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Google Pixel 6 USB Driver Download Free For Windows

Google Pixel 6 USB Driver
App Name Google Pixel 6 USB Driver
Latest Version v2023
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Google
Requires Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 8.7MB
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If you have a Google Pixel 6 device and struggle to find a suitable Google Pixel 6 USB driver, you are in luck because what we are about to tell you might help you out. The whole process of connecting the device to a PC can be hectic, let alone transferring files and debugging applications.

Well, we cannot keep stacking data on their pixel 6 devices. That’s when we turn to drivers like the Google Pixel 6 Pro USB driver, which is the perfect solution for all these connection problems.

Google Pixel 6 USB Driver

It is a software program that will help you in identifying the type of connected device. The Google Pixel 6 USB driver will specifically help you to connect your Google Pixel 6 devices to your Windows PCs to transfer data between the computer and the device.

This is useful, especially when you have a pile of data that you cannot keep on your device, but you cannot quite get rid of them either because they are important. This is why this driver becomes essential to transfer them. The installation process is pretty quick and easy and will not affect the devices in any way. 

Normally, these USB drivers come with SDK Manager available on Android studio, which is constantly updated with the latest driver versions. However, most computers do not have these Google USB drivers installed.

That is why you have to download them from external trusted sources to minimize any possible risk. Once you have them installed, you can easily connect your device to your Windows using a USB data cable. You will find the official USB drivers on this page, which can act as ADB interface drivers and fastboot drivers. 

What makes Google Pixel 6 Pro USB Driver so special?

With these drivers installed, you can ensure a safe and secure file transfer, device rooting, installation of a Flash custom ROM, and debugging of applications between your pixel 6 device and your computer.

Moreover, you can transfer images, documents, videos, and other valuable data at a much faster rate, and it uses the process of transferring files through MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

ADB drivers and fastboot drivers use Command prompt (CMD) to help users carry out ADB and fastboot commands, and they perform additional operations which you will get to know as we get into more detail.

Features Of Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver

It might already be clear to you by now about what the drivers have to offer but let’s get into more detail about their features: 

Transfer files

The USB drivers help sync and transfer different files and saved data regardless of their size from the device to the computer. The kind of data you can transfer includes pictures, videos, documents, PDF files, and more using MTP. This helps you transfer them at a faster rate and have a secure connection. 


They help you to identify and fix bugs and errors in your Google Pixel 6 device applications. In addition, these drivers are updated from time to time to help you fix more bugs in your Pixel 6 device. 

Sharing Internet

You can also share your device’s internet connection with your PC when needed using USB tethering. This will allow you to have a stable internet connection at all times, no matter where you are. 

 MIDI option

This option allows users to interact with musical instruments when needed. It is a very useful and unique feature to help you play a synthesizer or drive music applications. 

 Install mods

USB drivers also allow you to install various modified apps with many unlocked premium features. However, these mods are usually not available on the official Play Store, and downloading them from any website can risk malware and viruses. That’s when you can use these USB drivers to transfer mods from your PC to your Pixel 6 devices. 

  Android Firmware or stock ROM

This helps you to add additional features to your device by resorting to a custom ROM. In addition, it will allow your device to stay running at all times to keep the features and applications active. 

Android Flashing

This will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your device’s Android firmware. Flashing helps your device to fix IMEI-related issues, and software issues and will improve your device performance. For it to do so, your device needs to be at least 50% charged without interrupting the flashing process. 

How to install Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver manually?

Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver is essential for file transfers and other commands, and here is how you can install it:

  • Download and extract the ADB driver (link given on this website) on your device. 
  • Open the Device Manager on your computer and press Win + R on your keyboard. Then type devmgmt. MSC and then click OK. 
  • It will launch the Device Manager, click on the computer name, click on Action, and select Add Legacy Hardware option
  • When the dialogue box appears, click on Next and tick on the ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from the list checkbox and click on the Next button. 
  • Select your hardware and if you don’t see it, click on ‘show all devices.
  • Click the Have disk and click Next. Then click on Browse. 
  • Locate the ADB driver .inf file from the computer and select OK. 
  • Click on the Next button twice and at the end, click on the Finish button to complete the installation process. 
  • Your driver will appear in the Device Manager. You can Restart your computer to connect your device to your PC. 


In order to be able to download Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver, you need to keep the following in mind:

  1. First, make sure your computer has enough storage space for this Zip file. 
  2. Next, run a disk check to make sure the device is working fine. 
  3. If you have the driver previously installed, make sure to uninstall it. 
  4. Fix the driver signature error. 
  5. Finally, charge your device and let it run without interrupting it. 
  6. That’s pretty much it, and you are good to go!

How to Fix Driver Signature Error?

Sometimes you may face this problem, and you can quickly fix it using the following steps:

  • boot your computer into the Advanced boot options menu: press and hold the shift key and Restart your computer. Once it is restarted, leave the shift key. 
  • You will get to see the Advanced Boot options menu. 
  • Click on the Troubleshoot option and then click on Advanced options. 
  • Click on Startup options, then click on Restart. It will bring the startup settings to screen up. 
  • Press F7 or 7, which will disable the driver signature enforcement option. 
  • Your computer will automatically restart, and that should fix your problem!
Is Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver safe to use?

Yes, It is completely safe and will not risk the security of both of your devices. You can download it from a website trusted by many users, like ours! You can always use anti-virus scanners for any malware or viruses when in doubt.

How to Install Google Pixel 6 USB Drivers?

You can either download the ZIP file manually or use SDK Manager in Android Studio, which will provide you with the latest updates on new versions.
However, installing it manually has been proven to be much easier and preferred by many users. That is why we have provided you with the ZIP file here.
These USB drivers come in the form of an ‘android_winusb.inf’ setup information file instead of a Windows executable. But this process is not time-consuming and is safe.
However, it is essential to realize that the previously installed pixel 6 should be uninstalled from your PC in case you have installed it.

How does a Google Pixel 6 ADB Device driver work?

A USB driver allows a hardware device to interact and connect with an operating system to make file transfer and other similar work possible.

What do you need in order to install it?

Here’s what you will need to make the installation possible:
Your Pixel 6 device
Windows PC/Laptop
USB cable
USB driver zip file (which you can get from here)


Google Pixel 6 USB Driver is the best option for sharing files, installing custom ROM, or debugging your Pixel 6 devices. This will help you to secure a bridge between your device and your computer. You can share any files regardless of their size and quantity.

Google Pixel 6 ADB Driver will help you save all the hassle of connecting your device to an operating system and will also help you save your essential data as a backup.

Moreover, you can share internet connections between your devices and adjust your device’s firmware. If you install it manually, all you would need to do is check for updates on new versions. 

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