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CCleaner Download (Latest Version) V6.08.10255 Free For PC Windows

CCleaner Download
App Name CCleaner Download
Latest Version v6.08.102
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher CCleaner
Requires Android Windows
Size 54MB
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CCleaner download for pc Windows is a freeware that helps you clean up various files and optimize your operating system. In addition, it is competent in uninstalling multiple programs from the interface and deactivating certain application forms from being performed at startup.

Improved startup speed, decreased system load, and the release of wasted disc space are all advantages of installing the application on the device in question. In addition, access becomes significantly faster.

In the article, you will know all the latest features of this application and how to install it. We have collected all the relevant information only for you, so get reading.

CCleaner Review

CCleaner for Windows is a free PC enhancer that removes unneeded items such as cookies, useless data, and temporary files to free up space on your computer. In addition, this Piriform application does frequent checks and identifies the things that cause your computer to slow down.

It is a program that cleans and tunes up a device. With this application, you can do a comprehensive cleaning of the computer simply, freeing up space on the hard disc and preventing the computer from slowing. It is one of those free PC apps that perform well when clearing temporary files. It is a free, open-source cleaning program.

Given that a security compromise happened in the autumn of 2017, this is reasonable. Actions have been implemented, and this software package, like any registry cleaning, is now regarded as safe. However, if you execute this software with the default options, vital files might be accessible even after being deleted.

However, it is essential to reduce the likelihood of a third party recovering such files. Such attempts can be thwarted by using the “Secure Deletion” feature. In addition, there are a few benefits to purchasing the commercial edition of this database cleaning. Automatic updates, the ability to wipe cookies as soon as a browser is shut, and real-time monitoring tools are among the most significant.

Ccleaner For PC Windows

Ccleaner Download is a freeware Windows PC system optimization, privacy, and cleaning program. It frees up crucial hard drive space by removing unneeded files from your system, allowing Windows to function more quicker. This also removes traces of your online actions, such as your Internet history, from your computer.

One of the program’s highlights is that it will be updated regularly. This aims to solve a growing problem with registers while streamlining the cleansing procedure. Users can turn off the automatic update feature if desired, although the developers do not recommend this action. It also comes with a full-featured registry clean-up.


The following are the best features of this application.

  • The new Driver Updater from this application will enhance your PC’s graphics, sound, and internet connectivity while also reducing software flaws, hardware issues, and crashes.
  • It will check the Health of Your Computer and laptop.
  • The new Health Check feature examines your PC and proposes easy changes, then optimizes and upgrades it automatically, so it starts and operates quicker and is more secure.
  • All of your software may be updated with just one click.
  • Apps that are out of date pose a security concern. Vulnerabilities in older software may be rapidly found and disseminated among cyber attackers.
  • It automatically upgrades your software to patch security gaps before they are discovered.
  • The PC optimization has won awards which is the best feature of this application.
  • Millions of people trust it, and it has received critical praise.
  • There’s a reason the software is the most popular PC optimization tool on the planet! Beginners can improve their systems in seconds with one-click cleaning. At the same time, expert users will appreciate the sophisticated options.
  • It accumulates unneeded data and settings as it gets older, taking up hard disc space and slowing it down. The 2021 edition cleans up these files and speeds them up quickly.
  • You can now start browsing more securely.
  • Marketers and sites use cookies that linger on your computer to track your online activities. It clears your browser’s search history and cookies, ensuring that any internet browsing you perform is private and anonymous.

Ccleaner Download process for PC

You can now download CCleaner from the given link. After the download is complete, execute the executable file to begin the installation process.

Once the file is downloaded and installed, extract the file to your desired location. Select Run and then Yes when prompted by the UAC security warning. Uncheck the Google Chrome installation or the Avast boxes on the CCleaner Setup page. Unless you wish to install the suggested apps, click Customize.

Select only the first two selections from the drop-down menu and click Install. After the installation is finished, uncheck the “View release notes” box and click Run the software.

Is CCleaner available for Mac systems?

There is currently no edition of this software that works with Mac operating computers. This is primarily due to Apple’s restrictions on which parts of its operating system may be accessible. Therefore, it can technically be known as sandboxing within the development community. In short, it is not available.

Can CCleaner prevent Windows viruses?

Please remember that it is not meant to stop pop-up adverts or websites that may or may not contain harmful software. Its main goal is to clean up faulty or otherwise compromised registers. Those who are concerned about viruses should look for effective third-party solutions.

Is Ccleaner download for pc free?

If you download, Ccleaner free version will give the user minimal registry cleaning tools. The pro version of the software, on the other hand, contains extra enhancements that may be beneficial if essential services are unable to fix registry issues successfully. Unfortunately, this option will need a one-time payment before the download can be allowed.

Is CCleaner operate well with Windows 10?

This tool is compatible with various versions of Windows, notably Windows 10. After visiting the official distribution website, the consumer will have to select whatever computer they are currently using. After that, the downloading should start immediately.

Can Ccleaner harm my Pc?

You could use it all the time, running it with the default settings every day. In practice, though, this will slow down your machine. This is because, by default, it deletes your browser’s cache files.

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