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Last Updated 10 October 2023
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iLovePDF is a PDF Editor and scanner app for Android & PC Windows users. You can do many things through I Love PDF, such as you can convert PDF to Word, Word to PDF, jpg to pdf, PDF to JPG, pdf to Excel, excel to pdf, split, merge, Compress PDF, Image to PDF and much more. In this modern world, technology is evolving very fast. Therefore, we need inventions that will reduce our work and reduce our job efforts in this world.

The computer is the strongest invention of all time. It allows man to do jobs once thought to be impossible for a human being to practice. It helps us in every sector of life no matter where we stand. If you are a student, it helps you. If you are a teacher, it helps, or if you are a businessman, it helps.

All in all, it is needed everywhere. Likewise, you need potent tools to enjoy your work for your computer. In this varied article, I will shed light on a very useful tool, loved. This is a beautiful tool for your computer. It makes handling portable document format (PDF) very easy.

I love PDF Review

With the help of iLovePDF, you can make changes to documents. You can convert your data format. With this, you can convert any image to PDF. You can change a Word document to PDF and vice versa. With it, you can add signatures to your documents.

You can compress your documents and repair your damaged PDFs with this. It usually happens when you want to send a document, but because it is large, you cannot send it; with this tool, you can compress your files without data loss and easily send it. So this tool gives you an upper hand when you work with PDF.

I love PDF Features

Following are the best and most essential features of the I Love PDF tool, which is given below.

Document viewer

The most general use of the specified software is that it is a document viewer. It can open any format of the document. It can be used as a document viewer on your computer. You can excess Word files, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more.

Change Word to PDF I Love PDF

With iLovePDF, you can convert word files to PDF and use them according to your need. To convert words, you have to launch the tool. Then, select the option on the side that says “Word to PDF” and drag the Word file to the mentioned location, or you can open it from files.

When you are done with it, it will take some to convert the document depending upon the speed of your PC. When the conversion is finished, you have your PDF. For this software to function, you must have an internet connection; otherwise, you would not be able to change the type of your data.

I Love PDF to Word

iLovePDF can convert PDF to Word. It is an easy task to do. It is the same as the previous method of Word to PDF with the difference of input and output. In this, you change PDF to Word.

Sometimes it gets difficult to work with PDF because it processes certain documents in the form of images and many people want to text, so that time, you need PDF to be converted to a word, or there can be any other reason based on the needs of the user. So there comes this tool assisting you and doing your work less time-consuming and efficiently.

I Love PDF to Excel

Excel is of great use for every individual who is related to computers, but for people dealing with businesses, it is a necessity. In Excel, we give grid representation to data. In it, we form charts and tables.

We use formulas to calculate results faster. Most of the things we do in Excel cannot be on PDF. So we have to change the format of our data. It is the best tool to do so. We can smoothly change PDF to Excel free of cost.

Excel to PDF loved

We can transform Excel to PDF with this tool. Whenever we need Excel in the form of PDF, it is the best tool to rely on. Moreover, it makes it easy to do so.

Image to PDF

With the help of this PDF Editor, we can make PDFs out of images. We can edit the images and customize them according to our needs. We can process every format of images. This tool is functional for PNG, JPG, and GIF. You can proceed with your work of any type. So basically, you do not need to worry about the format of the image; you just need to concentrate on the work.

Combine and organize PDF

With the help of this software, we can merge more than one PDF into a single one. Moreover, with this, we can organize our PDF. We can add or delete PDF pages at our convenience. When you have numerous documents, but you want them to be in a single file, you should use this tool. It will make your task easy and save you precious time.

Split PDF

It is a tool that can split your PDF. When you select the document to split. There are two possible ways whether you can choose a specific range or you can select pages of your choice to extract.

Compress PDF

Sometimes when you want to send large files, the software you use does not allow it because of the size of your file. It can be a real problem, but when you have this tool, you can easily compress the file without damaging it. When you have compressed it, you can send it using the same software that did not allow it.

Add page numbers to PDF

With it, you can add numbers to PDF pages according to your will. For example, sometimes you want to assemble your work to do that job easily.

Secure PDF

Sometimes we have certain files on our PCs which are very sensitive. We do not want anyone to access them. This tool can protect your documents. With this tool, you can set a password for your PDF, so whenever you will open the file, it will ask for the password, and without the password, it will not show what is in the file.

The procedure to set up a password is very simple. First, open the program and select the option “Protect PDF”, and select the required file from the storage. When it is done, you can set a password and confirm it. Now your document is secured.

Repair PDF

Sometimes, our useful data gets damaged or corrupted; therefore, we cannot access it, which brings difficulties. It happens because of many reasons one can be removing the disk while transferring data. By using this, we can repair damaged PDF files and recover data. 


It can be used to add watermarks. For example, you can print a text or image on your document as a watermark with this tool.

How to Download and Install iLovePDF For Android & Windows

The downloading procedure is straightforward. First, launch any browser of your choice. You can use Chrome, Mozilla or UC browser, etcetera. Then, go to the web and search iLovePDF. Then, a site will open, and choose the official site to proceed with the download. When you open the site, an option will be visible on your computer screen “Free Download for PC” Select the option, and the installer download will begin. Once it is complete, you are done with its download. 

The installation process is the same as any other program on your computer. Firstly, you have to locate the setup or installer file which you downloaded earlier. Then open the file, and it will need permission. When permission is granted, the installation will start. It will take a while to install the program. When the installation is complete, you can finish the task. Moreover, you can create a shortcut on your desktop before you finish the task.

How to update I Love PDF APP?

With time it is necessary to update any software. This makes the software better and more secure. The latest version will provide you with more features when you update your tool. It will become smarter when it comes to using. If there were some drawbacks to the previous version, the new version will minimize them. To update the tool, go to the web again and download the latest version of the tool.

What is iLovePDF?

It is a fantastic document tool for your PC. With it, you can deal with your documents efficiently. You can edit your documents, and you can change the format of your PDF’s.

Is I Love PDF is free?

It is a handy tool, and more importantly, it is free to download and use, but the premium version cost you some money because it has some features that are not available on the free version.

How to convert PDF to Word with I Love PDF?

To convert, open the app and select the option that says “PDF to Word”, then upload your desired file and select the “convert” option, and you will have it in Word format.

Can we convert Word to PDF using iLovePDF?

Yes, it is the perfect app to convert Word into PDF. It will save your time and will make the job very easy.

Can I Love PDF convert images to Word?

Sometimes we want to convert images to text. So we find it very hard to do. iLovePDF is the perfect tool to do so.

What format of images can be used in the I Love PDF?

It uses all kinds of images. Like PNG, JPEG and GIF, etcetera.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe for the software, but we will recommend the paid version more than the free version.

How often can we use I Love PDF?

This tool has unlimited usage. You can use it whenever you want to use it.

Can we protect our PDF’s with it?

Yes, we can set a password for PDF’s by using iLovePDF and protect our sensitive data.


It usually happens that we want a single program to do many tasks. iLovePDF is the best match when you have work related to PDFs. This article is focused on the I Love PDF. This tool is all in one when it comes to PDFs. With this, you can convert Word to PDF and vice versa. Furthermore, you can repair it when you have a damaged PDF with this tool.

Moreover, you can protect your important files with it. You can add signatures to your documents. You can merge and split PDFs according to your need. More importantly, all this is free and unlimited. At last, you should use this app if you need something powerful for your computer.

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