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Canon IJ Scan Utility Download V2.2.0.10 Free For Windows

Canon IJ Scan Utility
App Name Canon IJ Scan Utility
Latest Version v2.2.0.10
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Canon IJ
Requires Android Windows
Size 2.2 MB
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Canon IJ Scan Utility for Windows is software that allows the scanning of images, files, and documents. Unfortunately, scanning documents, photos, and other files can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to scanning one at a time. And sometimes, certain scanners do not work due to file failures or other reasons.

In addition, people around the world have reported problems with scanners displaying delayed time. So instead of wasting your time and energy on useless applications that cannot be trusted. You should switch to one that makes promises and makes sure you get the desired results.

One such application is the IJ scan utility developed by Canon software and designed specifically to help you out. This software allows you to scan various images and documents. This photography program is completely free and reliable.

Suppose you are already working with Canon printers and scanners. Then this is the official image management application you would want to try. You can download the original Canon scan utility application from our website.

Canon IJ Scan Utility

The reliability of the Canon IJ scan utility, as mentioned earlier, is one of the reasons why this application is trusted worldwide. Furthermore, it allows users to connect their Canon printers and scanners to it with just one click, which makes it optimized perfectly for novices and seasonal users.

The interface has been made user-friendly and streamlined. And it allows users to customize their own output settings and even stitch the files together. The Canon scan utility software is design to use easily by different users. As mentioned earlier, you can stitch files together, which helps users to scan documents irrespective of their sizes and all together.

This one-scanning application will save you plenty of time and energy. It will also provide you with various presets to select from. Optionally, The standalone dictionary file can be installed additionally in order to enable this tool to detect and perform OCR service. This is especially helpful for different texts written in languages like Korean, simple Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

You can easily find that additional software on any trusted website on the internet. In addition to this, This application allows users to auto-scan files and the types of contents provided on it. Thus, it will save you the hustle of categorizing your files accordingly and scanning them separately. 

IJ scan utility Features

Here, you will be provided with detailed information about the features of this application. 

Free usage:

This application is entirely free to use and is trusted by thousands of people from around the world. 


This is available for all modern versions of Windows OS, and it supports many versions of Windows. 

Flexible interface:

The interface is streamlined and user-friendly, and pretty easy to use. Users can customize their output settings and more. 


This allows users to integrate with famous test and editing applications. So, it gives you the benefit of two in one. 

OCR services:

The OCR service allows users to detect content written in Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese without you having to guide it. 

Default presets:

It allows users to have access to different optimized presets for documents, texts, and images. 

Easy to use:

With the right driver installed, this application will easily connect to your PC. It will allow you to easily take control over the high-quality scanning of your desired document in digital form.

Stitching files: 

This helps users to stitch several related files together irrespective of size and quality. The scanning process will be quicker and save you the time of scanning the documents individually. 

Types of scans

This application provides the following scan formats:


It detects the type of files automatically using the default format and saves them on the computer. 

Photos scan:

Detects the photos and saves them on the computer. 

Documents scan:

It detects the types of documents and saves them on the computer.


It allows users to make image corrections and color adjustments during the scanning process. 

How to install the canon scan utility?

The process of installation is easy, and you can install it in mere seconds. Just follow the guidance below:

  • Choose ‘Drivers’ under ‘Select a category and select your MP driver.
  • Download it and double-click the file to begin the installation.
  • The file will contain the scanning program. Click on it
  • Or, from the Start menu, search for the Canon scan utility.
  • Let it run and follow the guide to install it.

Also, check other scanning drivers and software such as Epson Scanner, and Canon Lide 110 Scanner.

Is canon IJ scan utility really free, or is it some sort of trial?

This application is 100% free to use.

Is IJ Scan Utility safe to use and secure?

This is the official scanner developed by Canon Inc. It is safe to use, and people can install it from a trusted website. However, you can always use anti-virus scanners to detect malware and threats when installing it from any other website.

What to do when your operating system is not detected by canon scan utility?

If you face this problem, it is most probably because you have installed the wrong driver. However, it can also occur due to the disturbing connection between your scanner and your PC.

What to do if your device is not supported?

Many users may face this issue because the devices supported are limited. However, you can install the scanner Lite version, which will work best for your device.

Final thoughts

Canon IJ scan utility is the perfect application if you are considering scanning multiple files at the same time. This software lets you scan any kind of image or document by stitch method. It works best for most of windows versions and is pretty easy to install.

IJ scan utility also allows you to customize your output settings according to your preference and access optimized presets. The OCR service will enable us to detect content in Chinese or Korean languages. You can also turn the Auto mode on, which will do the work for you. If you are interested, you can download the file from our website. 

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