Canon F166400 Driver Download Latest V21.11 Free For Windows & Mac

Canon F166400 Driver

Canon F166400 driver is a must-have for all canon F166400 printers. You are well aware of the printer’s features and driver’s importance as we have tried to elaborate in every article. Therefore, we are trying to move forward and talk about its review, characteristics and, most notably, how to install and update the driver.

And for that, you have to go through the article and find the download link. You will find the download link at the end of the download section. Please see the installation guide in the FAQs section.

Canon F166400 Driver

A printer driver, sometimes known as a print processor, is software that translates data to be printed into a format that a printer understands. Printer drivers enable apps to print without being aware of each printer model’s technical concerns or specifics.

F16640 Printer Driver is a dedicated driver management tool that allows all Windows OS users to use their F16640 printers to their maximum potential with ease. The F16640 Printer Driver is a utility that every Canon F16640 printer owner will have to use.

It was designed to be fast, simple to use, and as inconspicuous as possible. The canon F16640 printer is quite famous and got a 3.5 above rating from its users. However, without the driver, you cannot operate the printer as it will not work. Therefore it is recommended to download the driver quickly if you do not want to face any printing issues.


Following are the best features:

  • The category encompasses several functions, including the download process will be sped up thanks to an installation wizard.
  • This software now works with Windows 10 computers.
  • It is not compatible with versions of Windows previous to 8.1.
  • Only 64-bit architecture can be used with this printer driver.

Canon F166400 Printer Driver Download

The driver can be used in a variety of windows for easy access and efficient operation. The driver is available for download in the below section. It is the best for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, the most recent versions of Windows.

Mac OS X is a computer operating system developed by Apple, and it can also support the printer driver. The driver can be downloaded from the website via approved links. The driver is a tiny desktop LaserJet monochrome printer used in the office or at home.

Additional Information

Category Printer Driver
Supported OS Windows
Bits (32-bits 64-bits)
License Free
Latest Version21.11
Size 20.9MB
Supported OS Mac OS X10.14/ Mac OS X10.13/ Mac OS X10.12/ Mac OS X10.11/ Mac OS X10.10
Latest VersionV152.0

Also, download Canon Scanner Driver for your Windows.

How to update the Canon f166400 driver automatically?

The Canon Driver Update Utility is sophisticated software that identifies your computer’s operating system and printer model and automatically finds the most up-to-date drivers for it. There’s no danger of installing the incorrect driver. The Driver Update Utility quickly and conveniently downloads and installs your drivers.

With the free version of the Driver Update Utility for Canon, you can check for driver updates automatically and install them manually, or you can use the premium version to complete all necessary driver updates instantly.

Download the Canon Driver Update Utility. To run the software, double-click it. It will then do a scan of your machine to find any problematic drivers. Next to your driver, click the Update button. The correct version will be immediately downloaded and installed.

You can also select the Update All button at the bottom to have all the missing or out-of-date drivers immediately downloaded and installed on your system.

Use the built-in driver backup feature to save your current drivers to a specified place before updating. Then, if necessary, restore drivers from this backup folder.

How to install the canon f166400 Printer driver manually?

To begin, turn on the computer to which you wish to connect. Then, download the printer file, extract it, and install the driver on your computer. Then go to the control panel and expand the option that reads device and printer for Windows 7 and Vista users, and click on the Fax and Printers option for Windows XP users.

After that, you must select the Add printer option, which will prompt you to enter the location of the installed driver. Then, in the download area, please select the site where the file should be extracted.

Additionally, after choosing a place, follow all of the directions that appear on the screen. Then, wait for a couple of seconds until the process is completed. And there you go; you have successfully installed the application on your computer. 

How do you share the printer settings or files?

Open the printers and faxes option from the control panel to share your canon printers. Next, Right-click on the printer you wish to share and select the Sharing option from the drop-down menu.

This will open the computer’s sharing window; now, in the share name tab, type the name of the product you wish to share and click OK. Close the window after that and begin sharing.

How to install the Canon f166400 driver?

After you have located the proper driver, follow the steps below to install it. Turn your device off. Connect the gadget to your computer and turn it off. Connect the gadget and turn it on again.
To extract the driver, double-click the downloaded file. If a language option is provided, choose your preferred language. Then, follow the instructions on the screen of the installation programme. Finally, your computer should be restarted.

How to resolve the Canon f166400 printer issues on windows 10?

Users were upgrading to Windows 10 cause of the majority of Canon f166400 Driver difficulties. This frequently means that drivers must be updated for printers and devices to function correctly. Canon f166400 Printer Driver is being used right now.

When trying to install an F166400 printer on a Windows 8 PC, this problem is most typical. It usually happens when the printer is connected before the driver, or updated driver is loaded. You can either manually or automatically install updated f166400 Printer Drivers to repair this issue.

Canon Digital Scanners, Canon Digital Cameras, and Canon Printers are the most commonly encountered Canon Driver issues. However, all Canon devices, including Camco, necessitate the installation of drivers.


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