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Gadget Serial Driver (Latest V2.4) Free Download For PC Windows

Gadget Serial Driver
App Name Gadget Serial Driver
Latest Version v2.4
Last Updated 6 October 2023
Publisher Editorial
Requires Android Windows
Category USB Drivers
Size 15.5 MB
5/5 Rating (1)

Are you interested to know about downloading and installing of gadget serial driver? Well! There are several drivers, but the gadget driver is the most famous among them. The reason is that the driver has many advanced features that everyone needs in this modern world. 

Almost all people use this driver because they want to enhance the working of their system. There are several gadgets like phones and music players. So, all these gadgets need modern technology to work properly. But devices need to use drivers for efficient working.

What is a Gadget Serial Driver?

It is a device that you can freely download on your Windows system. So, download and install it now and link it to your laptop or PC using the USB cable. It is the modern driver used to connect your device to your mobile.

You need to download the gadget serial driver if you need to use the serial port of your PC. Once you have completed the download, you need to press the main button of the gadget. You can write or read serial numbers by using the driver. It is the necessary part if you want to know what function the gadget does. Now, here we will tell you the features, installation, and download of the gadget driver.

Gadget Serial Driver

Features of Gadget Driver

Like other drivers, this driver also has several features that will be helpful for you. So, in this article, we discuss the features that will help you download it with a single click. So, you can use this driver in your operating system for all purposes.

  • The driver provides you sound and music system on your PC.
  • You can quickly and automatically upgrade graphics, themes, and clip editors.
  • You can also upgrade the working of your laptop or PC and graphics. For this, you need to use the best user interface.
  • Through this, you can update your printer, scanner, and disk.

How Can You Download Gadget Serial Driver?

If you want to download the gadget serial driver in your system, you need to choose any download option. This driver is useful for any system such as 32-bit and 64-bit. We ensure you that your downloaded files don’t have any viruses or issues. Further, you can download the driver free of cost for your laptop or commercial use.

  • You need to download the gadget driver by using any downloading option.
  • Once you have completed the download, you need to go to the manager. Here, press the “Add legacy hardware” option.
  • After selecting serial driver, you can see it appears in the “show all devices” section.
  • Once you select it, then click and drag it wherever you want.
  • Now, you can easily run it on your device, such as a laptop.

The Installation of Serial Driver – Brief Guide 

If you want to install it on your PC, then you need to follow some steps. The following are the steps that will help you to install gadget driver:

  1. Once you have downloaded the driver, you need to go to the manager for installation.
  2. Now open the “Add legacy hardware” option and press it.
  3. After that, you will see a page; here, click the next option.
  4. Then click the “show all devices” option.
  5. Now, pick the place where you want to drag your file.
  6. After that, open the file then the setup of your laptop will automatically install the driver.

FAQs About Serial Driver

Can I use the serial driver on my android device?

It is a commonly asked question so that we can answer it. Yes, you can indeed use the serial driver on your Android phone. It is also free and safe for the phone, just like laptops. Moreover, it is also safe for other linked devices.

How to use a gadget serial driver on USB port devices?

Although there are a lot of ways through which you can use a gadget driver on the USB device. But here we will tell you the simplest way of it. Once you have completed the download, then you need to check the downloaded file. When you detect it, then it will ask for the driver.
You need to check the file named “LINUX-CDC-ACM. inf.”
Then if you connect any serial device, a page is open.
On this page, you can see that a new device is linked.
Now you need to install it link to that new device.

How can I set up the gadget serial driver manually on my window XP?

Firstly, you need to go to the control board.
Then open the system options and press the hardware option.
When you open the hardware option, then you can see other options.
Open the port option then you can see the serial gadget option.
Now set up driver files.

My serial driver is not working; what should I do?

When you face this type of issue, keep in mind that there is no specific reason. Several factors can be the cause of it. Like:
Firstly, you can face some issues after installing or downloading files manually.
Secondly, when you link any device like USB, it shows problems. It means your connected device has some virus.
You have to shutdowns because of these issues, and it doesn’t recover files. Further, when you have not optimized your device, it shows more problems. In that case, you have to debug your system. Then download or install files so you will not see any issues.


Finally, we have discussed how to install and download the gadget serial driver. It is a device that has been tested several times. After testing, it has been said that it is the best device that shows good results. You can check each update about drivers working on your PC using this tool. Different windows like 7,8,10, etc., support this gadget driver.

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