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Geometry Dash APK Download Latest Version V2.2.11 For Android

Geometry Dash APK
App Name Geometry Dash APK
Latest Version v2.2.11
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher Geometry
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Arcade
Size 62.8MB
0/5 Rating (0)

You can now play an amazing game on your Android devices. Online video games are in trend but a game with specific graphics in 2D is a bit different and new. You have a Geometry Dash APK that is super amazing to play. As described in the name geometry the game includes diffident shapes and the graphical representation of everything in the game is great. The game’s structure is exceptionally simple, all by the reality of the design, such as triangles, squares, diamonds, etc.

The game world is composed of these illustrations, although the structure is basic, and the chain of command isn’t basic. The game is horizontal Adaptation 2D, to highlight the characteristics of the trap, one needs to go through the exquisite plan, and has to be compelled by engineers who have smartly given each color different colors to recognize. You will see the game has an intuitive display so that players are more likely to deliver a trap response, the game the most.

The enchantment is that the rhythm of the music and the player’s bounce beat is nearly synchronized, in case you’re sensitive to the music, possibly you’ll close your eyes, walking rhythm can elude all the traps, very interesting. Each time you touch the screen, the part will hop, in expansion to no other additional action, and within the fundamental menu interface, you’ll be able to select the part of the control and system settings, and so on choices.

Geometry Dash Review

The game is exceptionally easy to play, into the level, the players selected for the role will be to the right forward, the way the obstacles will continuously square the players, and the only way to maintain a strategic distance from these deterrents is to hop. Although the Geometry Dash looks straightforward, again at that point the player’s operation requires a high challenge. Since the perspective of the restrictions, the player will never know how the front of the terrain is.

In truth, it is exceptionally very difficult! To get the most out of your game, consider the following tips and tricks. Sometimes you have got three or four stages to jump one at a time. Do not stress, you’ll just keep your finger on the screen without gambling losing all these stages. It is worth noticing that in case you see spikes pop up, you should stop holding the screen! Like any stage game, attempt to gather coins along the way.

That being said, like all stages like Geometry Dash APK, there will be a few coins that are not very clear. Attempt not to risk your level to gather these coins. It will not influence your level of progress and if you pass on you’ll take off the markets to continue. This is often a very valuable way to familiarize yourself with how the level works. We definitely suggest utilizing it in case you’re stuck with any kind of obstacle. There is no better way to pick up an advantage in a game than a booster.

Geometry Dash Features

The game itself is interesting and amazing to play. When you will play this game, you will see the following features.

Custom Level

The amazing thing to do in this game is that you can create your own level. This feature enables you to customize your level by suggesting things and if gets approved you can play on it.

Practice game

You can always play a practice game before starting to play the original game. This practice game includes a guideline to play the actual level and tells you how you can utilize other tools and techniques.

Gameplay with tense situations

It has dramatic gameplay which includes some scary parts as well. Other than that it introduces level in difficult and tense situations.

Unlimited exploration

Geometry Dash APK provides players with the biggest game exploration. With each next door in the game, you will see new tasks and situations.

Share with the Level Editor

You can share your progress and suggestions with the level editor of the game at each level. If your sharing record is good you can be set as an example at the level.

No In-app purchases

This game does not require any in-app purchases and you can play your game with a free and easy mindset.

Play against gravity

The game allows you to fly your rocket against gravity and enjoy the dream view. As these things are not real but you can feel them by playing a 2D game.

What’s new in the latest version of Geometry Dash APK?

The latest updated version of the game has the following new features

  • The game has introduced new characters to play in the game.
  • This version is free from all viruses or errors that may harm your android device.
  • The Geometry game includes many new shapes to let you enjoy the game more interestingly.
  • Geometry Dash APK has unlocked new icons and changed the colors of the shapes as per your selected colors.

Hope you like popular arcade games such as NBA 2K23, NBA 2K22, Tekken 3, and NBA 2K.

FAQs about Geometry

How many shapes are included in the Geometry Dash?

The application consists of 5 basic shapes of geometry in the game. It includes circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and diamonds. Many new shapes have been added to the latest version.

What is sharing level with the Level editor in Geometry?

This is a unique thing in any game, you can share your progress with a game developer known to be a level editor and keep an eye on your progress.

Are there any trial games to play in the latest Geometry Dash APK?

Yes, it includes a practice game before playing the real game. With this practice game, you can get hints to use tools and techniques.

What is the speed of Geometry gameplay?

The latest version of the app has made the speed better and it runs at a very fast speed.


The game greatly increased the trouble of the opponent in the number of players who can follow which is the most critical component, of course. Reactivity and involvement are additionally vital, the encounter is to depend on numerous times to play. Only the combination of the two, in order to break through their limits, on the custom level, the requirement is the player’s creative energy. Download the Geometry Dash APK latest version now Play the game with unlocked features and enjoy your free time.

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