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HP Scanjet 200 Driver (Latest Version) V14.5 Free Download

HP Scanjet 200 Driver
App Name HP Scanjet 200 Driver
Latest Version v14.5
Last Updated 8 October 2023
Publisher HP
Requires Android 4+
Size 110 MB
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HP Scanjet 200 driver is software that controls every hardware installed on your computer. Moreover, it is responsible for the hardware’s smooth connection with the Operating system, Applications, and connection to other devices. Also, below, we mention all the information about it, like how it works and why we need to download Scanjet 200 driver for the HP 200 scanner. 

HP Scanjet 200 Driver

In simple words, each tool is unique and is used differently. The manual guide contains all information and guidance on how to use the tool. Also, the human brain must learn to operate it correctly. Human brains can learn all guidelines easily. 

Furthermore, in the case of computers, they don’t learn manuals just like the human brain does. So, you need to install drivers to operate the newly installed software on the computer. In addition, let’s explore how you can install and download HP Scanjet 200 to operate HP 200 scanner. 

HP Scanjet 200 Driver

Features of Scanjet 200 Driver

No doubt, HP Scanjet 200 driver is one of the most efficient and latest software for the HP Scanjet 200 scanner. Moreover, Some amazing features of the Scanjet 200 are the following:

  • It has a perfect scanning location of about 261 x 297 mm, which is small and space-saving. 
  • HP Scan software has an optical resolution of 2400 x 4800 that allows you to browse and set up scanners immediately. 
  • It creates high-resolution scans of documents and images. Also, it has a high interpolated resolution of 19200 dpi.
  • It might take more space due to its flatbed design. Also, it is worth having because of its quality scanning.
  • Unlike many other scanners, it is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Home Window System. 
  • Also, it effectively scans web pages within a book, images as well as documents, and files. 

How Does Scanjet 200 Driver Work?

HP 200 Scanjet driver is a reliable and high-quality scanner with a smooth design. Its unique design allows you crisp quality checks quickly. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for your home or office workplace. Also, it is efficient for scanning documents, images, and web pages as it comes with a pixel resolution of about 2400×2800 and a 48-bit color for clear picture scanning. 

The Hp Scanjet 200 scanner delivers high-quality and effective performance. It consumes 2.5W of electricity to scan documents, images, and publications. Therefore, it doesn’t require extra power from any other source for the efficient scanning of documents and images. 

You can decrease electricity consumption by connecting the scanner to a laptop or desktop PC through the USB port. It obtains power from connected devices just the way you charge your mobile phone by connecting it to the computer or PC. Moreover, it is a great choice for the workplace or home to complete its feel and look. 

How to Download and Install HP Scanjet 200 Driver?

It should be installed in your device to operate HP 200 scanner. The installation of the HP Scanjet 200 driver free for Windows 10 is very simple, just like other applications. Furthermore, just follow the installation instructions and guidelines that appear on your screen when the driver is installed. 

Each time you install a scanning diver on your device, the instructions on the screen are different. The reason is it is adjusted according to the function of the device. Also, it is very important to carefully read all guidelines and instructions. 

Just follow the following steps for HP Scanjet 200 driver download on your device. 

Step 1 – Download Your Driver

The first step is downloading of HP 200 Scanjet driver. Open your browser and search for the hp scanner 200 driver in the search bar. Also, find the right version that best matches your PC and Operating system. 

Click on the download button and wait until the downloading process completes. Once you successfully download the HP driver, move on to step # 2. 

Step 2 – Install Your Driver

After the completion of downloading, the next step is the installation of the driver. 

  1. In Windows, open the “Device Manager.” It allows you to see and locate all the recognized devices connected to your device and the drivers connected to them. 
  2. Find the device and model that is having trouble and double-click on it to open the properties dialogue box. 
  3. Click on the “Driver Tab.” 
  4. Select “Update Driver” and carefully read and follow all the instructions. 
  5. After updating, “Reboot” your computer to enjoy its updated version. 

After successfully downloading and installing HP Scanjet 200 software on your computer. Also, you can enjoy its unlimited unique features. 

FAQs About HP Scanjet 200

How I can use HP Scanjet 200?

Step 1: Install the HP Scanjet 200 driver on your computer and set the preference. Select the preferences according to your device model and version.
Step 2: Scan the original document or image y simply placing it on the scanning area.

How can I connect my HP Scanjet to Windows, Mac, or Linux?

You can connect your HP scanner with other software like Mac, Windows, or Linux with the help of a USB port. Follow the below steps:
First of all, turn on your scanner.
Also, remove the cable through which your scanner is connected to the computer.
Also, visit “HP Customer Support” and download the right software and driver.

How can I fix my HP Scanjet scanner if it is not working?

You can try to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable if your scanner is not working.
Furthermore, reconnects the USB cable to your computer and scanner.
Turn on the scanner and try to scan a document or image.

How to install an HP Scanjet driver into my PC by using a CD?

Step 1:
Insert the HP Scanjet software and driver installation CD into your CD-ROM drive.
Step 2:
Carefully read and follow all installation instructions.
Step 3:
After completion of the installation process, restart your PC.

Can I share HP Scanjet 200 software on the network?

YES, you can share HP Scanjet 200 software on the network. Just follow these simple steps to share Scanjet 200 software on the network.
Step 1:
Click on “Start Menu” and open the control panel.
Step 2:
Go to the system “Network and Sharing Setting” and select “View Network Computers and Devices.”
Step 3:
Right-click on the scanner icon and click the “Install” button.
Step 4:
After installation, it will be accessible to other devices and networks.

Final Verdict

HP Scanjet 200 scanner is a reliable and efficient way to scan quality images and documents. Unlike other scanners, you don’t require any automated document feeder to transform the document or image. Moreover, it quickly scans both sides of the paper without leaving any small detail unchecked. 

It is the best match for your office or home needs as it is very economical and reliable. You need to install a Scanjet driver to operate an HP scanner. Also, the driver helps the computer and operating system to run the newly installed software efficiently. 

You can easily follow our brief step-by-step guide for HP Scanjet 200 driver free download and installation into your computer. Also, just read and follow all the steps mentioned above carefully to install the driver on your device. Also, if you need more HP PC drivers such as HP printers and HP WiFi drivers, visit our website WindowsDrivers.

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