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Dig Dug Girls APK Download (Latest Version) V0.9.6 For Android

Dig Dug Girls
App Name Dig Dug Girls
Latest Version v0.9.6
Last Updated 10 October 2023
Publisher Mr-Dean
Requirements Android 4+
Category Arcade
Size 49.3MB
5/5 Rating (1)

A most liked variation of the classic arcade game Dig Dug is called Dig Dug Girls. Having a female protagonist play the main character adds an exciting twist. This epic game gives the cherished old game a new and uplifting perspective.

It is developed to expand and attract business and attracting to a broader audience. Players control a fearless and strong female heroine as she sets out on an underground journey in the game. Digging tunnels, blowing up opponents, and carefully navigating levels are still part of the classic Dig Dug gameplay.

The female upholder raises the game’s level of comprehensiveness and representation, motivating and empowering female gamers everywhere. The app has gained popularity among gamers looking for a retro yet modern gaming experience thanks to its exciting gameplay and focus on diversity.

About Dig Dug Girls:

The iconic arcade game is given a new and empowering spin in this game. The presence of a female protagonist broadens the gameplay experience’s diversity and representation. Players still dig tunnels and strategically take out foes in the original Dig Dug’s mechanics.

The game appeals to fans of the original game and those looking for more varied gaming alternatives since it maintains a mix between remembrance and modernity. A seamless and engaging gaming experience is provided by the graphics and controls’ excellent execution.

Dig Dug Girls is a fantastic initiative that supports diversity and empowers female gamers. There is one thing that could be improved. Even while the game maintains the original game’s difficulty level, some players might find it to be a little simpler than they expected.

For those looking for a more formidable challenge, adding more complex levels or optional difficulty options may improve the entire experience. Furthermore, adding distinctive power-ups or special skills only available to the female protagonist could further set this app apart from its forerunner. This attractive game is an admirable and entertaining game that successfully updates an adorable classic.

Features of Dig Dug Girls:

The app contains fantastic features that you love the most. Without any delay, let’s explore its unique features.

  • Empower female: This thrilling app is a powerful and empowering female lead that represents a welcome egress from the usually male-dominated gaming industry.
  •  Retro Gameplay: Players may dig tunnels, inflate enemies, and carefully move through stages using this game’s enduring basic gameplay principles from the original Dig Dug.
  •  Representation and Diversity: By incorporating a female lead character, this game encourages magnitude by giving female gamers representation and diversifying the gaming industry.
  • ¬†Attractive graphics and interface: The app contains interesting and HD quality graphics that will attract its users to play the game and reach their destination. If a unique and attractive interface makes it easier and simpler to understand.
  •  Easy to control: the app’s simple controls make for a fluid and pleasurable gaming experience, enabling players to handle the game’s characters.
  •  Extraordinary charm while playing: The Dig Dug Girls game retains the nostalgic charm and gameplay elements that made the original Dig Dug a classic, which appeals to experts of that title.
  •  Progressive Approach: By presenting a female protagonist, this exciting app balances nostalgia and progressivism, demonstrating the entertainment industry’s dedication to diversity and tolerance.
  •  Empowering Experience: Taking on the role of a strong, independent woman in a video game empowers gamers and gives them a realistic view of what women may accomplish.
  •  Level Design: This fantastic girly gaming app skilfully creates levels that provide a range of challenges and obstacles, keeping players interested and inspired to advance through the game.
  •  Replayability: The app has a high replay value thanks to its fascinating gameplay and diverse representation, which entices gamers to come back and play it more often.
  •  Free of cost: You will get this fascinating app without spending money. Get this app free of cost by simply clicking the download button below.
  •  Safe and secure to play: This girly app is safe and secure. There is zero risk in playing this game. You can play it without any difficulty.

Pros and Cons of Dig Dug Girls:

Pros include:

  • Retro gameplay; – A strong female lead.
  •  Challenging levels – Playing strategically


  • No option for a multiplayer game
  •  Repetitive gameplay
  •  Less innovative ideas opportunity
  •  A limited content.
How many levels are there in Dig Dug Girls?

This depends on the platform or version you are using to play the game. The game typically has several stages, each of which gets harder as you progress. In most games, there are between 16 and 20 levels.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Dig Dug Girls?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one in the game. The game is primarily intended to be played by one person, who controls the female character as she progresses through the stages. However, there might be further performance or modifications of this app that support multiplayer. Checking the multiplayer options available on the specific version or platform you are using is always a great idea.


You play as a female protagonist in Dig Dug Girls APK who has to dig tunnels, blow up adversaries, and move through levels. Move with the joystick or directional buttons, inflate foes with the action button, and gather power-ups for advantages. To go on to the next level, you must defeat every enemy on the current one. For details on specific controls and features, refer to the game’s instructions. Hope you like other famous arcade games such as Geometry Dash and Tekken 3.

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