Gacha Night APK Mod 2023 (Latest V1.1.4) Download For Android

Gacha Night
App Name Gacha Night
Latest Version v1.1.4
Last Updated 6 October 2023
Publisher BREADZ
Requirements Android 4+
Category Art and Design
Size 99 MB
4.1/5 Rating (9)

Wait is over and the most exciting video game is here to play. Yes, you can download the Gacha Night APK and play the latest video game. The game is developed by BREADZ and showed a whole video of how it works. It is known to be the best game of the year so far. You can play the game in different modes and levels.

There is nothing that can make you feel bored or not interested in playing Gacha. We all know that games like this are always fun to play. You must be a lover of video games and always want to play new games. It is something related to the modern trend of online video games.

It allows you to enjoy your free time playing this game. The latest version has add new features and players. You can feel the difference in playing the game. Not all online video games allow you to pause your game in the middle and resume even after a month from the same place.

Gacha Night Review

We are here with another video game Gacha Night that has everything of your interest. This amazing game is specifically designed for android devices. Hence, people download and install such games on their phones to pass their free time. It allows you to win cards and letters by following specific patterns of the game.

It has its own in-game currency same like Gacha Neon that you can use to spin, roll and shoot. All the features of the game are unlocked in this version for you. The main goal of the game is to create stories by using anime characters to represent them. It got its hype from Japan and now it is famous all around the world. The latest version of the game that is played by players from around the world is known as Gacha.

It offers unlimited features to its users and lets you utilize all the features to their maximum value and have the best gameplay. The developers once open the platform for game fans to come to make changes in the game as they want. In the latest Gacha Night APK many things have been updated by game fans. It also allows players to change their avatars and modify any level they want.

You can change all the elements of your character in the game and make it look like as you want. The popularity of the Gacha game makes us realize that this game is for all age groups and everyone likes to play. It is also famous for not having anything that can harm your mind which includes killing and other dangerous things.

Features Of Gacha Night Mod

As discussed above the game has many interesting things and features with your favorite anime character. It is different from other video games and consists of the following features

Sign of protection

At the start of the game, you will see a neon sign that encompasses the protection and goodness signals. That sign is considered to be a powerful tool in the game.

Character specifications

You can edit and modify the character and change its whole attire into a new look. You can change the shape of nails, hair, and face.

New dresses

Gacha Night allows you to change the clothes of your character and choose a very good dress for it from the closet given to you in the game. You can make it wear the clothes of your choice.

Create your own stories

It is famous because you will create your story and your way of playing will make a whole story in which things happened one after one.

Amazing graphics

This game has the best graphics which is why the game looks too good. You will see everything in a very clear way that you will automatically start enjoying the game.

Create new scenes and characters

It has the opportunity for you to create any scene where you need characters and after creating that scene you and add new characters but all the characters you made will be played by you.

Photo Studio

There is a photo studio in the game which include your character’s photos at different places and allows you to maintain a gallery of your character. It is amazing to see old characters and places after a long time.

What’s new in the latest Gacha Night APK 2023?

There are the following things that are new in the latest version. These new updates are as follows

  • You are allowed to change the lightning of the character and play accordingly.
  • You can turn on notifications and get notified about any new avatar dressing available in the game.
  • The Gacha Night APK 2023 latest version has now launched new themed clothes which means if you have more characters in your story that are linked to each other, you can make them wear the same themed outfit.
  • You can also design your own outfit and display it in the closet for other players to use it as their character’s clothes.
What kind of stories are played in Gacha Night?

There are no specific modes of story that need to be played in the game. You can create any story but make sure to utilize the tools and scenes from the given tool bank.

How many characters are available to use in Gacha Night APK?

There is no limitation over characters as the characters are made online so you can always create characters in your way. The goal should e to make only one but you can also create an unlimited avatar in one story.

What are the rules to follow for characters or players in the GachaNight game?

Rules to follow are very simple as you only need to do what is written in the guidelines. Don’t go behind it and always read the precautions before doing anything.


You have been introduced to the amazing new online video game which is GachaNight that holds a very different kind of playing. Now you will make a whole story and play characters in the story accordingly. You have all the access to make characters look in the way you want. Else than that the game does not include any harmful things. You can easily download Gacha Night APK file and have fun playing the game for free.

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