first your existing driver is not up to date or your required driver is missing or corrupted. Accordingly, In both situations, you have to download or install the latest and updated version of the required driver in your system it will fix all the issues within seconds. At once try it and see the result.

Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver Review

Here you can free download Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver for your windows. Nothing to do just click the download link available at the bottom of the page. Once your downloading process is completed you have to go through with the installation process on your system. Install the most relevant driver for your PC. If you have an i5 laptop then install the mentioned driver on the system otherwise, your system may face display issues.

Moreover, Intel core i5 graphics driver is not so difficult to install, go to the folder where the .exe file is downloaded. Then double-click on the file, and click on the Run. When you click the run button your installation process will initiate. It may take a few minutes to complete. Hope you are getting through the whole process. If you are facing any issues while downloading and installation of the driver, please share them with our team we will try to solve your issue. Finally, Thanks for visiting my site, If you think this article is useful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.


  • It allows the computer to turn digital code into graphics, pictures, and videos.
  • It communicates with the hardware installed in the PC, and related system display (graphics card).
  • It provides you best video streaming quality.

Supported Windows operating system

  • On 7th generations Intel core processor and related Intel Pentium processors/Intel Celeron® processor Windows operating system 10 with 64-bit only
  • On 6th generation, Intel® Core processors and Intel ® Xeon® mobile processor and related Intel Pentium processor/Intel Celeron processor windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, and windows 10 with 64-bits.
  • Due to this and a limitation of the database, download center search capabilities cannot report accurately see release notes and readme files for more information.

Release notes

Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver fixes some game and application issue that was seen across the platform

  1. The driver in self-installing format (ex) is intended for end-user
  2. This driver in Zip format is intended for developers and IT professionals

Issues without Graphics driver

  • low resolution.
  • low-quality video display while playing games.
  • The screen may not properly visible.
Why should graphics drivers be up to date?

Updated graphic drivers may provide you greater user experience and better display quality. These updates can even protect you from malware that targets your computer’s graphics card.

What is the graphic driver?

A graphic driver is a set of instructions that instruct the graphic devices connected to the system, how to work.  Graphics drivers supply operating instructions to a physical component called a graphics card. The graphics driver tells your graphics card how to do its job.

Do I update Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver?

If you are experiencing graphics-related issues in your system or your graphic driver is outdated. you must have to update the driver while following the update process.


In short, a graphics card is useless without the installation of drivers. Intel Core i5 HD Graphics Driver will help the connected graphic card to function properly. Download, install, or update (if needed) the graphic driver to improve the display quality of your system.

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