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Bluetooth Driver Download (Latest V22.190.0) Free For Windows

Bluetooth Driver
App Name Bluetooth Driver
Latest Version v22.19
Last Updated 9 October 2023
Publisher Intel
Requires Android Windows
Size 52.2MB
5/5 Rating (1)

Bluetooth driver is one of the critical drivers, which helps you to easily connect your cell phone or speaker with your PC Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP. It is a software program that allows your operating system to communicate with a Bluetooth device and vice versa.

The operating system of the Bluetooth device is specific, and an essential feature of this software is the same Bluetooth device is suitable for all windows. It supported all windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10.

So this driver is fundamental for every who uses a computer or PC. Because every place you can easily connect your device to a PC without any problem. If you want to download this driver, the download link is available at the bottom of this page.

Bluetooth Driver Review

The Bluetooth driver is a software program that allows your PC to communicate with Bluetooth devices. it allows you to connect smartphones and headphones to the PC. Moreover, it provides instructions to the Bluetooth hardware to communicate with various devices. With this driver, you can send and receive data such as files and audio via a wireless connection.

Furthermore, If you face connection problems or the driver is not recognized by your PC, then you should update or install the driver. Although many computers have an in-built driver, however, you should update it to the latest for proper functioning.

Similarly, you must have the updated version for maximum performance. Also, you can transfer files, music, photos, documents, and much more. Moreover, it should be compatible with your operating system for stability and better performance.

Features Of Bluetooth Driver

Discover Devices

It should be able to discover nearby Bluetooth devices and also those which are not already paired to the PC.

Pairing Devices

It pairs with Bluetooth devices to establish a secure and safe connection so that the data may be encrypted. If the driver fails to pair with any device then you should update or install the latest driver for successful pairing.

Data Transfer

One of the key features of the Bluetooth driver is data transfer between the Pc and Bluetooth devices. It includes files, media, videos, photos, songs, and documents. You can save your device data on your computer.


Before installing the drivers, you should check the system is compatible otherwise it may fail to connect with Bluetooth devices.

How To Fix Bluetooth Problems on Windows?

Knows day, our users have complained that the Bluetooth device cannot connect to the windows. So we introduce new solution and techniques which helps our users to connect Bluetooth device with windows. After reading this article, everyone knows how to connect mobile with Windows through Bluetooth. There are some ways or solutions to fix if your Bluetooth is not working or no Bluetooth connection on windows.

Check windows Bluetooth Settings:

The setting is an essential thing without setting anything that cannot be correctly run. Sometimes disabling setting related to the Bluetooth driver also causes a problem with the connection of Bluetooth must check the setting on Windows and enable them.

  •  Click the start menu and select setting
  •  Choose network and internet and airplane mode from the left column
  • Disable the Airplane mode and turn on the Bluetooth under the wireless devices item

Check Your Bluetooth Device

This means that first check your Bluetooth Feature and power that your device means cell phones or speakers can support the Windows operating system. Before connecting devices with a computer or PC, make sure that there is enough power to help the connection if it uses batteries.

Check the Compatibility

Mean that before connecting your device, first check the version of your device whether your device version can support your windows operating system and check the compatibility between your Bluetooth hardware and the PC. It may b possible that your Bluetooth device version is too old, and never supports the new Windows operating system. Then you need to upgrade the device.

Check the Bluetooth Driver

The main problem is a driver issue, which can also disconnect the device and even damage your PC or Computer. When there is something going wrong or when there is no Bluetooth driver. If there is no driver, then we are providing the latest version for our visitor.

I hope this can solve your problem if you want to download the download link is available on the page. Again if you face any kind of issue while connecting your device with your PC or computer through Bluetooth, then mention your problem in the comments section of this post. As soon as possible, I will provide a solution.


In short, Bluetooth Driver is a software program that establishes a connection between your computer and Bluetooth devices. It allows you to perform various functions such as data transfer, including files, media, music, photos, and much more. Moreover, it should be able to discover nearby devices and pair successfully to transfer data. If your computer does not recognize the driver then you should install or update the driver.

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