Canon MF4800 Driver Download (Latest V20.90.0.0) For Windows

Canon MF4800 Driver
App Name Canon MF4800 Driver
Latest Version v20.90.0.0
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Canon
Requires Android Windows
Category Printer Drivers
Size 40.13 MB
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Printer drivers are software on your computer. Canon MF4800 Driver allows your PC to communicate with your printer and tell it what to do. Without it, every document, query, or form that your company needs to sign in, seal, and deliver would be stuck on your computer with no means of escape. Drivers, in general, are the unsung heroes of the computer world.

Their function is to receive instructions from a computer PC so particular hardware can function. Any hardware that you attach to your computer, from your mouse to your webcam, to your video card, has a driver that must be installed properly to work correctly.

If your computer has no drivers, your computer won’t work correctly, or videos wouldn’t load as they are supposed to. So, of course, you wouldn’t complete your work perfectly. There are many types of printers, and every printer prints in a different way and communicates differently with your computer.

If your office has multiple printers, you need numerous printer drivers to install on your computer. The printer driver varies by the printer but also by the operating system. Essentially, a printer driver is a translator, interpreting your computer’s language so your printer can understand. So if you are searching for your computer’s printer driver, the MF4800 DRIVER is the best and most accurate one. Stay tuned and learn more about the canon mf4800 printer driver.

Canon MF4800 Driver

The Canon mf4800 printer driver is made from the Canon imageCLASS series. It offers printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It is the software component that makes the operating system and device talk. If the functional system changes how it speaks to devices and drivers haven’t updated, machines cannot receive correct commands and cause problems.

Features of Canon MF4800 Printer Driver


canon MF4800 series driver is a multifunctional device with a five-line LCD tiltable control panel for easy navigation. It performs all the essential functions a printer should perform, like scanning any document, printing the documents, copying, and faxing the documents. Moreover, it has a button with a single touch it can reduce its extra noise. hence it creates a good environment in the office. And it also offers shortcut keys that provide time consumption.


It is the fastest driver you will ever use. It can print documents in both white and black form, and documents arrive in approximately 5.8 seconds. Not only can it also print the 32 pages in just one minute. And it can print any type of document. It can easily create copies of your identity cards and passports. And one-sided or two-sided documents.

Energy efficient

It requires very little power to work. So it is a perfect power saver machine. It reduces your power consumption to 2.1W of power. And the Canon printer driver meets the energy star guidelines. So if you are using this driver for your office, you don’t need to worry about electric power. The Canon mf4800 printer driver will not make me sad about its working. And it also gives wireless connectivity.

No restrictions for any network

When using the mf4800 driver, there is no restriction for the network. So everyone can easily print, copy, scan, and fax any type of document. With your IP address and Mac address, you can easily prevent unwanted users from gaining access to your network and your confidential data.

Canon MF4800 Printer Driver Download

To install and download the mf4800 printer driver, you need some computer skills and patience to update your driver. That’s how you can easily download it step by step very quickly. To get them, you need to go to the official Canon website and find the driver with your specific flavor of Windows version, for example, windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

And download the driver manually. If you don’t know your system types press the Windows key and pause key on your keyboard to check. Run the driver to download. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Canon driver. When it gets installed, have fun in your work.

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FAQs About MF4800 Driver

How can I connect my Canon mf4800 driver to my computer?

You can connect your computer to the driver with the help of a wired router. Use the LAN cables to connect the machine to the wired router. Ensure that there is an available port in the router to connect the device and the computer.

How can I scan Canon mf4800?

We can quickly scan the driver within a few minutes. Select a scanner driver and specify the scanner settings as needed, and you can thoroughly check the driver. And work easily.

How do I connect my Canon MF4800 to wifi?

It is effortless to connect your driver to WI-FI. First, click the setup mode and put the password of your wifi. And combine it with a single step as you do with your mobile phone.

How to install the Canon mf4800 printer driver?

If the user account control prompt is displayed, .click yes, and then click “runs” on the subsequent security alert screen. Next, the setup wizard will start. After the setup wizard has started, follow the instructions on the net. And perform the installation.

How do I print from my phone to my Canon MF4800 printer?

Connect your device or Smartphone with a wireless or wifi network. Then, open the document or the photo you want to print. Then, you have to send it to the printer and select print.

How do I connect the MF4800 printer to my laptop?

Connect the printer to your laptop using a USB cable and turn it on, open settings, click devices, and click add a printer and scanner. And use it without worries.

Can you print without the internet?

No, you cannot print without the internet. But first, you can connect it to your phone and use the network your printer was using. Then, to make your work easy, you can do it as well.

Do printers need internet?

Printers need two networks that are Bluetooth and the Internet. It is used to connect itself with other devices.

What is a benefit of a wireless printer?

Wireless printers are beneficial to access documents without downloading them from the computer.

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