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HTC Fastboot USB Driver Download For Windows 10, 8, 7

HTC Fastboot USB Driver
App Name HTC Fastboot USB Driver
Latest Version v4.17.0.
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher HTC
Requires Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 17.4MB
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Do you face any connectivity issues or have a hard time connecting your HTC devices to other devices? Then you will find this article very helpful. We welcome you to our daily article, which relates to windows drivers and android drivers. This article will see you in good health. Let us move toward our article! This article will discuss the HTC Fastboot USB Driver along with its features and a set of its specifications.

We have found out that most people are unaware of the installation process. Therefore, this article will give a complete set of instructions to see how you can download and install the HTC Fastboot driver more easily and quickly.

HTC Fastboot USB Driver

It will help you out in many ways. Using the driver to connect HTC devices with your other set of Android devices through a USB cable. If you want to connect your HTC device, simply download the Fastboot USB Driver or HTC USB Driver file given in this article and follow the instructions on installing the driver.

Through the HTC Fastboot USB Driver, you can easily connect your multiple devices without installing various drivers. It automatically includes all the HTC sync operations.

Features Of HTC Fastboot Driver

  • It will connect your HTC devices.
  • It will perform multiple operations.
  • By downloading or updating to the latest version, you will feel the difference in your graphic, resolutions, connectivity, and speed of your system.
  • It supports all versions of Windows.
  • It supports all the versions of HTC smartphones and tablets like the HTC Desire series, U12+, and much more.

Download HTC USB Driver For Windows?

To download the HTC Fastboot USB driver, go to the end of the article. There you will see different download links. Finding the link that best suits your entire system. it is highly supported by all the latest versions of HTC devices as well as old devices.

This is a completely designed package for your HTC devices so that you can operate multiple operations by using only one driver file. The operating systems for downloading HTC USB drivers are 32 bits and 64 bits with multiple Windows versions like Windows Vista, and XP. It also includes Windows 8, 7, 8.1, and Windows 10.

Install HTC Fastboot USB Driver Direct 

There are two different ways to install the driver. One is the direct method, and the other is a manual installation method. For the direct installation process, first, download the driver file according to your supported OS.

Then, extract your file in the desired location and open the setup.exe file. It will automatically install your driver to your PC. The fastest and more reliable way of installing any software.

FAQs About HTC Driver

How can I install HTC Fastboot USB Driver Manually?

You can also install it by adopting the direct method. However, if you want to install your file manually following instructions will help you out:
1_ Download from the given link, extract the file, and follow the stepwise given instructions.
2_ Open your control panel, then the device manager. Or open a command prompt and run the given command: “devmgmt. msc”.
3_ Run the command, then connect. You will see an ADB, Fastboot unknown device dialogue box appears on your screen. Right-click and select the option “update driver”.
4_ Select the next option, which says browse my system for the driver.
5_ This option will let your drive start the installation process.
6_ Reboot your device if it said so; otherwise, this is entirely optional.
7_ Wait for a few seconds until the installation process is completed.
8_ Select the Finish button. You have installed your driver.

Why do I need an HTC Fastboot driver for my phone or tablet?

Well, if you have any knowledge regarding software and driver. You would know the purpose of a Fastboot driver. If you don’t, let us explain to you. Fastboot is manufactured to boot up your devices. Whether it is your phone, laptop, or computer, it is considered the best engineering and diagnostic protocol to boot up your devices. It converts your device mode to boot mode. You can also modify all the images like a flash-kernel.

How can I install the HTC Fastboot USB driver with Android SDK tools?

For this. Follow the step given:
1- Download SDK tools for Android first and then download the HTC Fastboot driver.
2- Keep in mind, if you want to download SDK tools, then you must have Java in your system.
3- After downloading the SDK tools, run and install the .exe file.
4- Once it is installed, run the program. It will show its new and advanced features and option on your screen.
5- See SDK tools given on the platform and find the option “google driver” at the end of the screen.
6- Accept all the showing terms & conditions; if you don’t accept the condition, your problem will not fully work, and it will show errors and bugs.
7- After you have accepted all the terms & conditions, the installation will begin.
8- Once you see the installation process has been completed, you will notice that your HTC fast boot driver is also installed on your system.

Summing up

All the details are available in this article related to the HTC Fastboot USB driver for Windows. We have given you the entire installation process for different window sets. Follow the instruction if you want to download and install the HTC USB driver direct or manually.

This article also explained some of this driver’s features, as the sole purpose of the HTC driver is to provide you with the simplest way of connecting your HTC devices with your laptops or computer.

After installing the driver, you will notice a variety of changes in your system as it will boost your system performance and allow you to enjoy its updated and advanced features.

Still, if you have any questions or find it difficult to locate any section, you can contact us

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