Dell XPS Touchpad Driver Download Free For Windows 10

v15.2.6.0, A00

Download Dell XPS Touchpad Driver for Windows. If your DLL touchpad is not working then use the latest XPS Driver on your Windows 10.
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February 22, 2023
v15.2.6.0, A00
Window 10
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The function of the touchpad driver is to improve the scroll bar area. The most important benefit of the Dell XPS Touchpad Driver is that it has many functions that keep your system software current and are supported with other system modules such as firmware, BIOS, Drivers, software, etc.

In case your touchpad driver is not updated, then it may also create many issues for your Dell PC to function properly. Moreover, the key issue faced by Dell PC windows 10 users is with Trackpad drivers or Cypress touchpad drivers. Sometimes Touchpad drivers do not work helpfully. In other words, the current hardware merely cannot support it.

However, If you face such an issue, you can resolve it by updating or downloading the latest version of the Synaptics Touchpad Driver for windows 10 from here without paying anything. Basically, these issues occur when the Trackpad driver or Cypress touchpad driver is not working properly.

Dell XPS Touchpad Driver Review

The cypress trackpad driver is a program in the category of graphics application which is developed by Cypress Semiconductor. The function of the cypress driver is to help the touchpad of your system to communicate with the firmware of the system. In addition to that, It also helps to fix your issue and your trackpad driver starts working correctly, quickly, and properly.

However, it requires the windows 10 operating system to run. If you want to download the trackpad driver then click the download link given at the bottom of this page. Moreover, if your touchpad driver is not working, you can download the Dell XPS Touchpad Driver free from here for Windows 10. With this fix, your Dell touchpad will work just fine and quickly.

When you install the XPS Touchpad Driver in your operating system, it will resolve your PC touchpad issue and also help your PC work properly. Whenever your laptop touchpad creates an issue it means the system asks for the installation or updation of the driver. Just download the driver from the website and install it on your system, and you will feel the difference.

Features Of XPS Touchpad Driver:

  • It is with new functions that you didn’t have previously.
  • It will resolve issues related touchpad.
  • It also boosts the performance of the touchpad.
  • It replaces the wired mouse.
  • It also makes the work easy.
Can the touchpad be repaired?

you can repair or fix your touchpad by updating and uninstalling, and reinstallation the driver.

What happens if the Dell XPS Touchpad Driver is not working?

If the touchpad is not working, it may be because of a missing or outdated driver. Then you need to update or reinstall your touchpad drivers, and it will work just fine.


In short, Dell XPS Touchpad Driver is an important tool to allows the touchpad of your system to communicate with the firmware of the system. Furthermore, If you come across any issues, you can fix them by just updating or reinstalling the driver.

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