GT WhatsApp APK 2023 (Latest Version) V17.52 Download

GT WhatsApp
App Name GT WhatsApp
Latest Version v17.52
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher GT
Requires Android 4.0+
Category Communication
Size 72.3 MB
MOD Feature Recover Messages
5/5 Rating (1)

Many people use WhatsApp to send and receive videos, pictures, sounds, and other things. If you want more choices on WhatsApp, you can get the new GT WhatsApp APK on your phone by downloading and installing it. Programmers change the regular WhatsApp app to have extra enjoyable options like hiding when messages are read, altering how it looks, displaying a different online status, using more than one WhatsApp account, and other features to make it more fun.

This App has included more protection for your personal information and is free to use. If you still need to try it, you should try it now. Don’t worry about how to download the App on your device. I will assist you in getting and preparing a program or file. WhatsApp is a famous messaging app that many people use because it has great features.

Now, there is a newer version of WhatsApp, which is GTWhatsapp, that has more things you can do. This App is good for people and has awesome features. It is a version of WhatsApp that was made a while ago and is still being regularly updated. It is a changed version of WhatsApp that has extra stuff, similar to the original App. You can keep WhatsApp and still Download the GT Whatsapp APK on your Android devices.

GT Whatsapp Features:

GT Whatsapp is a newer and better version of WhatsApp that you can get for yourself. This App has extra things that WhatsApp doesn’t have, like saving statuses, airplane mode, and sharing videos up to 200GB. People can choose to hide their online status from others. They can use the autoreply button to get a response quickly. It has many great features.

Upload Status For More Than 30 Seconds:

You can easily write and share long messages on social media. This option is not found in the real WhatsApp. You need to share a message that is only 30 seconds long. Let your friends know where you are while you are there. It makes it easy to share a whole story in one post.

Share Maximum Pictures:

You can easily send many pictures at once by clicking once. This feature is very useful because you can only send 30 pictures at a time in regular WhatsApp. It can be tiring and time-consuming when you want to share multiple pictures with your contacts. Unlike regular Whatsapp, you can send more than 90 pictures simultaneously. You can send your friend a video that is 50 megabytes and an audio clip that is 100 megabytes.


You can use the autoreply feature to message your contacts whenever necessary. It will help you chat faster. You can reply to your friends whenever you feel like it. You can use this autoreply feature to reply to your friends anytime quickly.

DND Mod Feature:

This feature lets you turn on or off a device’s “Do Not Disturb” mode. This mode blocks or stops notifications, phone calls, or messages from getting through to you so you can concentrate or have uninterrupted time. DND mode is a feature that stops interruptions while using other apps, allowing you to concentrate without distractions. This feature will pause the internet on GT WhatsApp so you can use it without problems.

Languages And Multiple Accounts Can Be Set:

You can use any language you like in this App. You are allowed to have more than two accounts in your Gtwhatsapp APK. This App provides you with amazing things without any cost. However, the normal version of WhatsApp doesn’t have these features.

Customize The App:

You can pick different languages and have more than one account. You can use any language you prefer in this App. This App gives you cool stuff for free. However, regular WhatsApp does not allow you to use these features.

Automatic Text:

If you get a message that doesn’t matter to you and don’t want to reply, you can use GTWhatsApp to make it seem like you still need to read it. You can make your videos and photos look cool before sending them to your friends.

What’s new in the GT Whatsapp APK 2023?

Please remember that these characteristics may have developed or changed over time, and extra characteristics could be added since I last updated. It is important to be careful when using third-party modified apps because they may follow different guidelines for security and privacy than the official App. GT Whatsapp APK 2023 has many exciting features you can use on your phone. It has a lot of cool things you can explore.

  • You can quickly save a contact by scanning their barcode. Now, it is simple to include as many individuals as you desire.
  • This feature lets you view and save your friend’s posts without them knowing.
  • Just by clicking once, you can watch their updates without them knowing. You can copy someone’s actions, such as recording and typing.
  • This App lets you have more than one account. It means that you can make more than one account, and each account will be considered as a new refunded mobile phone.
  • In this App, you can stop your last seen time from changing by using the freeze last seen feature. It will make things easier to understand. You can easily carry or move those things. We can join the game, but they must take care of it.


The best mod for WhatsApp is GT WhatsApp APK, which you can trust. When you switch, you will get lots of new things to enjoy. You can customize the way it looks by choosing from over 4000 themes. Each time you talk to someone new, you will use a unique password to keep the conversation safe. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting. Thank you for checking out this post, and we hope to see you again soon. You can also try other mod versions of WhatsApp such as AG3 Whatsapp or FM WhatsApp.

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