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Epson Event Manager Software Download For Windows & Mac

Epson Event Manager Software
App Name Epson Event Manager Software
Latest Version v2.51.64
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Epson
Requires Android Windows
Size 31.8MB
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If you are looking for Epson Event Manager Software Download, you are at the right place as we give information related to this application. Also, Epsonevent Manager is a utility for your computer used to scan the control panel of your Epson.  It is a very necessary software for your PC as it provides support to various Epson scanners and allows your PC to scan various things like email, PDF, and many other things.

Furthermore, it is among the software developed to connect you with your scanner with various features for your PC. This application runs from the background and is accessed from the system tray. There are different setups of scanning that you can get with this application. Some of them are email inspection, scanning PDF, and examining words. You can download this software for Windows 7, 8 10, and macOS. And it is free to download.

Epson Event Manager Review

Epson event manager is a very amazing application to use as it provides you with the facility to scan your Pdf and many more. And it is free to download on your Windows 7, 8, 10, and mac. So I hope you are satisfied with its usage as it is a very convenient and amazing application. So if you wanted to take advantage of the highlights of the Epson item, what are you waiting for? Go and download it for your PC.

Epson Event Manager Software

  • It provides support to different Epson scanner
  • It scans emails. 
  • Scans PDFs
  • It makes scanning projects quicker
  • It is a very lightweight software

Epson Event Manager Utility Download For Windows & Mac:

EpsonEvent Manager Utility Download

To download the latest version of Epson event management software for Windows, follow the following instructions: The straightforward steps for downloading the application are available. At the bottom of this page, you can see the DOWNLOAD button.

Also, click on the button and download it. Next, you can get the downloaded zip file. You have to unzip this archive file using win zip for the window. Moreover, now you have to install the setup to run it on your PC. While downloading, if you face any difficulty or any issues, kindly let us know, and we will guide you.

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software On PC Windows?

For using all of these features, you need to install Epson event manager software on your PC. 

  • Before installation, you have to make sure that all the software that can block the communication between your PC and printer is blocked for intake fire well and virus protection.
  • For using these features, you must have the Epson event manager software installed. Furthermore, if you do not have the Epson Event Manager Utility installed, go to the Downloads tab for your product to download and install the software.
  • If you are using a fire well, go to the fire well setting and exclude that program. Also, by clicking on the window and going to start, go to the control panel, go to security, go to the window fire well and press the exception tab, click on the add program, select the event manager from the given list, and then press OK. 
  • After all this process is done, launch the application. First, you need to make sure that you select the Epson product and scanner. By going to the start button, then go to programs, go to Epsin software, go to event manager, now press the tab of button setting and set the setting accordingly and click the close button.
  • Now again, go to the start button, go to the control panel, scanner, cameras or device, and printer, click on your product name, and go to properties.
  • Go to the tab Events.
  • Now in front of selecting an event, you select the Scan button and select Epson event manager to start this program. Then press Apply and OK.

After all, this process enables the software that you disable in the first step. The whole installation process after downloading is error-free. However, if you face any problem while downloading or installing the setup, you are most welcome to write down the problem you are facing in the comment box to solve it.

FAQs About Epsonevent Manager

How do I open Epson Event Manager Utility?

Follow one of the instructions to open the Epson event manager utility.
If you are using the window, open Start, go to the program, go to Epson software, and go to an event manager.
If you are using macOS, go to select than application than Epson software and double click on the icon of the launch event manager.

How do I turn off the pop-up messages from Epson Event Manager Software in Windows 10?

Go to the action center located at the lower right corner of the screen. Then click on the notification icon and select the option of Turn off notifications for Epson Event Manager.

How do I scan from my EPSON printer to my computer?

Place the document that you want to scan on the product for scanning. Click on the scan and select the option of computer and then select scan on the computer and press the save as a pdf and choose the required option given, for instance. Also, chose the option of Save as JPEG if you want to save the scanned image as a JPEG file. Chose the option of Save as PDF if you want to save the scanned image as a PDF file

How to set up Epson event manager software by using a CD or DVD? 

If you want to install this software by using a CD or DVD on your PC. it is very easy, follow the given steps.

  • Put the CD in your CD drive and let your PC run the CD.
  • Now run the setup, and you have to follow the given installation guide.
  • Follow all the steps given in the guide.
  • Next, you have to connect the USB cable between your PC and the Epson manager.
  • You have to do it after you get the direction to do it.
  • Please do not do it before.
  • Wait for a minute so that your PC can recognize and detect the manager and process.
  • The last this you have to do is try whether it’s working or not.
  • If it is not working, reinstall and make sure that you did all the steps properly.


Epson Event Manager Software is used to scan PDFs and other related documents. It plays an important role in your system. It supports multiple Epson scanners and allows you to scan your emails, pdf, and other document files. Also, it is totally safe for use device. Download it from the given link at the end of this page.

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