Epson L805 Driver Download Latest V2.50 Free For Windows

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If you need to download the Epson L805 driver, you have come to the correct place. In this article, we will teach you how to get the Epson L805 printer driver from our website and then walk you through the process of installing it on a computer. Follow the instructions appropriately outlined to avoid any confusion.

Epson L805 driver

Until the printer’s drivers are installed, it cannot connect with the computer software. As a result, the driver must be installed. Although the printer driver CD is included with the new Epson L805 printer, it is occasionally misplaced or destroyed. In this situation, you will need to reinstall the driver from the manufacturer’s website.


Following are the best features you will observe after installing the driver.

  • The driver will keep your printer functions up to date.
  • The printer will work more effectively without the printer driver, and the printer cannot perform any task.
  • It will resolve all the alignment issues and will increase the printing qualities to do the job.

How can I install the Epson L805 printer driver on windows?

If you follow the installation instructions carefully, installing the driver package is a simple task. As a result, we have outlined the proper procedure for installing the Epson L805 driver for Windows 10 below. The same procedures should be followed for other Windows operating systems like windows 8, windows 7, and Windows XP as well.

Before you begin installing the driver, ensure that no other program is active on your computer that might interfere with the installation. Then, run the l805 printer driver package you just downloaded and wait for the contents to self-extract. 

Choose the option Set as the default printer if you wish to maintain your Epson printer as your computer’s default printer. There will be no difference in the printer driver installation procedure if you do not select this option. Therefore, this is the option we’ve chosen. Finally, choose OK to proceed.

To continue, select a language for the driver installation setup procedure and click OK. Finally, click OK to proceed after accepting the licensing agreement by choosing the Agree option. The printer driver will now be installed on your computer via the setup. Would you please wait till the procedure is finished?

Now, using a USB cable, connect your Epson printer to your computer and switch it on. Wait for the printer to be detected by the setup. Next, select the Manual button to pick your Epson printer’s connection port. In the port selection box, choose to Select a printer port manually, select MB port from the available ports, and click the OK button to complete the settings. If your Epson printer is network-linked, choose the option chosen for a printer connected to the network.

A message box will display, confirming that the printer driver installation and port settings were successful. To finish the driver installation, click the OK button. Congratulations, you have now loaded the full-featured Epson L805 printer driver on your Windows PC, and your Epson printer is ready to use.

How to update the Epson L805 driver & Software directly?

It is the quickest and most straightforward method. It’s all done with a few mouse clicks, so even if you’re a computer beginner, it’s simple. You can update your driver regularly either with FREE or PRO edition of Driver Easy. But it only takes two clicks with the Pro version, plus you get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get Driver Easy and install it. Next, launch it and select Scan Now. After that, it will check your computer for any problematic drivers. To automatically get the correct audio driver version, click the Update icon next to it. After that, you may manually install it. This is something you can do with the free version.

Alternatively, you may select Update All to have all the missing or out-of-date drivers on your system immediately downloaded and installed. The Pro version is required for this, which includes full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you click Update All, you will be asked to upgrade.

Epson L805 Driver Download

If you have the Epson L805 printer, then this driver is a must to install, but before downloading the driver, make sure you have checked your operating system that is 32 bit or 64 bit. After that, you can install it as per your desired operating system. To download it, go to the below section, click on the link, extract the file into the downloads section, and start the installation process. 

Additional Information

Developer Epson
Category Printer Driver
Supported OSWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
License Free
Release Date September 12, 2021

For Windows 32-Bit Details

Supported OSWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Latest Version2.50

For Windows 64-Bit Details

Supported OSWindows x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10 x64
Latest Version2.50
Size 30.58

If you are using any other Epson L Series printer like Epson L130, Epson L380,  Epson L3150, Epson L360 then flow the link to get requires driver and software and also download Epson Scanner Driver for your windows.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How to connect the Epson L805 printer to the router?

You can use Wi-Fi Secure Setting, or WPS, to connect your computer to the internet if your router or access point enables it. First, press the WPS button on your router or access point to connect to a WPS-enabled router. Then, for 3 seconds, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your device.
Note: To see if your router or access point is WPS-enabled, search for a WPS button on the router or access point. When there is no physical WPS button, the phone’s firmware may include a virtual WPS button. For further information, consult the manual for your network product. Within 2 minutes of hitting the WPS button on your router or access point, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your product.

How to connect the Epson L805 to the computer with WIFI?

Switch on your Epson printer. On the printer’s control panel, press the Home button. Next, select Wi-Fi Setup with the arrow keys. Then hit the OK button. Keep pressing OK until the selection appears. Then Press OK after selecting Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
After it has finished searching, choose the network name from the list on the screen. Next, enter the password for your network. Wait for this screen to appear before pressing OK. Your printer has been successfully connected to Wi-Fi.

How to update the Epson L805 driver manually?

To update your drivers on this method, you’ll need some computer knowledge and patience since you’ll need to search the exact appropriate driver online, download it, and install it step by step. However, Epson printers are constantly upgrading their drivers.
To obtain them, go to the Epson official website, search for the product, locate the drivers for your particular flavor of Windows, such as Windows 32 bit, and then manually download the driver. After you’ve downloaded the correct drivers for your computer, almost double the downloaded file and follow its instructions to install the driver.


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