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Hello guys! If you are wondering about purchasing the FTDI and not finding the best alternative solution, don’t worry because we provide you the best alternative adaptor or driver, which is ch340 USB serial Driver. Ch340 chip is usually used to convert the USB bus into a functional interface and signals. Therefore, we have given you much detail about the CH340 driver. So that you can read and understand why it is essential to download the driver.

What is ch340?

CH340 is a converted chip of a USB bus that is used to convert your USB connections into the serial interface. There are many different modes in the serial ch340, such as interface mode and infrared mode, which best suit their context and demands

What Is CH340 Driver

It is used for better functionality for the ch340 chip and its connectivity with the USB converter. So, the system needs a driver so that the hardware works perfectly fine. The manufacturer designed this driver so that you will control all your systems working without needing any programmer.

Features Of USB serial ch340 com5

USB serial ch340 com5 Driver features are given below:

  • It enhances the serial interface and is solely manufactured to upgrade the interface and working of the hardware connected to the system.
  • Windows 8 supports CTS, DTR, DSR, and other common MODEM.
  • Ch340 datasheet can easily submit the transceiver buffer.

Ch340 Driver Download For Windows

Ch340g driver windows 7 can easily be downloaded from the provided link; however, if you wanted to download the ch340 driver for other versions of windows. Then, download the same link driver because it will function perfectly fine for all types of windows versions. And for that, go to the end of the context and there you will find a link button, download it and extract the file in your desired location for the installation process.

Additiona Information

Developer WCH
CategoryPC Driver
Supported OSWindows
License Free
Published Date June 25, 2021
Uploaded By Windows Drivers
Latest Version3.5
For Windows Download
For LinuxDownload
For MACDownload

Supported Models

CH340 Driver

How can I install CH340 Driver On Windows?

There is a must need to install your driver before connecting with your system. And for that reason, download and extract the file. We provide a straightforward and fast installation process. When you click on the extracted file, you will notice that the installation process started automatically with just one click. And if not, go to your device manager, open the program. Then, click on the add and remove the program. There you will notice a file name, right-click on it and start the installation process.

FAQs About CH340

Why the USB serial CH340 is not working?

There can be multiple reasons due to which your Com port is not showing the installed ch340 driver. In windows 10, many users complain that the driver appears with a different device name after installing the driver, so keep checking it. Another reason might be your COM Port is not reading the Arduino IDE, which results in zero workings.

How to verify the ch340 driver after installation?

After installing the driver, you have to verify whether the driver is working or not. And to confirm, go to your device manager. And if you are using the Windows 10 version, then search in the search bar simply. In the device manager, you will find multiple options. Search for the option which says “Ports.” Click on it. It will open the sub-option. There you will have to find the USB-Serial ch340 option. Connect and start with working. That’s it.

How can I uninstall the USB driver from my Macintosh?

Based on the internet survey, we suggest a couple of steps to follow. First, you have to open the terminal and write “cd/library/extensions/.” Next, you have to verify that the .kext file is still present in your system and the output of the operation “Is/grep usbserial.kext” must be “usbserial.kext”. After the verification, type the code “sudo rm -R usbserial.kext”. This code will remove the installed file from your Macintosh.

How can I use the Arduino Ch340 driver for Mac?

If you want to set up the CH340, you have first to download that required driver. Please keep in mind to download those drivers which is compatible with your system OS and its functions. Then, extract the file or unzip it. Keep in mind that you don’t need to change the location for the extraction of the file. Once it is extracted, run the installation process. Finally, to set up the driver, go to connect it with your Arduino IDE.

How can I update the CH340 Driver?

To update the existing driver manually, open the device manager. Under the ports option, you will find the USB-Serial ch340 driver. Open that option, and a dialogue box will appear on your screen. Go to the driver option there you find some options such as driver details, update driver and disable. Click on the update option, and this will lead you to some other option. Just click on next and finish the process.

Summing up

We have provided you multiple ways to verify whether your driver is working or not. In short, today’s article is a worthy read for your future relaxation and easiness. Ch340 driver is mainly used to convert the USB bus into a functional interface and signals.

In this article, you have read about the direct and manual process of installation. It is essential to update your installed driver or again install them so that your system does not lack at any point. We have tried to figure out some FAQs and tried to answer them. Please share the article and support us! Thank you.


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