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HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver Download Free For Windows

HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver
App Name HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver
Latest Version v51.8.5837
Last Updated 15 October 2023
Publisher HP
Requires Android Windows
Category Printer Drivers
Size 99.0 MB
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Hello viewer, you must be looking for HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver for your Windows. You can easily find the driver download details here and use your amazing scanner with multiple qualities. You must know that if you are connecting any external device, you need to download the driver of that particular device that will connect your operating system with the external hardware.

HP is a well-known brand that manufactures different printers, scanners, Computers, and Laptops. Drivers play the role of bridge between hardware and operating system. This printer driver is easy to work with it does not contain much technical knowledge. From this article, you can get the driver for your scanner and make your scanner workable. Furthermore, the driver download is free and does not contain any cost.

HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver Review

HP has developed an outstanding and excellent scanner that needs a Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 driver to operate and work. It is a small and handy scanner for offices and homes. This perfect scanner can scan many crystals and clear and intricate black-and-white documents. It scans documents at a rate of 600 dpi; it is small in size but works efficiently as a large scanner.

It scans pages at a fast pace which may be seen as 24 pages per minute. This allows you to get access to all the functions instantly. It works with a 2.0 USB connector. The market is coming up with all new technological features in new models of printers and scanners. One of the examples of the best device is HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver is here in front of us.

It is a device capable of working with documents parallelly while scanning both sides of the page. Therefore, it can easily manage large projects which contain 5o pages ADF. Moreover, Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 driver makes it work like a routine task with a single touch to scan one document; it gives a special arrangement for recurring office work scanning differently.

It follows easy steps to transfer scan documents into text, and you can edit them, save them as a PDF file or any other file type, and apply in-built OCR. HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver allows you to do your work in less space with the same reliable results as big scanners.

You only need a reliable driver download for it, and you have the most excellent scanner workable with you. It can scan more pages in less time with accurate and good outcomes in black and white colors. You can scan any intricate image from Scanjet Pro 2000 s2, and the output will be seen in HD, which means very much evident, and it will look attractive to the eyes of humans.

Features Of HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver

You can see a list of features that enable HP Scanjet 200 to work effectively for you. The following features are as follows;

  • It has the best results because of scan resolution, 600 dpi in black and white color.
  • It has pre-set arrangement for every scan.
  • It can scan documents at the rate of 2000 pages per day. Its cycle for the day runs on 2000 pages.
  • It contains a 24-bit depth externally and 48- bit depth internally.
  • It has a level of grayscale of up to 256.
  • It allows workflows with a one-touch scanning process.
  • It allows you to transfer scan documents into other applications directly.

How To Download And Install HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver?


You can download the driver very easily as it does not include high techniques. As soon as you receive your device, you can download the driver and start working with it. You need to have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 with a 2.0 USB connector for downloading. It can be downloaded on both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. From the button below, you can download the extension file of the driver, click on the button, and it will start downloading.


The installation process starts after the downloading is complete. When you do complete downloading the HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver zip file, check if the computer received the correct file by clicking on it. When you double-click on the file, it will open a dialogue box that will take your permission to install the driver on your device. Click the button INSTALL in that dialogue box and let it go till the end. Now you can connect your hardware with the device and check if the driver is working correctly or not. Give any command to your scanner and try it.

FAQs About HP Scanjet 2000 scanner

How can I use my HP Scanjet 2000 scanner?

You don’t have to do much. First, connect your external hardware to the operating system and download the driver from here; it will automatically detect the hardware and make your scanner workable after the installation process. Then scan what you want.

How do I fix this unavailable HP Scanjet Pro 2000, s2 Driver?

Fixing is not complicated, but people mostly tend to forget this part. If you face any problem with the driver or device being unavailable, it isn’t delightful. First, you should make sure that you have downloaded the correct file.

How do I reset my HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2?

Suppose you are having trouble with your scanner and an updated driver installed in it. First, press the power button on your scanner to turn it off. Then, please wait for 1 minute and restart your device; after it restarted, turn on the scanner and try using it.

How do I scan with Scanjet 2000 s2?

Scanning is not tricky; just put the document in a scanner, and the left work will be done automatically by the windows and scanner. You need to click what comes in front of you.

Ending Words

It is a device capable of working with documents parallelly while scanning both sides of the page. Therefore, it can easily manage large projects which contain 5o pages ADF. This driver is needed the most to use a multi-functional scanner. We have tried to give you all the required information for Epson technology and its drivers. Therefore, you can easily download the HP Scanjet Pro 2000 s2 Driver zip file for free. If you face any problems while downloading it, you may ask us any questions; we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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