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Google USB Driver
App Name Google USB Driver
Latest Version vR13
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Google
Requirements Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 8.7MB
5/5 Rating (2)

The Google USB Driver is all that you need to perform the ADD functions on your Google devices. In this article, we will discuss the installation process along with the latest features of this application. The latter has the added benefit of immediately notifying you when a newer version of the SDK is available. On the other hand, the former option will need you to check for and download a more recent driver version manually.

Google USB Driver 

To connect a Google Pixel or Nexus device to a Windows PC via USB cable, you need Google USB Drivers. When working with the Android ADB and Fastboot tools, you will need these drivers to transfer files or sync your Pixel/Nexus device data. 

As an optional SDK component, you can download the USB Driver for Windows. If you are creating on Windows and wish to connect an Android-powered device (ADP, Nexus One, or Nexus S) to your development environment via USB, you need the driver.


These factors have a wide range of significance. To begin, you might transfer any file, regardless of size, to and from your computer. Then you can share the device’s internet with your PC using USB Tethering. 

Similarly, the MIDI option may help communicate with musical instruments, and the PTP mode may help transfer photographs. You could unlock the smartphone’s bootloader, flash custom ROMs, root your device, and install a slew of other customizations after you entered custom development. 

However, you will need to connect your gadget to a PC via a USB cable to make most of these adjustments. This will prompt you to install the USB Drivers on your Computer. It would help if you now had a better understanding of the significance of this software.

Google USB Driver Download For Windows

You may get the latest Google USB Drivers here and manually install them on your Windows PC by following the instructions. On Windows, you may now get the USB driver in two distinct ways. You can also manually download the Google USB ZIP file. You can also download it via the SDK Manager in Android Studio.

But here, we have only discussed the manual process. Go to the section provided next to it and click on the link. The link will direct you to the download page. The best part of it is that you can now directly download the driver without any hassle. 

 Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Google USB driver?

The Google USB driver is a component for Windows developers that can be downloaded through the AVD and SDK Manager. However, if you’re using a different Android device, you’ll need to obtain a USB driver from the device’s manufacturer. See the list of OEM USB Drivers for assistance in locating the correct driver.

How does a USB driver work?

A USB driver is a file that allows a hardware device to communicate with the operating system. These USB devices include a range of electronic items, including keyboards, monitors, cameras, flash drives, mice, speakers, MP3 players, smartphones, printers, and external hard drives.

Do I need a Google USB driver?

Yes, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed items such as Flash Drives and Card Readers require a suitable driver. The maker of the PC or laptop, motherboard, or add-in (PCI) card with USB 3.0 ports should contain this. USB 3.0 is supported natively in Windows 8 and later versions.

How to install the Google USB Driver Windows 10?

To install the driver for Windows 10, you first have to install it. Then, go to the download link provided at the end of the download section and download it. Then, connect your device to the Computer’s USB port. Next, open the computer management on your Computer. From the computer management, you have to select the device manager option. 

Next, you have to expand the portable device option and then click on the other device. Locate and expand Portable Devices or Other Devices in the Device Manager right pane, depending on which one you see. Select Update Driver Software from the context menu when you right-click the name of the device you connected.

Select Browse my computer for driver software in the Hardware Update wizard and then click Next. For example, the USB driver folder can be found by clicking Browse and then navigating to it. The Google Driver, for example, can be found on Android sdkextrasgoogleusb driver. To install the driver, click Next.

How to install the Google USB driver on Windows 7?

To install the Android USB driver for the first time on Windows 7, follow these steps: Connect your Android device to the USB port on your PC. Select next, select from the context menu on your desktop or Windows Explorer by right-clicking on Computer.

In the left pane, click Devices. In the right pane, find and expand the Other device. Then, select Update Driver Software from the context menu when you right-click the device name (such as Nexus S). The Hardware Update Wizard will be launched as a result of this action.

Click Next after selecting Browse my Computer for driver software. Next, locate the USB driver folder by clicking Browse. (Android sdkextrasgoogleusb driver is where you will get the Google Driver.) To install the driver, click Next.

How to update the Google USB driver?

The Manual download and update process requires skills and time. If you are a beginner and want to save time, then this method is best for you. You have to download Driver Easy because it will automatically detect which software or driver needs an update. 

The best feature of using the Driver Easy application is that you do not have to worry about what driver you want to delete, update, and reinstall. This driver will automatically do all the functions. All you have to do to download the Driver Easy application and open it in your system. 

Click on the scan button and then press the update button. It will scan your whole system and will show you what the driver needs and updates. Click on the update all option and relax in your seat. Please restart your computer after all the updates take place to work it in a better way. 


last but not least, the Google USB driver allows you to connect a Google Pixel or Nexus device to a Windows PC via a USB cable. You need to manually install the driver on your PC and it is easy to install. Moreover, it is also required to perform adb debugging on Windows.

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