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GFX Tool Pro APK Download Latest V30.5.0 For BGMI & PUBG

GFX Tool Pro
App Name GFX Tool Pro
Latest Version v30.5.0
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher CornerDesk Inc.
Requires Android 4+
Category Tools
Size 9.4MB
MOD Feature Unlock
5/5 Rating (3)

If you are a battleground game player and want to enhance your graphics and gameplay then you need to download and install the GFX tool Pro APK for BGMI And PUBG. This will help you play the game more smoothly. It will help you enhance your gameplay, both of these games are shooting and survival games. Where you need to stay in the game till last to win. So this tool will help you to win most of the battles.

This is the most incredible and ultimate tool for BGMI and PUBG players because you will not be able to use the highest level of visuals and graphics because these games are very heavy due to their properties but this tool is the best in itself so it will allow you to enjoy the best graphics of this game.

Due to the heavy features and properties of PUBG and BGMI, most low-range phones do not support high visuals. So you are not able to enjoy the good  3D graphics of the games. But do not worry about it because Pubg gfx tool mod APK will help you to enjoy the customized graphics of the games. Now you can play the game smoothly this will enhance your performance too.

From the custom visual you can enjoy the customized graphics of the game, you just need to choose the required version of the game and here you have the choice to choose the required resolution of the game and choose your favorite type of graphics of the game and also choose frame per second. After setting all these you can start playing tour games and enjoy the best graphics of the games even in the low-range game.

GFX Tool Pro Review:

PUBG and BGMI are known as high-end graphics that will always satisfy their users with the best graphics. But some of the low-end phones are not able to support high visuals of the game and this will not be able to satisfy their users, but the gfx tool for Gmi and Pubg will provide you the perfect averment of 3D graphics that will help users to not able to take off their eyes from the perfect 3D graphics.

Both PUBG and BGMI are sometimes not able to meet the need of their players by not providing good graphics which is the essence of the whole game. But you can use this tool as it will provide you the customized graphics of the game, which will customize your game graphics according to your need, you can set the resolution of the game and enjoy playing the game.

It is very simple to use along with all these features it also has a good sound quality. Yes, along with graphics it will enhance the sound quality of the game. And also optimize the game speed. This app has the best feature, if you need to explore some of them go and download GFX Tool Pro for BGMI and PUBG v26.5.0 APK (paid) on your mobiles. As this is the best app and worth downloading. You just need to try it out and enhance your gameplay.

Intuitive Interface:

gfx tool APK has an intuitive interface that has modern ones in which all the features of this app will appear on the main screen. So that you could use any of these features of the app with just one step you just need to click on the required features like color customization, sound quality, and many others, you just have to click on it and enjoy good quality gaming, the interface is user-friendly that everyone can handle it.

Features Of GFX Tool Pro For BGMI And PUBG:

  • GFX Tool Pro will help you in customizing the graphics and visuals of the BGMI And PUBG games by setting the resolution according to their need.
  • Now you can enjoy the best graphics of the game even if you have a low-model phone, that does not support high-quality graphics.
  • It will help you to smoothen your gameplay and enjoy every game.
  • It will also enhance your phone performance and also remove errors and bugs.
  • One of the best qualities is that it will support all kinds of devices so that you can download the gfx tool APK on every mobile device.
  • It has a very easy-to-use interface.
  • It will help you to upgrade your gameplay and also help in winning most of the battles.
  • This app has a very fresh, intuitive, and modern interface.
  • This app will also increase the speed of your game. By game optimized
  • The new version of this app will support Android 11.
  • This app has a very easy-to-use interface.
  • You do not have to face any of the advertisements while playing the game.
  • This app also enhances the sound quality of this game.
  • It has a very powerful and well-optimized setting of the game.
  • This app will help you in unlocking the HDR and UHD graphics of the game.
  • It will also help in limiting all spam sources and optimizing the game.

GFX Tool Pro is a customized graphics app for BGMI and PUBG players, that will enhance and smoothen your gameplay. If you are a PUBG lover then you should also try PUBG Auto Headshot.

FAQs About GFX Tool APK:

What is the GFX Tool Pro APK for BGMI & PUBG and what is it used for?

This is the graphics customization app for PUBG and BGMI. That will allow them to enhance their graphics, visual, and sound quality according to their need. And also it will help enhance and smoothen their gameplay. Most of the players do not have good quality phones so their phones do not support good graphics this app will provide you with the customized graphics feature.

How to use GFX Tool Pro for BGMI & PUBG?

Using GFX too is very easy because it has a very easy interface. Yus just have to open the GFXTool Pro for BGMI & PUBG. Then you need to select the version of the game, then there are multiple resolutions available over there, you just need to choose between them that you are required for the game and start using the best quality graphics.

Is using the GFX tool safe for BGMI?

You should avoid using this type of tool as it is illegal.

Can the GFXTool APK ban your PUBG account?

It is not a legal app, but it will not ban your account.

Does Pubg GFXTool Android 11 damage your phone?

Yes it will ultimately damage your device slowly


In short, GFX Tool is a perfect choice if you want to find something new in the game or want your phone to be smooth. From graphic customization to auto customization, the app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate through the app. It supports all Android devices including low-end ones as well.

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